Friday, March 17, 2017

is there a Special Ed section in dog training?

I'm a stupid
yes I am a stupid
I'm a stupid
all the live-long day!

Leukocytes and rheostats
catamites and twinkie traps
Fuzzy bears and half&half
sugar in the cream

I have important observations!

We're all here at unsf quite sure you do.  Let us gander:

I read the debates yesterday on whether feeding hungry children increases test scores or not. Anti-feeding the hungry on public dime say no, feeding the hungry on public dime say yes, there's evidence, REAMS AND REAMS OF EVIDENCE PROVING FED CHILDREN LEARN BETTER, and of course, those who'd feed the hungry on public dime are right, as scientifically right as those who say the better you feed the cow you'll slaughter the better the meat.

Some said, though none wearing tribal colors that I read, even if there wasn't solid science proving fed children learn better - say there were studies proving that fed children learn no differently than hungry children: in a just society there are no hungry children.

Oh my, land o' goshen, sakes alive!

Our little Chalupa has allowed himself to find a reason to Hate the Other, believing in his division as stated, not for a moment thinking that nobody wants children to starve, but some people want long term social improvement through increased personal responsibility.

This never dawns on our little chihuahua, he gets the heart strings yanked ferociously by a pitched theme of Cold Hearted Republicans Are At It Again.

Stupid little dog-ish ersatz canid-esque stuffed animal.


You're not trying, Jeffrey.

Not trying at all.


Elsewhere, as usual, a citation to "Tarzie," who used to shill on behalf of Greenwald & Snowden but now postures as The True Seer.

Whenever Jeff finds his CogDis ramping up, he Tarzies his way to another bout of Sock Puppets Always Knew - Forever!

Can't ever admit wrongness.

Eh, Fonz?

--Paul Behrer, losing the sense of amusement found in another's arrogant naivete.


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Pablo, where would Chalupa-as-Tarzie be if he hadn't learned, increment by increment, bite-by-byte, that he was duped by Greenwald/Snowden?

Will he ever admit learning from anyone who isn't Popular/isn't an Expert Recognized by Leftist/Progressive Authorities??

I guess when each of your online personae has been exposed as a con man's mark, and each time by the same person, you have to pretend that person doesn't even exist. Certainly you could not have learned anything from him.

He doesn't have a single volume in the Reference Section.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

I'm most interested in how he splintered/splinters his personality as a coping strategy.

"I'm not going to accept that X is true, but if I adopt another personality and start talking about X's possible truth, as if I always knew and have descended from the Mount to share with you why YOU should expel your ignorance on the subject about which I am, quite honestly, very ignorant myself -- well, that's better than asking myself why I didn't know and would not believe anyone who said otherwise & especially not someone I've categorized and cubbyholed as a misogynist reactionary anti-Semite homophobe cis-hetero psychopath."

Paul Behrer said...

"...who is Corporate and who hates precious kitties."

Don't do anything less than a complete job, Chuck.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Apparently, being familiar with Gaddis's works covering fraud in art & finance & personal injury litigation, or being familiar with Pynchon's manifold descriptions of sloppy, almost-accidental conspiracies -- well, that means you ALWAYS KNEW, because it sure seemed like Gaddis & Pynchon knew/know! And you've read them, and can pontificate with the best of the Cliffs Notes memorizers!

All that 2d hand almost-knowledge / creeping-up-on-mild-wisdom, and nothing in the way of what he knows personally about himself and other humans.

Paul Behrer said...

Oh he knows OTHERS, Chuck.

They're all reactionary. Misogynist. Homophobic. Cis-het-patriarchal. Oppressors of the would-be-trannies. Haters! Psychopaths! Want kitties and babies to starve, can you believe it?

I doubt there's a better marionette of the Mossy Advertisement strategy.

The Eternal Mark known as Jeff Popovich said...

You're too reactionary and hateful to see the simple truth, which is that my exquisite sensitivities toward women and feminine animals are the fuel of my poetry engine, and I'm a fantastic poet: nobody else does watercolor-weeping double-trace graph paper poetry like me! The poetry is a word painting of my vision problems, both organic and psychological! Whenever I feel exposed, insulted or not worshiped strongly/faithfully enough, I will remind my audience that I have health problems (like "Arthur Silber") and I am a cat-herder (like "Arthur Silber"): in this way, I find depth. Truly deep human emotions, many of which are illogically rooted in paranoid fears about things which do not exist and won't ever happen.

Harold Caidagh said...

Naturally, the Catholic faith is to blame.

Blaming Catholics and the RC Church, incredibly trendy right now! Guarantee of online likes & retweets if you hag and rag on the Papists, and blame the RC Church for things done by followers of a Seis Puntas strategy.

Brilliance personified.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

It is a little strange how many Jewish journalists & opinioneers have taken to shouting about RC Church problems when only a few weeks before the Blitz, there was a lot of chatter about Judaism's never-discussed paedophilia problems.

Seis Puntas relies on the pull of the heart string, to hide the duplicity and underlying destructive agenda.

Seis Puntas relies on "leftists" and "progressives" being especially manipulable when the rightly-phrased tug on the cardiac muscle is engineered and pronounced variably by Authorities in the Media.

Harold Caidagh said...

The smiling, hand-wringing merchant engages Maddows, Kristols, Olivers, Noahs, Tappers and fappers to remind everyone:

America's problems have to do with Christianity and Catholicism, not Jews!

...and Republicans who are CORPORATE!

& not Democrats who are that very thing and more!

Truly, the problem is that the Ds aren't listening to the Real Leftists and aren't offering Real Leftist Solutions which mirror the New Deal if not the USSR!

Why, I heard it from some heavy thick black framed glasses wearing metrosexual with a gigantic nose and a condescending delivery masking tremendous personal insecurity and self-doubt.

So it has to be true. Jews are geniuses, all others = idiots!

Paul Behrer said...

Can't remember the last brilliant Jew I met.

Have plenty of examples of Supposed Brilliance Trumpted by Authorities in Academia and Entertainment, however.

The problem is: it's oversold, always.

105 IQ may be smarter than the Special Ed gang.

But they're 4th string pine riders where I'm from.

The Eternal Mark known as Jeff Popovich said...

Oh, and where's that? Didn't you go to the most blue-collar-trash-laden HS in Montgomery County? The one with the lowest median SAT scores? Fewest households who are professionals faithful to PBS/NPR/TED Lectures? Most White Trash of any MoCo HS?

No way you can hang with B-CC, Whitman or WJ grads, you redneck shit.

Paul Behrer said...

Beat 'em in golf, beat 'em in lacrosse, beat 'em in soccer -- at various stages of my early life as a human. Can't say they ever proved themselves the superior breed of MoCo legend.

Maybe that's just class insecurity and Eternal Striver Mindset you're parroting and hanging onto with such fierce determination, Chalupa.

Know the best schools, recite the best authors and poets, name the hippest musicians and bands, pledge allegiance to Progress!

All of it focused on a triangulated, externalized You and likewise, Your Life.

As a cipher on the internet.