Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hillary-Us. Progress. Or something.

Research that goes back 2-3 years, promoting Lance Pysher MD as the Missoula/Bitterroot's great authority on all things MTB in the region, is wholly insubstantial.

I might suggest you contact someone I know.  Actually, 3-4 people I know.  People who know the history first-hand, who were riding and clearing trails in Rattlesnake Nat'l Rec Area and various Bitterroot and Sapphire Mtn range areas, exist in Missoula and you only have to ask around, asking among people who have lived & ridden in the region for at least 10-15 years.  This issue arose a long time before Lance Pysher moved to be Big Fish in Small Pond, med practice wise, and long before he promoted himself as the Authority on the subject.

One might ask how and why Pysher was the instigator of the lawsuit that has been filed, and why Pysher and his counsel have not contacted the people who know the history first-hand.  Good lawyers do a thorough job.  Average, and prone-to-lose lawyers, hear and see their client as the ultimate truth, and craft a highly biased story based upon that picture. 

I don't think Pysher or his attorney have the depth and breadth of knowledge that my friends possess, and they certainly don't have the experience.


Who this "Devon O'Neil" is, I can't fathom.  Apparently ol' Vernon Felton thinks he knows the region well enough to let the author "Devon" be the authority on the analysis, while derivatively letting Lance Pysher be the authority on the history, etc etc etc.


Lance Pysher has used social media to persuade people that he's some kind of outdoor hero.  He publicly takes credit for stuff that I and my friends have been doing for 15+ years, while Lance just started doing it 2-3 years ago.  Lance was gassing people in some urban hospital while I and my friends were building and clearing trails in the region, and battling with USFS personnel over trail access & construction & maintenance issues.

If you talk to Pysher, you get a rookie perspective pumped up by self-promotion leading to "I'm the Authority here!" arrogance.

You don't get even half the story.

Traveling and taking pictures with Pysher doesn't make the superficial non-history relevant or meaningful, either.


Felton can't bring himself to admit anyone here knows anything, because Felton is friends with The Legend of kidwoo, and The Legend has already told Felton a bunch of lies about me & my friends.

Without knowing any of us, he's done this.

Because I insulted him on the internet.

I insulted him 1x in comparison to his daily issuances of multiple insults, so I guess I deserved this defamation by The Legend.

Thanks, Legend.

Thanks, Vernon.

Thanks, "Devon."

Thanks, Lance.

Way to fuck it up for everyone, while making yourselves feel Superior.

Nice narcissism.

--Charles F. Oxtrot, who's built more trail mileage in the region than Lance Pysher, "Devon O'Neil," Kevin Bazar, or Vernon Felton.


Paul Behrer said...

I think I hear Chet out in the smithy, honing katanas and, presumably, oiling their blades.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Let's hope so. It's time for heads to roll on this broad subject.

Harold Caidagh said...

Who this "Devon O'Neil" is, I can't fathom.

Chuck --


He's some guy who's built a little Brian Lindahl/Jonathan Ellsworth gig, obviously someone from Breckenridge, who works for Vail Resorts, knows the Missoula region better than long time local riders & trail builders/maintainers, or long-standing attorneys who've negotiated with USFS over trail issues.


He's Devon O'Neil, Outdoor Writer who assures you he's the Expert here, you're the pleb, so trust his judgments made up of clouds, ether and wisp.

Paul Behrer said...

This is why Devon thinks Lance Pysher & his lawsuit are the starting analysis.

From Breckenridge, on social media (what Devon values, obviously), Lance is the KING!

It's like thinking Jen Bardsley is the Queen of Missoula Region MTB -- because that's how she promotes herself online. That's all the research anyone needs: who promotes him/herself best? Obviously, they're the EXPERTS!

Jen Bardsley was busy being Marc Racicot's relative when Chuck & friends were riding, building, maintaining, and battling with USFS over Missoula region trails.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

More evidence of the yuppification of the Missoula region, where the long-standing residents matter not at all if they're not experts at having a trust fund or Big Fish in Small Pond anaesthesiologist credentials.

Hollow experts, being written about by hollow journalists informed by hollow online "pros" whose experience in the areas they pretend to be "pros" and "experts" is like a vacuum, a total absence -- a made-up construct if described at all.

Triangulated reality, pretending to improve a very significant issue that deserves full airing -- not a tiny little pitch offered by rookies w/o meaningful experience.

You don't send a fresh-out-of-law-school chump to represent a big client in a compmlex lawsuit with complex concrete facts and complex analytic/policy/subjective interpretation issues at stake.

Unless you're Lance Pysher, Devon O'Neil, Vernon Felton or Kevin Bazar, that is.

In those cases, you look online for who is an Online Hero/Expert.

Do nothing more.

And assume you've crushed your competition.

Harold Caidagh said...

Felton's been wrong on this since day 1.

Hates unsf for mocking him.

This is him "sticking it to" unsf roster members.

So, it's about Vernon's ego.

And derivatively, Bazar's ego, Pysher's ego, O'Neil's ego.

