Wednesday, May 3, 2017

bridal emm tee bee

Hoo boy you can really count on Meatspace Nothings to use Online Honch, Posting-Wise status to convey their fakeness.

Look at Jeff Brines here.

This guy is a Meatspace Nothing, but he wants really badly to be an Online Expert, so he's blah-blah-blah-ing the fuck out of Bridal Emm Tee Bee discussions.


I'm very sure I could beat Jeff Brines in a DH race on a bike, and in a GS course on alpine ski gear, and I'm at least 20 years older than he is.

Clearly, however, I'm not an Online Expert.  So Jeff "wins" online because I don't pontificate at Bridal Emm Tee Bee with illogical pseudo-rationalizations stuffed to the schnozzola with cliche and "popular wisdom" which, in truth, is very unwise.

In this way, Jeff Brines is much like Jeff Popovich.

Online Hero.

Meatspace nothing.


Jeff Brines doesn't know ski gear or skiing.  What he knows is The Lingo, which was created by other Online Expert, Meatspace Nothings for the purpose of purveying Online Expertise to conceal their Meatspace Nothingness.

When Jeff Brines was practicing his Baruch atahs for his bar mitzvah, I was sharpening skis, mounting bindings, fitting boots, and running gates.

Jeff Brines didn't ski though the entire revolution of gear in the 1970s, which predated the "revolution" of the 2000s.

Jeff Brines was too busy being Jewish.

He arrived in athletics late, put 350% effort into it, and still remains a Meatspace Nothing.


Being a Jew, Brines finds it necessary to regurgitate the "accepted wisdom" (read:  Online Expertise shown by Meatspace Nothings) on the ski "revolution" of the 2000s.

The 00s "revolution" has "progressed" skiing, clearly.

Brines says so, and he's a wise Jew, even if Meatspace Nothing!

Treyf little faygeleh, he is.

--Charles F. Oxtrot, Meatspace Expert & Online Nothing.


H.M. Lohmann said...

As a former Jew, I can tell you what Mr Brines is up to.

1) Needs to belong/fit in. Thinks he's the only person ever picked on for anything, and in his case, picked on because Jewish. Doesn't realize everyone is picked on by others, and everyone has a "because ______" claim to explain why they were picked on. This drives him to need validation from others, wherever and whenever possible.

2) To achieve (1), we Jews eagerly memorize phrases and words that we deem to be the essential lingo of any endeavor. We think it most important to SEEM EXPERT even when we are rank beginners. For why, go back to (1).

3) We apply the words & phrases memorized in (2) with great authority, and use passive-aggressive putdowns & insults toward anyone who mocks the Ersatz Authority we present.

4) Nervous wrecks to the end, we repeat ourselves --perseverate, the shrinks call it-- over and over, trying to make permanent the ruse of our Online Expertise.

5) We think only OUR views matter, because we are The Chosen.

6) We know, fully well, that Jews never are The Chosen in athletics. NEVER.

7) Consequently, we use (1) - (5) with unflappable zeal when "building a community" online.

Paul Behrer said...

Yeah, never mind that you never find a Jew at high levels in any sport.

What matters is that Jews LITERALLY OWN the online discussions of every sport, and that for each sport's online "community," you will find 75% Jewish leadership in the "community."

Since Jews have determined that Online Self trumps Meatspace Self, it's only a matter of time before Online Athletes have an Online Olympics.

The competition will consist of true/false and trick multiple choice Qs, which require a verbatim Online Expert Phrase answer.

Actual athleticism isn't required.

Online Expertise is, though.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

We know now why Kevin Bazar is more famous as an Online Expert than he ever was for riding a bicycle.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Look at that idiot Jew Wendell Stam's blatherings on spankmonkey DH forum.

Summed up as this:

"Hey guys! Really need to fit in! Tell me what's popular among the Meatspace Experts, so I can make my bike look exactly like theirs! Thanks in advance!"

Harold Caidagh said...

Chuck, what about David (((rontele))) Rontal's Online Expertise?

Equal to, worse than, or superior to that of Bazar and/or Stam and/or Brines?

Chet Redweld said...

