Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Greenwald Prototype, ver 2.0

Junior pulling a rabbit out of his hat here.

Beady-Eyes doesn't "break stories." 

Especially not ones that aren't new at all.  Susan Rice was compromised from Day 1.  What's the news here? 

This is like Beady-Eyes telling us Robert Rubin's Treasury Department may have actually been too closely tied to Citicorp, or something similar.


"Breaking news, water is two Hydrogen, one Oxygen!  Scientists have broken the code!"

If you hadn't let the public school system get dumbed down and turned into miniature prisons, where "learning" happens on TV and computer, derivative all the time but not teaching derivatives because that's why we have calculator apps....

If you hadn't assumed it's a public school so it's gotta be good, I know PS teachers they're so devoted to their kids!, only snobs send their kids to private schools -- which have no diversity anyway, only cretins send their kids to Catholic schools stuck in medieval mindsets, my public school looks really modern and it's really cool, the security protects my kids from creepers and paedos who stalk the neighborhood, I've seen them identified on the internet on a site that I totally trust 'cuz my friends Randy and Stephanie are really smart and they told me about it....

If you hadn't assumed quality of education was tied to amount spent on educational buildings, interior design, and technology-based learning, which therefore means you need bumped up tax rates which means you need to gentrify....

If you hadn't let all that happen, you wouldn't be conned by Junior or Beady-Eyes and the Beady-Eyes PR Avalanche.

--Paul Behrer, who seems to recall talking about Oh, Susanna Rice quite a few years ago, and can't figure out what Beady-Eyes "broke" or supposedly knows that's news.

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