Monday, March 20, 2017

the twitter equivalent of eating a bullet


Just one bark, but boy is it a howler:

Correct usage: The enormity of Scalia's assholosity lead to his legal decisions that ratfucked untold millions.

It's not the first time someone thought that an MFA = a JD, jurisprudence-wise.

It won't be the last.

It may be the only MFA-leading-to-Reference-Librarian-plus-Tempera-Poetaster who thinks it's got legal chops, but it may not.



stack up the manifold reasons of Scalia's horror in jurisprudence.

List the decisions.

Enumerate each one's legal reasoning flaws.

I'll give you one week.


A week passes.

Chalupa tweets or blogs,

"Jurisprudence? That's for frauds of the legal sort, there is no jurisprudence in my Socialist Utopia, it's just my rules and you're wrong if you disobey or dislike any small part of any single one of 'em. 'nuff said. The genius has spoken."

We inquire further: "This is your take because you read A Frolic of His Own and from that, drew overbroad conclusions and snap judgments premised upon them?"

Our prodigal pup replies,

"Stupid reactionary homophobic cis-trans-patriarchist! Only reactionary ideologues respect The Law in a Repugnican-controlled, neoLib-Dem assimilated government system. My Laws control over whatever ratfucker Scalia might have said in one of his lying screeds."

We soldier on, patiently: "Yes, but as to the legal analysis, you have nothing?"

Chalupa-doo, erstwhile Walter-Mitty-of-a-pseudo-dog, snaps back with arrogance,

"Only the First International, late arriving upon American shores through the Kind marshalled among the nobility (me, & the rest of the True Pure Leftist Democrats), will provide any analysis necessary of the regime we are displacing by the moment. When it is finished, we shall write the history. I will write that history. I AM THE REFERENCE LIBRARIAN AND I KEEP THE TRUTH!"

--Charles F. Oxtrot, and I believe the little stuffed animal has reached a new level of delusion with this one.


Harold Caidagh said...

When Chalupa drunkenly fucked a Special Ed girl in 12th grade, he was glad to be able to have the little blastomere blown up, existentially speaking. Ever since then, he's hated everything to do with the RC Church and its rules about abortion, contraception, etc.

Imagine being that sexually confused kid that Chalupa was. Two problems with the pregnancy, first you may not even like girls let alone want to get one pregnant; and second, a pregnancy is obnoxious when you're going to be painting the town semen-grey with your jizz after you become a famous poet and the world wants you in its sexual clutches. Tied down to a baby, to a hetero identity? Nay good poetasters and hipsters, NAY!

The natural fallout is that Scalia, who openly was Catholic, earned Chalupa's special ire. He doesn't hate Tony Kennedy the same way, though Tony's equally papist.

It's really about Chalupa's wholesale buy-in on the CultMarx insistence that only Jews are fit to the more "intellectual" roles of power in a society.

Paul Behrer said...

The typical fleeing Catholic runs to the arms of the Marxist.

Why do you think JK Toole created that Myrna Minkoff character anyway?

Chet Redweld said...

It's really about Chalupa's wholesale buy-in on the CultMarx insistence that only Jews are fit to the more "intellectual" roles of power in a society.

Not bad, Hal.

Not bad at all.

Harold Caidagh said...

Well yeah. Why else would he ignore what he's learned here?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chalupa thinks the lesson of Gaddis's work is: BE A SOCIALIST! A MARXIST-LENINIST! COMMUNARDS, ARISE!

What a riot.

Paul Behrer said...

No dude. He's meta-satirizing this blog's writers. He always knew-- everything, and forever. He was born a wizened genius and has only grown more other-worldly in his intuitive insights over 56 years terra-time.

I wonder if he ever really doubts the truth of any minor part of any of the myths he's incorporated during that 56 year long wander. Walking in circles for over half a century, does one arrive anywhere, or see anything?

Harold Caidagh said...

