Tuesday, April 4, 2017

oh it's that 6-headed dragon again!

Mickey Draco's attempt to paint this blog (with conspiratorial implication, and not because of its role as Hit Man Proper) as Mike Bloomberg's Mouthpiece will not stand.

Mickey, I can take you apart with a few well-placed opinion pieces.  You're not even respected outside Ms Li's low-tier outlet, which someone at this blog once named Eissy Aitch.  Nobody respects your views on anything, even if you do make shekels pitching them.

Black jacketed Nick Gillespie tried that same route previously and I didn't even have to do much at all to silence his absurd, rooted-in-a-Middle-Eastern-"ally" sales pitch.

I'm not in the mood to work on this today, Draco, but rest assured I have plenty in the arsenal to sustain both initial razing and sustained battery efforts.

Otherwise to the audience:  what they accuse you of, always, is what they are/are doing themselves.

Mike Bloomberg's interests and Mickey Draco's interests do not diverge when you actually move up the pipeline of shekel flow from that junction where, presently, they seem to be of disparate origin.

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