Mr Rontal is a ZERO in the legal world, I can tell you that much.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Yeah but he's affiliated with AIPAC, Chet.

Chet Redweld said...

AIPAC, the PAC of the Plaintiff's Personal Injury Bar.

Paul Behrer said...

"So you had a slight collision at 5mph with a big pile of fluffy foam? Here, put on this whiplash collar, go see my buddy Seymour Fenstermacher the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Expert, and then visit my pal Wendy Haslop the neurologist, she'll swear on the Torah that your injury is permanent and worth at least $1.5 million."

Chet Redweld said...

Pablo, that's so close to reality I'm starting to think you must have worked in a law firm at some point.

There are other dimensions: look to attorney ethics panels in state bars, see who populates them, holding sway over what is or isn't unethical.

Paul Behrer said...

Well if you can't convince people you're Chosen by Yahweh to LEAD HUMANITY, then fraud, chicanery and reality-inversion are truly the best options.

Nobody wants truth, they want Jew Hagiography!

Nobody wants fairness, they want Jew Distortions!

Nobody wants justice, they want Ultimate Jewish Rule!

And the good Jews among us are eager to help achieve that, naturally.

Jeff "Jeffrey Jim" Brines, Online Expert said... 20 years of adventure sports experience says otherwise. My education in economics and dayjob in finance also says otherwise.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

His "dayjob in finance" is 3-card monte.

His "education in economics" is Jew hagiography.

So, again, Online Expert, Meatspace Nothing.

Chet Redweld said...

People with a degree in "economics" are holders of Parchments of Phoniness.

Paul Behrer said...

Economics, the "science" of explaining why Jewish Greed and Jewish Manipulation are humanity's greatest assets.

Harold Caidagh said...

"Adventure sports" is a phrase of Jewish hagiography/distortion.

Just like "action sports."

Brines would not know adventure if it nipped his schmeckel.

Brines DOES know how to conceal Jewish anxiety behind Online Expert Phrases, though!

(the interior monologue of Jeff Brines: I'm a klutz, a lying dorky fool, but I can't let anyone know that about me or my self-knowledge, so I must always project Heroism, because Truth is to me like Kryptonite is to Superman.)

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Meatspace Nothing continues barraging bridal emm tee bee with his "knowledge" about car racing -- "knowledge" gained by memorizing trivia, like he's preparing for an exam and wants an A++.

Brines doesn't and never has raced cars, nor tuned cars with mechanical workings, choices of camshaft-intake manifold-carburetor-headers.

I could spank Brines in ANY car race. Could tune ANY engine better, quicker, smarter than he could, with more HP per dollar than even his wildest imagination could conjure. And not because my co-religion "buddies" gave me parts at wholesale either.

I've done the shit.


He read about it, memorized it, and pretends online to be the Singular Hero of the endeavor.

Harold Caidagh said...

Didn't you spend almost a decade as a gearhead grease monkey, Chuck? I hear you were undefeated in unsanctioned street racing in rural MD, and had an 85% win rate in bracket racing at 75-80.

Of course brainy people are supposed to memorize shit and regurgitate it, not actually do the things represented in the memorized information, right Chuck? So you couldn't be brainy even if you are mechanically wise.

H. M. Lohmann said...

The more important observation here is that Brines preens and postures online as an Expert, while Chuck is invisible online, for the most part, and prefers to spend his time doing rather than talking about what he wishes he did but never got around to doing.

We can see how Brines cajoles and hoodwinks his "clients" now, can't we?

Paul Behrer said...

I hear you were undefeated in unsanctioned street racing in rural MD

I can remember when The Bruce used to write & sing about this, back when he earned his "blue collar rocker" label. Unfortunately he earned that label then quickly rejected it in favor of Hollywood Stardom, script written by Merchants, direction offered by Socialists Offended by Dirty Fingernails and Rough, Slang-Stuffed Vocabularies.

Racing in the Streets

gave way to

...hey, I have models and supermodels and actresses chasing me to After-Parties, begging me to impregnate them, looks like the Phonies and Fakes have some merit after all, not to mention they pay me Big Bucks!

Well, at least "Miami Steve" sticks to garage rock and roots in the Post-Bruce-Superstar era.