But wait a minute: he's got a snarky reply that's sure to make the other Third Grade Mentality "satirists" at least feign a smirk.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

In how many different incorporations, ether-world-wise, has Chalupa now tried to run his "I'm so much smarter than you, dude, hang it up!" meta-satire, to distinct failure?

I think he's batting 1.000 there, every time a full & complete failure.

The really keenly ironic thing here is that he sometimes does have an ability to produce a stifled guffaw, now and then -- but only when he stops trying for political wisdom in the form of meta-meta-Loretta-and-Henrietta-satire.

When he's original, and true to his own dweeby pop culture compiler-archivist-curator inclinations, and isn't a cheap imitation of whomever in ArtsyFartsyWworld is a durable hero of dubiously confabulated stature: best chance of the Mona Lisa smile generation.

Paul Behrer said...

Yeah but when he was 15 his bestest buddies told him he was a genius, and they always asked him who were the hot new musicians/bands, hippest new authors, most essential poets, et cetera.

Fumbling around for a path in life, Chalupa just fell into the Class Genius role, and has merely extended the scope beyond his HS class to greater American society.

Probably never dawned on him that geniuses don't ever assume they know everything, and always question the value & veracity of every proposition asserted as true/known/established.

It's the label Genius that matters.

Not the stuff thereof.

Chet Redweld said...

If this were a dynamic possession game like soccer, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, rugby then someone here would ultimately have to give little Chalupa credit for an assist or two, since his various observations often propel a goal/try/basket, albeit by another playing by different strategies.

He's a little like the kid who un-knowingly offers an excellent assist on the field/pitch/ice/court, by pure happenstance rather than learned experience + skills + field awareness.

Those are assists no matter how they happen, so eventually someone will have to award that credit.

H.M. Lohmann said...

--Charles F. Oxtrot, and I believe....

Finally, something I can comment on. Thanks Chuck.

...the little stuffed animal has reached a new level of delusion with this one.

This is why someone here once referred to "Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II," correct?

Paul Behrer said...

That's a roger, Hy. 10-4.

Harold Caidagh said...

If this was the Arch-Mendacity's blog, the Arch-Mendacity himself would give Hy a GOLD STAR for that Trekkie savvy.

5 points on our stars here, Hy.

Not 6.

Paul Behrer said...

What is it with these word-diarrheoids like Chalupa, Tarzie, Fadduh Smiff, Nightplow, Art for Silver, or the Arch-Putrid? Do they impress themselves by writing w/o economy, pure bilge and enough to sink the ship, at multiple internet outlets? Hell, some of them even run a disinfo "news" site because it sure is boring working as a reference librarian in a reactionary university! Stick it to the MAN, stan, with comment deletions whenever someone observes sock puppetry offering the fables and fictions of les communards!

I suppose as long as one can look in the mirror and say, "shit, I'm like Andy Kaufmann I have so many stock characters of great originality each!" while everyone else encountering the lame one-keyboard-45-voices "gag" sees no humor in it, and it's not because they're low-IQ or wrong ideology, either...

...well, I suppose that's triumph, true winning, and makes up for the 40+ years of identity confusion.

The original copycat. What a claim to own!

Paul Behrer said...

It's practically Pavlovian, Chalupa's latest Tarzie entry. Emulates unsf in every way other than being hetero, having good earth-grounding in one's shoes, and not using snark where logic is faster, cleaner & better.

It also lacks comic cleverness, but that's nothing new.

Good job, poetaster.

It's all our fault that you're stupid, unoriginal, and continually duped by your True Pure Leftist fantasy reformation of America.


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...


shouted the little stuffed chihuahua.





chirped squeekily the tiny chihuahua, the cheep-cheep-cheeping being the nearest he could get to a forceful, meaningful, and impressive voice.

Harold Caidagh said...

