Thursday, March 30, 2017

poah widdew puppeh!

Sometimes, a BARK! is nowt but a message relayed by 2 oatmeal tins and some twine, listener doing his best to relay what speaker shouts into the other end of the apparatus.


And we see that banks create credit – which governments could create just as easily, along more socially and economically productive lines.

* * *

So we’re classical economists. Hyman Minsky was the main modern monetary theorist. Heterodox meant that he got his ideas largely from Marx. You can say classical political economy reached its logical conclusion with Marx.

The first bit, before the asterisk-ellipsis, is funny. It's a religious belief on display there, that "government" as some specious, formless idealized entity, would be any better than private entities.

But this is a ruse, please note that.

It's hiding something about what caused banks to be hated/feared/not respected by those whom they impoverish and ruin.

One might be better to look at banks and bankers and what are their motives and their own private religious beliefs, but we'll sidestep that through polysyllabic niche jargon (above, omitted via said ellipsis) and get to the real truth.  I provide it as a translation of the two ellipsis-severed statements:

We trust in Karl Marx's analysis, we believe him positively papal in his pronouncements, and we treat those scriptures he divinely authored as the Black Letter Canonical Law they deserve to become.

This, good readers of Ratchet Theory by Simulated Beavers and Pink Chipmunks Occasionally Transmogrifying into a Six-Headed Dragon, is the Ultimate Truth --

Marx was correct.

Please don't say, "Marx was right." He was never Right. Always, always, always Left. The very essence of it, in fact!


Try just a wee bit harder, Chalupa.

There's a good reason a lot of people don't think Govt gets it right when Govt has the authority/responsibility/power to control any aspect of human society.

Socialism and Marxism assume that a certain priest-like caste can determine what will be that Ultimate Noble Government's composition, framework, and power-exertion apparatus. They ask us non-Marxists and non-Socialists to trust them on that one. After all, these priest-like architects of Perfect, Noble Government know more than any of us.

That's what Hudson's pukepile tries to suggest.

Isn't that a whole lot of brambles and tar pits set up to protect Judaism's role in banking and Marxism?

Take off your ideological blinders and think about it, little pup.

--Hal Caidagh, son of Eire, child of the RC Church, foe of Judaism's principles and reluctant neighbor to, if not openly trusting of, Jews themselves.


Paul Behrer said...

Apparently Hudson's employer now considers 5th rung wannabe-satire sufficiently rigorous in economic analysis to be valid ground for the good Professor's pontification-for-credit-and/or-pay.

Can someone really believe that a bureaucracy would do better than the Rothschilds?

Well, it may actually do better at decimating the goyim. More trust, blindly given thanks to CultMarx in 21st C mixed with mossy advertisements about Nynah Leaven and the need to pass over the question of who actually formed "islamic terrorism" in the Middle East and to what do these "terrorists" respond, when it's not ducats or shekels or kroner funneled through some schmendrick named Lange but not Arte.

Maybe Mickey Draco actually thinks people would prefer Jewish Rule and goyim enslavement?

Maybe his last name isn't Hudson at all.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Seems more a Weil than a Hudson.

Unless you mean a Henry Hudson, "discoverer" of lands humans lived in for multiple generations before Hank sailed his lumber past Manhattan toward Storm King Mountain.

Harold Caidagh said...

But those multiple generations didn't destroy the land for sheer accumulation of shekels, Karlos. They didn't acknowledge the need to have White Man's Fire everywhere, hard stones instead of grass or earth to tread upon, or other proofs of Progress offered as post-facto sales pitches defending that accumulation of shekels through mad destructive urges coupled with arrogant deception of those whom you consider your inferior.

H.M. Lohmann said...

If I'm not fucking someone, getting fucked, sucking someone, or getting sucked, then you'd better believe I'm going to go metaphorically fuck, and it's gonna fulfill all my Uber-Dom, S&M fantasies when I do it.

Yahweh demands a priapic approach to life.

--Torah, in thumbnail

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Anthony Weiner, explained.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chuck Schumer, explained.
Diane Feinstein, explained.

I don't have the typing stamina to complete this list, but you can always go see Top Men explaining the situation when you consult that ancient tome by PeeNac.

Harold Caidagh said...

Every founder, K-k-k-stutter-nesset member, Shiney Miss Elizabeth member, Mossberg it's not advertising member, High Deeaafff(inition) member, Eye Ess Are embassy to other countries member,

the list just goes on forever

'tis the season, 'tis the reason

Cherry Blossoms and Turd Blossoms

gathering in Pierre's Grid

David (((rontele on TGR))) Rontal, Esq. said...

