Saturday, April 1, 2017

if you don't know science, you don't get to "know" it by parroting a liar pseudo-scientist

Poor Crispy. So hobbled by his half-Jew parentage's Cultural Marxism heart-tattoo, he really can't bring himself to see that socialists, "union organizers," etc. are con artists. Lately, he links to "Mike Farrell," who apparently isn't the guy from MASH but wants to be, fame-wise, and "Farrell" is talking about coal mining country and what's up with the coal mining town people who voted for Trump. The angle pitched is, "hey Leftists, if you had a True Pure Leftist Donkey Candidate, nobody would vote for Trump."

To achieve this, "Farrell" tries to show that the poor, desperate coal mining people are forced to vote anti-environment because that's pro-employment. "Farrell" then sets up a strange scheme, where he wants badly for Americans to use solar, wind, water power. To this end, he cites huckster Bill Nye, who supposedly "explains" that burning fossil fuel is environmentally destructive. And his "proof" is one which will gull anyone who doesn't understand chemistry. Or supra-organismal biology, these days known as "ecology."

(parenthetical time)

(Ecology and Economics have the same greek root, oikos. Look that up, you pretentious ponce.)

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Nye, as he does so well, explains the science.


Bill Nye doesn't know science any more than your local 3d grader does. Same background, same bullshit "informing" it.

Yes, burning oil, coal or natural gas creates emissions.

But if you ACTUALLY knew chemistry, you'd know that "emissions" happen all around us, constantly, because the Earth is a living holistic organism (systemically speaking), made up of things additional to humans, and especially, things external to (and thus "externalities" to) Socialist-leaning Berniebros and Union Organizers.

Sadly, in the past, this particular folly of pseudo-scientific "understanding" (not getting the fact that chemical reactions occur all the time, yielding "emissions" gaseous, solid and liquid) was mocked by people who suggested Cow Fart Methane was a big problem.

That detour COULD HAVE been instructive, but instead it was used by "leftists" to suggest "reactionaries" were stupid because Cow Fart Methane is not proportional to gasoline, coal, oil, gas burning in engines used by humans.

What the "leftists" were doing was making the cow sacred, like Hindus, saying something roughly equivalent to this:  "cow is innocent farter, humans can choose to not burn fossil fuels, eh Comrade?"


The Earth's systemic nature means that if you steal wind for this "power generation" fantasy created by the minds of people like Isaac Asimov, Cultural Marxist-turned-scifi-writer, you also steal wind from creatures which rely upon wind.  You endanger them.  So much for the noble cow, comrade.

"Water power" deprives salmon of their habitat.  Watch the oceanic life negative cascades from eliminating salmon, comrade.

"Solar power" requires creation of solar collectors, which presently are a negative, resource wise, when it comes to expenditure (creating panels & their apparati) versus the "free power" sold by Cultural Marxists.  Folly Number 3, comrade.

At this point, Comrade says, "but technology will improve the solar power wastefulness."

No, it won't.

And Bill Nye's hagiographic shilling can't fix that.


Poor Comrade Farrell, poor demi-Comrade Crispy.

Fools think that the Jewish Sales Pitches about the Green Economy are real truth.

--Harold Caidagh, who knows more science than Crispy, Farrell or Nye.


Paul Behrer said...

I'd like to see a tally of the environmental negatives worked by gasbag uni profs, or windbag union organizers.

Chumps think everything's free except what Reactionaries choose.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

At least Chalupa doesn't pretend at phony Secret Knowledge here, unlike his pal Wisdom of the West, who thinks we'll pull energy from nowhere, for free, as soon as Technology matures.


Harold Caidagh said...

Fools should try consulting Richard Feynman on this topic.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...


They're mocking YOU. Meta-meta-Henrietta-and-Loretta-satire!

April Screwels!

Chet Redweld said...

Satire which isn't satire usually is just middling brains working a halfway-pseudo-sophisticated put-down.

Real satire exposes human folly, as a learning experience.

Pseudo-satire uses Big Words and Elaborate Schemes to insult, without lesson.

The middling mind thinks it's won, BIG.

Doesn't see that it's just making itself into a quasi-intellectual Bully.

That's quite ironic, literally speaking.

Harold Caidagh said...

Rather than confront the fantasy nature of socialism, the patent and latent "leftist" resorts to insulting the other.

Suppose that's easier than dealing with CogDis.

It's possible to have a mother who loved you, but was fucked, psychologically speaking, by her religion. And there's no Free Pass when the religion is Judaism, when it comes to being psychoscrewed/mindfucked by fables sold as Reality.

If Chalupa can blame Catholicism for his relatives' stupidity and dirt-eating greasy-fingernailed lack of "sophistication", Crispy can blame Judaism for making it impossible for him to see that remaining 15% of the picture he's currently blind to, thanks to Mom's Judaism.

Chet Redweld said...

To be fair, Hal, idealized socialism can work in tiny groups, where everyone agrees on all values, mores, and schemes of punishment/rebuke for mis-steps and malfeasances.

Unfortunately, these tiny group successes do not extrapolate to the level of a town of 4k people, let alone a full county, much less a whole state, and even more impossible, the whole nation.

Mostly, because people are free to have their own value choices.

I don't have to agree with my one neighbor who insisted Bernie was the True Socialist Savior.

But I have no right to tell that neighbor he can't raise his kids as socialists. I can, however, tell him that by doing so, he's dis-serving the poor tykes.

He won't listen, though. Because those are the values he's chosen.

You can begin to see why totalitarian socialism is the only socialism that works outside tiny groups, and why we had Lenins, Trotskys, Maos, etc. who killed any human who wouldn't be a Berniebro, in their own locale's labelling.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chet, that last statement of yours reminds me of my entry here:

Particularly, the Chomsky & Marx.