Hey did any of my fellow knuckle-dragging goons read Kwith Fwoid's Talmudic "now I say it, later I deny it, in the future my past is irrelevant and hey I'm a Southern Baptist too!" post? He tried to address the "altRight" by calling them Nazi lovers, and then in the comments he pretends that his essay history at EB doesn't consist of Marxist implorings to communism when it's not bland blindfolded apologetics for that same group Chalupa represents: the true pure noble leftist Democrats, the only real Democrats, the spirits of JFK's mythology and sixties hagiographic Peace'n'Love collective embodiment.

Fool prances about like he's really a clever writer who can "gotcha" his critics! Hah hah hah!

More like inept bungler who paints with words to write a M-L script for the Golden Era Democrats to lap up, for future pointing toward Art-for-Silver's abject poverty requests for donation.

Haw haw haw. Such a funny man.

Funny, as in queer.

And queer, as in....

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Leave it to the 6-headed dragon to completely misunderstand what is the "altRight" and in so doing, lead the 12 actual followers to a point of mass confusion, where reality is concerned.

Apparently this may be "satire" where Chris Floyd is actually Richard "B is for Bottom" Spencer, and he's mocking himself with a caricature?

No, not really.

Spencer lacks the humor; Floyd lacks the essence. They do share a very feminine perspective which occasionally pretends at Verbal Masculinity, however corporal its underlying femininity may be.

Both are Ernst Rohms at heart.

For all we know, Floyd lives at Spencer's little Bohemian Grove - Rockies Posting compound and merely pretends, via the sock puppet Rich Cast-a-Line, to be Europe-based!

One thing's for sure, not a single one of 'em knows what's going on, nor does any of 'em know how to tell you that situation. Each does have a bit of the siren's song in him, a bit of the cold-reader's gift for saying what you want to hear by way of confidence mark setup.

Paul Behrer said...

More likely that Tarzie is Spencer, in reality -- but as far as semiotics & symbolism go, there is a cluster of gaseous clouds, almost a nebula, who basically emit the same message through different appeals.

Floyd & Spencer appeal to the same snarky gay man perspective that Tarzie uses as fuel, the same one only thinly buried beneath Chalupa's uberPoetaster facade, the same one that Chuck's "6-headed dragon" reference embodies.

Anyone who thinks that Taki's Divine Smoking Lounge is different in core essential appeal from Tarzie's Prancing Moneyfap really is too busy following the DvsR fake contest, and is gulled by that stupid Extravert's Folly impulse.

Hell, there's even a chance that Tarzie is Milo Breitbartopoplodiplophobiapolous. Same swish in the dish.

Double-hell, it's almost like this blog was onto something when it warned its readership, hyperbolically and rooted in absurdity, about the trend of the Gay Jew Socialist taking the fore and dominating social media.

Chet Redweld said...

Double-hell, it's almost like this blog was onto something when it warned its readership, hyperbolically and rooted in absurdity, about the trend of the Gay Jew Socialist taking the fore and dominating social media.

So if I examine this blog's history -- the values focus especially -- and then look at how this blog's satirical targets have behaved during the same timeframe, I think I begin to see the pattern that gave rise to you guys saying

sock puppets always knew - forever!

Every time they've been smacked down by 1 or more of this blog's authors, the satire targets have followed up with an essay (or 3 or 10) in which they pretend to have never held the views that only just weeks previously were advocated with great socialist vigor!

And equally, each time, the target blog has a comment thread with lots of "yeah, you're a genius! never saw this before! thank you SOOOOOO much!" foolish sock puppet script writing.

Apparently boredom is really really horrible when found thriving among the academy's clerk pool.

Paul Behrer said...

Come on, Chet.

They're uber-satirizing unsf.

That's HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

They whinge about "punching down" and run a blog dedicated to failing at mockery of unsf.

Either unsf is unbelievably influential and they're "punching up", or

they're failing at satire by "punching down" while complaining about same.

These tidbit-memorizers who have the relevant lingo down pat keep deluding themselves, and imagine that their self-delusion as published, it's brilliant satire.