And you think I'm joking when I talk about The Merchant's View having supplanted informed, detached analysis?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

What's Devon O'Neil's TGR handle?

I probably pinged him a few times.

Harold Caidagh said...

Devon is probably good pals with Lindahl.

These losers don't ever want to be judged by their actual chops, they want to be assumed to be Experts because they write circuitous, fluffy, cliche-ridden pap. Or in kidwoo's case, 7th grade comedy approved heartily by fellow Online Expert, Meatspace Nothings.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Listen, if a Missoula region Merchant has self-promoted to Supreme Merchant Status, there's nobody else you should consult and no other side to the story you need!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Oh, also, when you talk about who has badmouthed me with defamation to color the mind of Vernon Felton, don't stop at Kevin Bazar. Include Wendell Stam, Cory Blackwood, Joe Hanrahan, Marshal Olson, Walt Wehner in the mix.

Each of those putzes has hated me for over a decade, because (1) I'm not a progressive, and (2) I made fun of each of them when he got too big for his lederhosen. I made fun of each of them quite a few times over 10 years, on several forums, where they'd always get angry when exposed or corrected.

You could also add Noah Bodman, who's been pinged by me a few times in the past 2-3 years.

Bodman's the only one who met me. You might ask him what kind of "asshole" I am in person.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Don't forget to mention that when you "pinged" these guys, it was always in an online forum where people "ping" each other routinely.

It's just that each of these listed guys took himself very seriously when getting pinged by Chuck, even if any other forum member could ping the listed guy with impunity to no negative outcome.

So their ego brittleness is especially kooky, given that the tenor of those forums is to be sarcastic toward everything.

They do enjoy their hypocrisy and double-standard maintenance, don't they?

Is it so hard for these Gargantuan Egos to admit wrongness? Are they all Fonzies?

I was wrr.... wrrrrrr...... wrrrrrrrrrr.........

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Cory Blackwood is extremely bitter/vituperative/vengeful. I'd look in his direction, frankly.

That's why he pomped himself around the internet as Ideal Progressive Partner/Dad in the Bike Industry. "I'm the expert on politics because I listen to Nine Inch Nails, have drank with Reznor, used to be a DJ, have sleeve tattoos, work for Kona, have a beautiful progressive Partner and adorable dogs and child, just look at my facebook and instagram Depictions of Enviable Life!"

Cory used to have microvascular events when Chuck criticized Accepted Progressive Doctrine.

"I'd never go on a bike ride with that guy, what a dick, he's insane, extremely violent fantasies involving misogynistic assault & battery!"

said Cory one time when discussing who on the forum people would do a bike ride with, head venting steam from all openings, face a bloody red, teeth gnashing and grinding to crack-n-scrape audible effect.

Pressed for whether he was being sarcastic, Cory dug in his heels and insisted, NO THIS GUY IS DANGEROUSLY VIOLENT!

Gosh, Cory.

All I did was hold a slightly different view on sociopolitcal matters, and turn it into a way to question your Ultimate Political Truths that were really fables.

No need to implode or melt down online, Cory.

Unsurprisingly, each of the listed people did likewise at one point or another, some multiple times -- Stam, Bazar, Wehner in particular.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

So naturally, Vernon Felton has to ignore everything Chuck knows, because that might mean getting a fuller picture on what Devon O'Neil wrote about.

Vernon wouldn't want to actually advance the values he pretends to hold, now, would he?

H.M. Lohmann said...

Chuck, you said you insulted Bazar only 1x, but above you said you made fun of him many times. Explain that for me? I'm confused.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Make fun of = comic take on an observation shared in a forum.

Insult = post image of a tiny teddy bear "genie" on a flying carpet, say it's kidwoo riding his Magic Trust Fund Carpet.

The "insult" was distinguished from the "make fun of" because it used an image for symbolic comedy, and also because it prompted a completely ahistorical Bazar response.

Apparently, being exposed for being a rich layabout who doesn't have to work was contrary to his Legend of being paid for being funny/smart, and somehow, magically, there was at TGR and ridemonkey never any discussion of Bazar having done any work at all.

Bazar's defense was to the trustafarian allegation was, "I don't have a trust fund," rather than "I don't live off unearned income."

So he wanted the technicality: no trust fund, therefore not trustafarian. Trust funds are just one way to have familial wealth floating an offspring/relative.

It seems I burst the Myth like a bubble. "Seems" being operative there, but his over-the-top response, to post a picture of me with FREE CANDY written in photoshop, and to post in several locations on the internet the idea that I'm a paedophile -- what does that tell you?

He wanted to and wants to destroy ME.

I, on the other hand, simply popped a Myth's bubble. The Myth destruction didn't cut off Bazar's $$ flow, did it?

I really hope Chet's working a keen edge on the steel.

Harold Caidagh said...

I'd say Bazar's response is typical of the Progressive, SJW, Cultural Marxist, "leftist Democrat," etc. gathering of people.

It's like IDF goons putting a bullet in the skull of a 5 year old child holding a pebble.

