Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Why does tweetavatar Omar Zaid exist?

Moreover, why the intermediary fake LJ Owisany?

Can't Paul Craig Roberts just talk?

I thought everyone who worked at Treasury in Reagan Admin made good coin.

Did Paul squander his?


The levels of psyop at work in social media would be staggering, if I didn't know about layers of moss that accumulate in advertisement.

For example, the whole Lange vs Mead schtick.

You mean to tell me there isn't moss covering both entities?

Old dorks, weaned on J Edgar Hoover's paranoia and dirt-holding, emboldened by Reagan's anti-Russian era, now made absurdly brave enough to imagine themselves, to a person, literal Davids ready to slay all non-Jewish people and non-Israel countries with one sling and rock, one toss, ASAP.

You think they're only on the south/SW/west side of the Potomac?

I think you look at the hue of the rock, and miss all kinds of moss accumulating on it.


If someone's pointing your attention away from Odenton, then Odenton's probably where the moss is most transparent, and/or most close in hue to the stone on which it's grown.

Don't be a dipshit.

Moss is everywhere in US Govt.


How does it feel to have supported Trump, not just because he wasn't Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or that gay dude who ran as a Silent T Magazine's Official Chad to be Punched), but because you believed him when he said nationalistic things?

You didn't look into his work history, did you?

You think a not-too-bright guy can compete with Seis Puntas sharks in NYC and NYC Metro Region commercial RE Devt?

A bright guy can.

A dim guy can't.

A dim guy assimilates.  Two faces.

Enantiomer to the Mikey Chertoffs of the world, almost.


Every time, you can ping the psy-op with a simple test.  Ultimately, does the "piece" or factoid or conclusion always give you This or That, with clear demonization of That, and a couple of awkward silences surrounding certain aspects of This?

You just got mindfucked.

Don't feel bad.

Chalupa's been mindfucked for 40something years, and he's not dead yet, so you can always go hang with him at Chateau Crie-du-Chat and listen to the baleful, woe-laden tales of how devastating it was to learn (1) that the Democrats aren't actually aiming to implement USSR styled socialist valhalla, (2) that Bernie Sanders has been a con artist for 60+ years, (3) that Obama wasn't Hope & Change even if he was First Black President=proof of Post-Racism, or (4) that despite what you've believed for nearly all of your 56 years, it's not the Catholic Church that causes bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, or any other problem you've lain sloppily at its feet.

Getting past this stewing delusion will take Chalupa at least 10 years, so you and he can bore each other with crying-jag-interrupted soliloquies about how you both were absolutely certain it was the Republicans preventing progress, mostly because the GOP is Christian and Corporate.

Maybe at some point in that decade of tears, one or both of you may just wise up as to what, and whom, are at fault here.

You won't have to try too hard. 

Really -- it's almost like you have to simply flip things 180 deg and you'll see reality with a new pair of eyes.

I'd suggest starting with asking why your public schools in Montgomery County MD had Jewish holidays off school, but not Christian ones.

Or why you learned about the Holocaust, but not the Holodomor.

Or why you read Anne Frank and/or Elie Wiesel, but not Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

--Harold Caidagh, who needs corrective lenses and has for many years, but was seeing things very clearly well before that and "grokked" this shit when you were still trying to decide whether you should major in English Lit or Poetry.


Paul Behrer said...

Yo, Halzie:

Why does tweetavatar Omar Zaid exist?

Apparently, to blame the RC Church for what Judaism does.

Q to me is, why is PCR's image used for LJ Owisany/Omar Zaid?

And why does it so closely resemble the fake-wife avatar photo Kike Spermovich used?

I'd be looking toward Kike Spermovich's donor.

That beady-eyed douche is part of a true ratfucker brigade, no matter whom Chalupa, as Chalupa or as Tarzie, wants to tag as a ratfucker.

Also, Spermovich is a faggot.

He's not a smart lawyer who just happens to be gay, like A Napolitano.

He's a faggot provocateur who only barely finished law school and hasn't ever done any legal work of moment.

He's just about identical to "fashy" Fag Spencer.

So much moss, it's everywhere.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Spencer's an Honorary Jew, because he's a swishy faggot.

Napolitano, not so much.

Napolitano, not afraid to call out things that need calling out.

Spencer? Poochie wants a buttplugging, everything's aimed that way. "Family values" to "fashy" Dickie means Penn State coverup is dandy cuz them twinks is candy.

EVERYTHING Poochie does is aiming toward getting himself some boy/man meat.

That fuckface hasn't told the truth about anything since he graduated from college and went into the Billy Sunday game, Log Cabin Ernst Rohm Republican style.

If Poochie Spencer ran a political outfit, he'd make Jimmy Savile look like a sexless eunuch.

Only a dumbass doesn't see moss surrounding Poochie.

Poochie's a bit of moss in Whitefish.

Oy! Anything for a buck!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

How about those podcasts?

Fash the Nation?

The Daily Shoah?

They seem almost identical to Kike Spermovich, Poochie Dickie Spencer, Scooter "Dill Burt, it's a pickle!" Adams -- shekel chasing fools who know what/whom are The Enemy and state it clearly, but hey... there are some obvious other enemies, if it's enemies you seek to tally, and they should be obvious to someone who "gets" what you offer in your podcast.

All of 'em, to a person, are atomizers from the CultMarx curriculum.

Sowing dissent, weakening America, convincing you that your neighbor is your enemy and immigrants are your friends.

Don't let their subtleties fool you. They'll go all Smart Skeptic, Misstah Law & Ordah, White Pride on you while remaining silent on Seis Puntas matters (Dill Burt, Spermovich, Spencer).

Or if they mention Seis Puntas, they remind you the Muslims are even worse.

Dood. You bought a wooden child's rocking horse, thinking it a candidate for winning the Triple Crown in 2018.

They used to call this "pig in a poke."

Might want to research that one, Mister Erudition.

Paul Behrer said...

Chuck, you liked the whole "Kike Spermovich" tag enough to reuse it?

Not normally your thing, that kind of insulting name manipulation -- is it?

Of course, from a writing economy perspective, I can gather you don't want the dipshit's real name here, giving him another click toward his Click Empire, and re-using my distorto-handle is easier than "that other guy you mentioned, Pablo, whose name I don't want to type or see in print."

In any case, thanks for bumping the pelota upfield.

Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...

Chalupa's been mindfucked for 40something years


For at least 7 years now, I've been saying Death to the Either/Or!

You pretend like this, plus my Obamapostasy, plus admissions of My Complicity just don't add up to anything meaningful.

If I say "Death to the Either/Or!" that's the same as where you said this:

Ultimately, does the "piece" or factoid or conclusion always give you This or That, with clear demonization of That

I can't believe you're so naive and idiotic as to not see that I've always seen.

Harold Caidagh said...

Little Communard Popovich,

as always, you think the slogan's Hipster-esque ...what do you imagine it to be? cleverness?... is proof that you're as smart as you've always pretended to be.

You're still trying for popularity and acclaim, like a merchant who values appearance over substance.

I don't care if you got a fucking tattoo of Death to the Either/Or! somewhere on your waddling, bowling pin shaped body.

You're still lost. Clueless.

But at least you have some moss and some ad copy.

Why don't you just make a "japanese" diorama/shoe box garden with all those props?

Don't mind that each prop smells like the breath of a human that eats naught but feces and the flesh of dead babies.

Apple don't fall far from the tree, Ding-Dong.