Even if Chalupa were actually a values-based old-school-is-best-school thinker, and he's trying desperately to mock those who mock old school thinkers, it's not working.

Failure rate of 100% must be his goal?

If so, congrats, Chalupa!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Yeah, good job Walter Mitty.

Hey Pablo, how come you never complain about health issues or the inexplicable cruelty of 0.03% of humans toward feral cats?

Is it because there's absolutely no humor fodder in it?

Paul Behrer said...

For any being, thing, entity, landscape feature on Earth, there's someone somewhere who dis-respected, dis-regarded or dis-incentivized that _________.

If I wanted to find something to pick on EMOTIONALLY, I would start by feeling extremely wounded, and then look for a non-culpable person to blame for a slight he/she/it never authorized, never put into effect and never undertook.


Harold Caidagh said...

And that's just not funny, not even with those capital letters emphasizing the wound.

Not even if you added graph paper, tempera smears, or pseudo-semiotic poetastery.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Why doesn't Little Wally Mitty have a squishy emotional HOT BUTTON regarding feral spiders, feral arthropods, feral coleoptera?

Aren't those critters GAY enough?

Chet Redweld said...

Go easy on Jeff Popovich.

It's a struggle being 56 and XY in reality, but 15 and XX emotionally.

Naturally, someone/something else must be at fault.

Couldn't be what you fellas call Seis Puntas, so obviously it's got to be the RC Church and everyone/everything affiliated with it.

Chet Redweld said...

stupid Extravert's Folly impulse

Pablo: what does this mean? I don't want to guess.

Paul Behrer said...

My values? Why would I hold any values? I get my values from the community of like-minded people, people I admire, people I respect, and people who know more than I do because they're Experts!

Only a fool has values integral to himself/herself. Values come from whatever my Experts say are the source and essence of whatever those reactionary fools call "values." I'm no Old White Man Patriarchist, dead white people who wrote shit long ago are DEAD white people and they're dead WHITE people so why would anyone pay attention to their thoughts? They're DEAD, thank Karl, and they were WHITE!


something like that, along those lines, Chet.

Chet Redweld said...

I'm going to need a bit more explicit thought or description, Pablo.

Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure a bunch of dead guys created the Seis Puntas cult. There has to be more to it, Paolo.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

This is as painful as witnessing rote memorizers in a Socratic discussion.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

I'm with Chuck. Just because there isn't some Black Letter Rule about what is Extravert's Folly, that doesn't mean Chet can't hazard an informed guess, based on his knowledge of Paul's ...uh... worldview.

I'll throw one out there:

Extravert's Folly is the idea that belonging to a group is so vitally important to a person, he doesn't form his own values or thoughts, but instead simply looks for views that he should memorize and then, in appropriate settings, repeat -- as would a parrot, expecting a cracker.

Whether these memorized ideas have anything behind them is unimportant; what is important is that by "sharing" these values, one becomes part of the Winning Team.

Harold Caidagh said...

The perfect mark, the ideal consumer/victim of infotainment marketing, and/or the prototypical TED lecture spin swallower, eh Karlos?

Chet Redweld said...

So it's ironic, then -- in the most literal sense -- that one of this blog's historical badgers in the woodpile used to say the writers here were "small men," because they were lampooning the post-coital birth control feticide-luster's conception (cough cough) of things being merely about "choice" or "woman's rights."


It's the small-feeling person who needs to feel larger, more whole, through that extraverted impulse.

It seems to me that if given free reign over one's relatively unused thinking processes, extraversion renders the person an emotional reactor, an insignificant blip in humanity, a non-productive soul, a drain on the human economy.

In practice, they glom together and bully their "majority view" whenever they see an opportunity. And in my experience, they often if not usually do this while lecturing someone else, either contemporaneously or in another setting, about the need for tolerance and respecting "minorities."

I'm always left feeling like a Con Man is trying to work me, but they seem very sincere in this strange, muddled delusion they carry.