Bazar's not very sane, but he can't let anyone else know this point, so he projects his issues onto Chuck. Nifty defense mechanism and creative escape from cognitive dissonance, yes. But dishonest as can be, and I think Chet's got some additional ideas on whether it's legally actionable.

I'm sure Bazar's sitting smugly at his desk, reading this thread, thinking Chuck's a patsy and Chet a dimwit.

He should listen that Bangles song Susanna Hoffs sings: Hero Takes a Fall.

Saddle up, Bazar.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Chuck --


He's some guy who's built a little Brian Lindahl/Jonathan Ellsworth gig

We are in the curious era where Phil Pugliese, a Jersey guy whose depth in the ski industry was limited to spending hours practicing a "helicopter" (old school) / 360 for proof of expertise while ignoring actual skiing abilities, and having great affinity for expensive European cars, and knowing almost verbatim each manufacturer's ad copy as if that was the same as knowing something about the equipment, well, old Phil can have a completely triangulated Online Expert profile built over a decade to the point where people think him a genius and hire him into a ski shop in the Tahoe region!

An excellent Merchant if not a good skier or technical knowledge guru (as opposed to regurgitator of memorized factoids), Mr Pugliese has an entire website bearing his name and an IP-infringing logotype stolen from GapicSki as some kind of "payback" for Vail Resorts buying Gapic from Rostad & co.

So anyway, if in this era Golden Phillie can be an online Expert, and Glenn Greenwald an online Constitutional Law Scholar/Expert, then certainly an anaesthesiologist who needed a Triangulated Profile of Superiority, and a pseudo-"researching" ...uh... "outdoor writer" can be experts on an issue neither knows anything about.

And Kevin Bazar can imagine it's all just wastin' time at the Tahoe Trustfund Ranch, ain't nobody gonna do anything 'bout it and if they do I'll rooost they faissssss!

Chewy enough for ye, lads?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

We are in the curious era where Phil Pugliese, a Jersey guy whose depth in the ski industry was limited to spending hours practicing a "helicopter" (old school) / 360 for proof of expertise while ignoring actual skiing abilities

Gotta give credit where due: one of the original Park Rats, old Phil.

Harold Caidagh said...

Saddle up, Bazar.

urban cowboy can't ride a rodeo bull

even if he does have a ranch in Tahoe

even if he did ride a bicycle once

"Turn that shit up to 11, this bull ain't nuthin'!," boasted the Legend's online persona, implying he has been National Champion of Rodeo Bull and Mechanical Bull Riding alike, forever and ever, shalom.

anything to avoid that Fonzie moment, eh Kev?

Rabbi Isidore Shulman, Temple Beth Azrael said...

How can anyone be asked to take this blog entry seriously when Lance Pysher MD is a consulting radiologist not an anaesthesiologist, and you can't be bothered to get that minor point correct?

The rest of the story is probably just as wrong, factually speaking. Lance Pysher is a good guy, I knew him in Colorado when he was doing his residency. He's always owned expensive, high-end bikes, so he must be a great bike rider.

Harold Caidagh said...

The Rabbi thinks it matters which sector of Consumer Rape little Lancie is involved in.

The difference between gasser and nuker in Witch Doctoring is minimal at best, neither one takes any skill or knowledge.

I don't think Chuck cares about the different niches of Know Nothing, Do Nothing, Get Paid Tons! in Witch Doctoring.

It may, however, be an irony that Chuck's orthopaedic injuries in the same geographic region of the USA may have allowed little Lancie to get a gander at Chuck's knee, shoulder or elbow, radiographically speaking, despite HIPAA masquerades to the contrary.

I wonder if little Lancie is helping to establish a Sin-A-Go-Go in the B'root Valley.

Kippah wearers have invaded, vampires are creating covens, and little Lancie must feel like a true Emperor of the New West.

Chet Redweld said...

Hal just explained why Vernon Felton likes the Devon O'Neil angle on the story.

Obviously Pysher's a nobleman!

Harold Caidagh said...

Chet found a moment away from the smithy. Good on ye, Chet.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

I don't think Chuck cares about the different niches of Know Nothing, Do Nothing, Get Paid Tons! in Witch Doctoring.

True enough, I only care what orthopods say, and I only go to the ones who themselves can read radio transmissions. Old school is true school, y'know.

As a young man, I encountered a few of the Consumer Rapist MDs, who pretended at "sports medicine" but did nothing of the sort. Learned how to spot a quackerjack Witch Doctor who merely wanted his steady pipeline of insurance money, treating Pts as conduits not people with injury and a desire to return to sports.

Harold Caidagh said...

Learned how to spot a quackerjack Witch Doctor who merely wanted his steady pipeline of insurance money, treating Pts as conduits not people with injury and a desire to return to sports.

So you know how to find that 3% of MDs who actually give a shit?


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Contrary to popular delusion, some MDs aren't in it just for the Big Bucks and Bigger Social Profile.

But you note correctly, Hal, that it's a small fraction of the overall populace of MDs. Very small.

It might help that my college curriculum was prep for MD school. Got a little leg up on the average dimwit consumer of medical services.