You're a sad little tinfoil wearer.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Attaboy, pudgey.

Let the slaves know who runs the show.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Classic TGR user, athletic never-was who Careers his Ego to some degree of assuagement for being a klutz.

Sadly, it's common that the Career isn't even that impressive. Within its context, I mean. Such as Mr Rontal, and the field of law.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Can't wait 'til pudgey reminds us he went to Good Schools. Or that he had DPS skis.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Before anyone. For tele. Bro-core, dude.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Fix the heel fix the problem.


Drop a point from the star.

Harold Caidagh said...

New sheriff's in town.

We trimmed the budget, lopped off a point on every single star.

Amazingly, Americans are happier than they have been since the late 1800s/early 1900s-before-WW1, and there's even greater positivity from the JFK-is-our-Saint-and-Marx-our-minister-w/o-portfolio Democrats despite no Socialist Revolution, there's almost no unemployment, people aren't swimming in debt, family integrity is way up, and crime has not been this low since 1797.

Paul Behrer said...

...but Karl Marx said Jewish Intellectuals had to design the post-Global-Capital-in-America system, after a Socialist Revolution!

How did this happen, Hal?

Harold Caidagh said...

We simply stopped giving money to Israel.

Harold Caidagh said...

Oh, and we required repayment of 30+ years of aggressive capital infusion.

Harold Caidagh said... the friendliest of terms.

Paul Behrer said...

The hatred of such an outcome is why that 90-105 S-B bracket work so hard to render irrelevant the 106+ and especially the 130+.

What the fuchachte do you think they do at ETS in Princeton, but architecture of what is "intelligent" and/or worthy of Good School participation?

Doing well on an ETS product is always about gaming, and you have to adopt the liar/manipulator's viewpoint to understand how the gaming is tied in any way to a test of some remotely distant, but allegedly related, subject matter. Talmudic scholars would find it native; most others, not.

And there is, of course, the irony of the S-B scheme and its progeny ultimately showing who are getting by on deception rather than skill.

Or true native intelligence.

Predatory use of intelligence is never socially beneficial.

Even the fairy tale demons like wolves and bears don't just go around eating everything until they either have nothing left to eat, or are so fat they can't do anything but fart, shit, piss, and demand that some whore bear come sit on their willy.

Chet Redweld said...

I must say you sparked quite a creative fire with that first post, Hal.

Even if it does give me mild shivers about another lawsuit.

But I'm sure our audience, all 5 of them --or is it 4 this week?-- know that it's perfectly legitimate as a basic free speech doctrine to be critical of any other nation or religion, and I'm sure all 4-maybe-5 of them have heard people make similar generalizations about, say, Utah, or Mormons, or Ireland, or Catholics, or maybe even something more specifically "ethnic," in the modern Enlightenment vernacular.

If they or any random passer-by doesn't understand, I'm always around to explain. Direct conversations with me avoid the unique comic stylings of our roster's members, so you can wade in without fear of shark, alligator, piranha, Portuguese Man o'War, or horseshoe crab.

Priscilla B. Houle-Eaton said...

Nobody should trust Cheat Rotwood. I couldn't get him to admit which political party he supports, and he seemed far too successful in an unsavory way in that unfortunately lost lawsuit in which I was, sadly and for no good or fair or not-misogynistic reason, not used as expert.

He's pretty slick with words and in person, he doesn't look like a criminal who somehow conned his way into a law degree and bar admission. He doesn't even look like anything in particular. Nothing noteworthy about him. Maybe he won that case against GRH, but he didn't go to any respectable schools and no major publication has ever cited him or published his works. Mr Lyspe told me there are no reported cases with Rotwood's name on them, and nobody can find his profile on LinkedIn or facebook, so nobody thinks he's a real lawyer. He's probably lucky to have conned the court in that GRH lawsuit. Maybe I should file a Bar complaint against him.

Kevin (((kidwoo on TGR and ridemonkey))) Bazar said...

I found it easier to accuse uncle crud of paedophilia, and post defamatory pictures and links to false "evidence" on TGR and elsewhere on the internet.

I couldn't have anyone think I was actually stealing his comedy, now, could I? After all, he's an anti-Semite. It's cool to hate Mormons, Christians, or other religious sects, those aren't anti-_______ sentiments at all. Nope, they're pro-Reality. Also, pro-Approved Comedy.

I can insult people all day long on the internet, for 15 years running, and not be guilty of anything.

Insult me, however, and defamation shitstorms I will evacuate into my palms and hurl into your direction.