What I mean by more explicit description, Pablo, is explanation of why this happens, what drives them to such hypocrisy, and why they can't see they won't ever be respected by self-respecting people when they engage in such hypocritical "majority view" bullying.

Any thoughts on that?

Harold Caidagh said...

In practice, they glom together and bully their "majority view" whenever they see an opportunity. And in my experience, they often if not usually do this while lecturing someone else, either contemporaneously or in another setting, about the need for tolerance and respecting "minorities."

You're talking about the GRH v. UNSF/Caidagh suit here, eh Chet?

Chet Redweld said...

That's one good example, Hal, and certainly a ready one.

But I've experienced hundreds, if not thousands, and maybe even by this late date of 2017, millions of examples in my adult life.

This inversion, where fewer than 10% of people get systemic leverage and begin dominating media outlets of all types (news, analysis, opinion, entertainment, enthusiast/hobby niche coverage, whatever the outlet) and convince their reader/listener audience that the <10% are now the "majority" because they are "popular" and "enviable" and "heroic," et cetera, has gained real steam in the 21st Century. Down is up, north is south, fat is thin.

And ugly is the pinnacle of beauty.

We are told this is "progress."

We are told this by people who ignore the historical outcome every single time humans have enacted such kinds of "progress" in their era, in their society.

Hence the Con Man vibe.

Paul Behrer said...


it's the Extravert's Folly to fall for the Con Man's pitch, because the Extravert needs to seem like he/she is noble, by virtue of political affiliation and social climbing position.

You hit on it when you talked about Winning Team.

They hammer and bludgeon you with their Winning Team view chants and mantras, they don't care if you lose your job, your wife/husband/loved one, your home to "progress".

If you don't agree with what they describe as "progress," then you have something wrong with you.

EVERYONE KNOWS that's progress!


Surly GRH Bro said...

You idiot, you don't know progress. Progress is whatever destroys what white men did. Progress is whatever helps Israel murder Palestinians and steal their land. Progress is pavement everywhere, everything lit up, no darkness anywhere, all single adults are accused of paedophilia without proof, all married couples with children who do not hover over their children 24-7-365 are guilty of child abuse, people who still use land lines and don't own a computer are treasonous, anyone who doesn't use Obamacare should be in Guantanamo Bay. Progress is Obama carrying the same mission Bush/Cheney carried, to completion and solidification, with all blame laid on Bush/Cheney/GOP. Progress is Pure Left Democrats convinced that America will become Socialist if only reactionaries would die, submit to reformation after torture, or agree to become our slaves. Progress is homosexuals in the Media telling everyone to fuck always, everywhere, anytime, no matter what setting, and if you disagree you're a homophobe and probably will make your child commit suicide. Progress is Jews blaming everything on Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism and Christianity -- and being sincere about it, stating it as if fact.

Progress was thwarted when that bigot Caidagh won his lawsuit, but I'm sure GRH doesn't need the entity GRH to fulfill its mission of making everyone worship the gay man, and everyone submitting to the whims and urges of Our Noble Gays.

Harold Caidagh said...

So, Surly GRH Bro, when in your exalted state of Progress all single adults are guilty of paedophilia, is there a special exemption for Gay Men? for Lesbian Women?

Maybe you didn't think that one through.

You know, like in your lawsuit, where you lost -- or your attempt at using Prissy as an "expert," which failed since she ain't one in anyone's book.

Maybe you are deluded. Maybe it's because your only values are sex and popularity.

Paul Behrer said...

Maybe you are deluded. Maybe it's because your only values are sex and popularity.

Ladies & gentlemen, a fine distillation of Extravert's Folly.

Nicely done, Hal.

Paul Behrer said...

Progress is homosexuals in the Media....

Any poochies ever use the term "homosexual"? Maybe Surly is a sock puppet, Chalupa again trying to "mock" unsf, but in the Tarzie style? Though it does seem more like Fadduh Smiff's beaver simulation IMO.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Sounds more like a Chris Floyd Crew sock puppet to me. Fourth rate moss, fifth rate advertisement.

H.M. Lohmann said...

It reminded me of ICH comment puppetry, but I don't have the same perspective you guys do.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

I thought it had the pungent noisome emanations of the Arch-Putrid's commentariat.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

So it's ironic, then -- in the most literal sense -- that one of this blog's historical badgers in the woodpile used to say the writers here were "small men," because they were lampooning the post-coital birth control feticide-luster's conception (cough cough) of things being merely about "choice" or "woman's rights."

At least one of the Simulated Beavers would say this is a triple joke with "small man" referring to the homunculus, or maybe my take on insemination = human life.

They'd think this, assuming I never could grasp such wisps of Learned Satire.

They'd be --you know-- wrong about that one.

It wasn't a good continuation of a joke. Nor was it a folly I maintained while unaware, but thankfully revealed by the geniuses of Beaver Simulation.

They always think they win in the end.

Since they went to Good Schools, 'n' shit.

And since Glossy Karl is the ultimate sage, not a repackager of the best parts of Catholic doctrine (actual equality of the "small man" versus the "big man" and acknowledgement that everything's connected) sold translated via Judaism while saying Religion is the Opiate of the (goyim) Masses, it's gotta be true that the Blog Trust(TM) always wins!

Harold Caidagh said...

Chuck, did you just give props to the RC Church?

watch out, "Jack Crow" is gonna say you're a "small man" and then spew 5,000 words at the world explaining why the real global demon is the RC Church, not Seis Puntas!

Of course, he'll complain about a random dead Palestinian, and say "gosh darn it all, those Israelis sure are a put-upon people, rankled and ired as they are, we have to take our plaintiffs as we find them, and if you were in their position, you'd have to feel guilty. So I'm sure they do. Israel does get excessive sometimes, I admit. But always remember, Marxism is the Way!"

That Myrna Minkoff must have used all her pre-marital sex activity points with our good friend, in order for him to come away so confused by it all.

"The Pope's a rapist and/or pedo, so are all priests, they lie to hang onto power, but Marx was a genius and not a con man, and I'll kick your head in if you sully his reputation again!"

Catholicism warps your mind, but Marxism purifies it.


No inconsistency there. No hypocrisy. No delusion.

Certainly no cluelessness.

I mean, they're Marxists! All hail the Karl!

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

... my take on insemination = human life.

More literally not just insemination, is it Chuck?

Fertilization and gestation too, right?

Infertile, tube-snipped guy who is XX psychologically but XY plumbing-wise, he can't initiate human life with the failure to pull out in timely fashion, can he?

Paul Behrer said...

A question just arose in my mind.

Statistics time.

If we examined 1,000 marriages of Goyim man + Jewish woman,

in how many of the 1,000 households would Goyim man's worldview, philosophy, religion, etc. hold sway?

If the Goyim man is a regular believer & church-goer, what happens post-wedding?

Does he give up all his religious ties because his Partner is not interested in pursuing the Slave Religion?

Does he take it further, and begin a personal Mission to destroy the faith and followers of whatever he found important before he met The One?

Harold Caidagh said...

She withholds all of his possible sexual pleasure until he renounces all Christian ideation.

Upon renouncement, she is a Total Slut for whatever weird sex whim he may have.

Once pregnant with Baby Number 1, sex ends, she gets fat, and demands a greater monthly stipend to keep pace with Progress.

If he slips up in any small degree, he's belittled with a fury reserved only for a Chosen one's rebuke of an under-performing slave.

If he slips up __________ times (number chosen whimsically by Her), Divorce, and Her lawyer will consume His heart thrice over, metaphorically speaking, with his character assassination and other lies designed to take everything from Him but his life, and the lawyer wants that too, but will settle for everything but.