Also, I'mmma roost yo faissss!

David (((rontele on TGR))) Rontal, Esq. said...

Shit, I had a buddy from Michigan trigger an IRS audit.

I mean, I could piss & shit on MoMos and stupid Christians all week long on TGR, but uncle crud actually said mean things about Jews and AIPAC.

Can't have that.

Not in this new world, this new America.

Wendell (((rideit on TGR and ridemonkey))) Stam said...

I found it a lot easier to talk about his mental health. Mostly because he didn't agree with me on Israel vs Palestine.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

They seem to have you and me confused, Chet.

Chet Redweld said...

Their confusion is quite clear to me, but it persists.

After all, if any one trustafarian in Tahoe or Bend or Boulder or Bellingham or Portland or SLC or Driggs can be defamatory personally on the internet, anyone can.

Unless one believes there is some superior right inhering in trustafarian status, or some other special category that isn't genetic or biological, I suppose.

Don't rightly know how they'd imagine such illusions playing out in actual litigation. Is that Rontal fellow a litigator?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

There's probably 5-10 litigators on TGR. Most of them, if pinned to their TGR commentary as "evidence" of their personal views, would have to be categorized as progressive Democrats with a strident bigotry toward non-Progressives w/in D Party, and toward all non-Ds, as an outlook. Uninformed, highly intolerant, arrogant insistence on knowing The Truth about things... this would be another snapshot that easily could be created.

Maybe they assume they have to be sued in a progressive eden like Boulder, Bend, Missoula or Jackson.

I expect that when you get used to talking such an artificially big game on TGR, and not ironically, where your ski/bike skills are concerned, imagining yourself the brightest and most innovative thinker in all possible dimensions isn't much of a reach.

Harold Caidagh said...

Went to Good Schools.

Affirmed in status by "rep" on TGR/ridemonkey.

Share the Winning Team's disdain for whatever isn't progressive.

Happy to piss & shit on Christians, Mormons, Catholics, Rednecks, Southerners.

Intolerant of all discussion re Israel or Judaism that isn't fawning or apologetic.

Tribal wagon-circling whenever any breaches arise.

Probably got told at some point in youth or very early adulthood that they were "gifted" and took it much to literally, and assumed it gave them the ability to look down upon anyone they've not yet recognized as "gifted" in the same ways.

So much deception at every layer! If I tried to live like that, I'd have ulcers, no hair, heart attacks and strokes.

Maybe that's why they push so hard for Extravert's Folly? To offset the realization that their choices are what create all that agita/anxiety/angst, rather than others' bigoted response to innocent li'l me?

H.M. Lohmann said...

Hal, you know as well as I do that it's very hard for a Jew to be humble, and it's even harder for a Jew to not feel perpetually as The Victim, in all settings.

Vulnerability and emotional honesty are not the Jew's strongest traits.

Judaism's teachings create such a Forever the Victim, Soon to be Ultimate Rulers dynamic that what you get is vengeful paranoia at the foundation of all things quasi-spiritual, pseudo-ethical, or demi-moral which allegedly are built upon it thereafter as scriptural, liturgical, etc. doctrine.

It really is a maglev Tesla crazy train.

Glad to be off that hurtling missile.

Harold Caidagh said...

Rather than fix their own psychoses, they turn the societies they inhabit into puddles, then swamps, then ponds, then lakes, then seas & oceans of anxiety, confusion, and primal fuck urges run rampant.

When the host society notices and asks for a bit more cohesion, a bit more neighborly behavior from the primal-fuck-driven creatures, the creatures then tell the society that it's not sufficiently tolerant of every single sexual fetish, and then embarks on approving paedophilia culturally -- while accusing innocents of such, to distract from the accusers' own little Comet PeePee racket.

Every single time: whatever they complain about in a society, psychologically or behaviorally, is THEIR OWN hangup.

Thus, Gay Jews had to tell all hetero men that they were homophobic and also, probably in the closet, if only the hetero would give it a chance he'd see that he's really The Real Sexuality: GAY.

Gay Lesbians, angry at their lack of a penis, attacked from the other side: you're worse than that, you're emasculated terrified little Mansplainers without sexual machismo.

Gay Infotainment Scriveners announced that paedophilia is rampant in the RC Church, while burning entire files and magnet-swiping hard drives of evidence of paedophilia within Jewish communities across the USA and elsewhere on the planet.

And then the most obvious, Israel bulldozes Palestinians off their lands, builds swanky new settlements, and then tells the Palestinians that they are "anti-Semitic" for not submitting to conquest and theft.

'tis the season indeed.