Someone's gonna say here,

"you're a misogynist and anti-Semite"

as if I haven't endured worse in the GRH lawsuit.

Listen, if you haven't seen a JAP devour a formerly good man, it's not my fault.

Chet Redweld said...

If he slips up __________ times (number chosen whimsically by Her), Divorce, and Her lawyer will consume His heart thrice over, metaphorically speaking, with his character assassination and other lies designed to take everything from Him but his life, and the lawyer wants that too, but will settle for everything but.

Unfortunately I was witness to this very type of activity many times over in the year I served as a judge's law clerk. Luckily it was not the bulk of our caseload, the matrimonial & domestic relations area. But it was enough to get a strong flavor of the type of person who works daily as a litigator in that arena. Heart-eaters is 100% correct, Hal.

By the way, readers: Hal is not a man who was scorned by a beautiful, and ultimately unattainable, Jewish woman. He is not a man who has been, in the common modern vernacular, victimized by any woman. Reflexive "misogynist" accusations will carry no more water here than "homophobe" accusations did in the GRH lawsuit.

Hal's just an observer of humanity, and a witness to its many follies.

As am I.

Priscilla B. Houle-Eaton said...

Whatever, Cheat Rotwood. Caidagh's a bigot, and clearly an anti-Semite. I'm not sure why you never understood my expert analysis of him. He's a pathological liar, and I'm fairly sure he's raped women but never been caught or prosecuted. Frankly, I'm surprised I left the Neuwestia Mental Hospital interview room with my life and my vagina unbattered. Most of his words were assault, and if he wasn't handcuffed to the table, battery would most definitely have been my fate. Sexual battery. Misogynist violence.

He's a monster.

Harold Caidagh said...

Prissy's got that Third Wave Feminism schtick nailed, eh Chet?

What do you think? In 5 years, will any court have allowed Prissy's testimony as expert evidence in a human psychiatric context?

Or will she have moved on to Reiki seminars?

Yoga for women who feel they've been abused on twitter?

Paul Behrer said...

Personal Assistant to Rachel Maddow.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Prissy says that "He's a monster" with such authority. Guarantee that a peep into her sexual fantasies, whether entirely mental fabrication or actual meatspace play, would find her loving the Submissive role and would take it further to engage in rape role play -- as the victim.

When discovered, Prissy would say, "it was research, I have a revelatory new piece that will be published in the ______ journal of American _______ within the next 6-8 months, in which I will recount the horrible things I endured when I engaged innocently in random pick-up sex without using any filters regarding what man I ultimately would have sex with. Some of these men were MONSTERS and actually said, 'uh, okay, if it's what you REALLY want,' when I begged them over and over to engage in Rape Role-Play. Clearly there's a problem of misogynist violence in American sex culture and I was its victim!"

I don't think Prissy's been paying attention to actual human beings, or their response to the Jabba Phenomenon, otherwise known as Lena Dunham's Idiocy on Public Display for Five Years Running.

Prissy thinks Dunham heroic and a role model.

Just another fool, duped by the M-L psy-op.

Prissy at 70 years old will look back on the Prissy of 2010s Decade, and feel enough embarrassment to consider putting her head in the oven.

Priscilla B. Houle-Eaton said...

Say what you like, Ochstradt, but I have 3 degrees in the field of human psychology.

And you? What do you have to prove your expertise?

You will all be eating crow when my journal piece is published. This jealousy you are showing now, it just proves my point, over and over. It's almost boring how correct I am with every assessment of this blog and its writers. Just admit you envy my wisdom, admit you're all monsters and cheats, and misogynists, and rapists, and bullies and homophobes, and reactionaries, and pathological liars, and I'll get off your back.

If you don't, I'm going to write a separate journal piece on my experience getting rejected by the Neuwestia District Court, and how that proves the court's misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, and hatred of progress.

Chet Redweld said...

Yes, well, good luck with all that, Ms Houle-Eaton.