Saturday, March 25, 2017

chumpus rex

Haw haw haw.

Hee hee hee.

Ho ho ho.

Heh heh heh.

Yuk yuk yuk.

...futt the wukk?

Here's one of Moe Sahdi's boys, a'ghostin' if'n he wuz a Krayzee Krysschen Ryte Wingah.

Poor little Shlomo, trying to be Angry Jethro.

At least he's not as desperately pass-agg as to paint swastikas on his own house.

But that's not saying much.  As an inbred, beady/close-eyed Eternal Paranoid Lying Projector, he's perfectly familiar with passive aggression.

I oughta know.  Used to be one myself.

--H.M. Lohmann


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Fine entry, Hy.

Was it prompted by the 6-headed dragon's latest posts? If not, I'm still ruminating over what it is that Draco imagines as "funny" about his posts?

Is the "gotcha" supposed to be in the fact that Draco's blood & mind are as crimson as the school he wish he attended? As the shield which protects him, while he pretends to attack les rentiers, or in gruff SJW-speak, corporate?

What's funny about his schtick? What's the smirk, how's the whisper-hah sounding? Whence derives the satire? And from what is proved the comic intent?

Poor Mickey Draco, spends hours on each entry dolling it up with polylinguism and, as always, the reliable ...and I know everything, always have, always will, what's taking YOU so long, prognathic cretin?

How is that funny?

What does it mock?

Whose bovine animal-lump was eviscerated by a unicorn's golden 9" horn here?

Maybe perfesser Joe-the-Dean knows! She's hilarity embodied! She, along with The Master Interpreter of the Reactionary Outlook, Borie Cobbin, are the true fonts of belly-buckling mirth!

Paul Behrer said...

You left out wrist-flopping Jake Backpack, Chuck. Tinker Bell's the Woody Allen of PGH.

And a pregnant omission is Chalupa. The wagons are circling around the stuffed animal's bleating yips and crickety chirps.

Immensely funny, aren't they?

Startling depths of insecurity, trenches of self-doubt, canyons of "but I hold the degree, how dare you doubt my genius!?!"

These pitiful little trivia-memorizers think themselves insightful. Regurgitating memorized factoids that fill in the 3-5 word blanks, or rote-ground Black Letter Rules useful for T/F and mult-chooser testing, and thinking they're analysts and strategy wizards?

As usual, the 105 IQ crowd are congratulating themselves for having, just barely, 3-digit S-B scores, and they show it by pissing, shitting, and cum-dumping on 2-digit S-B unfortuates.

They never step onto our playing field. Perhaps they rightly fear that they'd get a taste of their own derision on that pitch, from people who hold 30+ point average advantage in the stanbin universe, and who don't assume they know it all, saw it all, did it all to great glory and continual adulation.

Is that the "funny" of Mike Draco's "gag"?

Jewish "funny", like when Chalupa says "My Complicity"? Cheap Woody Allen Neurosis Knockoff?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Apparently it's "funny" to them because they're Funnier than You, bro! -- in their minds, at least.

BTW, you can get a whiff of Chalupa's embarrassment farts from all the way across the country. Just see his blog, see him talking about medical issues and cats, just like Art-for-Silver.


Gag master.

The Mighty Crowbar, himself.


Harold Caidagh said...

Draco continues his ruse -- but this time, not currently under The Cloak of Tarzie -- where it's suggested Lange Li and Corporate are in KKKahoots. A poor knock-on attempt at a goal, eh? We're supposed to believe that it's Lange versus Mead, and Corporate is the Ref and has been paid off, but if we had a Level Playing Field visited upon our shores thanks to socialist revolution, Lange and Mead would be co-partners not adversaries, and Corporate would be in the grave, and we'd finally achieve The Great Mediocrity, in which the following will undoubtedly obtain:

1) everyone 90-105 IQ is given FREE EVERYTHING, and they don't have to work, ever

2) everyone <90 IQ is put to work in State Factories making sub-par consumables, weekly laboring hours are 80 at minimum, and

3) everyone >105 IQ is put to death on the ground of having been espionage masters for Corporate

I know it's true, because it's been implied without break or withering for a decade now, by the various voices of the BlogTrust(TM).

I wonder about the irony, capital I there, of these Reeel Geenyissiz hanging everything on fake certification of Symbols of Heathen Rejection of The Karl.

Talking here about IQ tests, parchment issuance, and other indicia of the subterfuge worked by Marxists in infotainment and the Academy.

"Got the proof here (shows card)."

indecipherable grumbling heard from the other

"Don't be silly, I don't have to prove my smarts in a conversation. Accept the fucking card already, you Corporate Stooge of Ms. Lange Li. Otherwise, I'll break out my killing death blow: the floppy-wristed Gay Snark, the fancy-prancer's Withering Snark."

Chet Redweld said...

I keep waiting for The Michael (say, is that Popovich's middle name or something?) to explain how The One in Virginia is BAD, while The One in Maryland is GOOD, in this big Covert Ops Primer that Mikhail seems to reference implicitly.

Maybe it has to do with The War of Northern Aggression, and little Chalupa has, of course, determined that any component of the former Confederacy is blatantly bigoted, terminally racist, fatally prejudiced, and unfortunately ripe for the 6 feet deep earthen plot.

Is it also "funny" that he's Walter Mitty where humint/sigint are concerned?

Clearly, he must be much more intelligent than I, as I don't ever find anything funny, amusing, or clever in his meanders, tail-chases and harangues.

To hear them put it -- at any of their various outlets in what you guys call the BlogTrust(TM), I'm just a dumb lawyer and nothing close to a humorist.

Obviously they're correct, because they keep insisting as much.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

It's a swell feature of the Left and its ideological origins that they're stuck in 90-105 S-B-land like Greasy Sal's last whack, concrete galoshes at the bottom of the East River.

Because to them, 105 S-B is GEEEEEEEENYISSSSSSSSSSS.

Because that's who makes up 99% of Academia, the 100-105 cluster.

Infotainment is 75-90 cluster, who pay 90-105 cluster PR people to make them look sound and seem smarter than they are.

Critical to the 90-105 cluster's "success" in American culture has been the shift in academics from K-PhD, to hair-splitting irrelevancies when supposedly subjective, and to true/false "hard choices" when supposedly objective. A mind full of cotton candy is the result. But since the PhDs run the Academic Beth Ra, they decide who/what is "intelligent" or otherwise qualified.

Joseph Weil's pile o' bones is rattling with glee at the accomplishment.

Incidentally, it's the 90-105 crowd who need lots of syllables, foreign language, and general exoticism. This is because they've lost all connection to the natural world, with an attendant sense of belonging, identity and wonder remaining equally unreachable.

They'll keep telling us they're the Real Seers.

Because they can't handle the idea of such being untrue, and therefore haven't ever entertained that possibility.

As I said, Joe Weil is quite pleased.

Harold Caidagh said...

Their highest value:


their lowest value:


their obfuscation:

that ________ over there, he/she/it lacks substance, not as good as mine!

their fear:

people know I'm a fraud

their rationalization:

they dislike me because of anti-Semitism

their ignorance:

my behavior is the root of their dislike

their solution:

more power, more money, more manipulation of others


can this end well?

H.M. Lohmann said...

Hal, that's why I got off that stupid maglev Tesla train of theirs.

Harold Caidagh said...

Well, welcome to the pedestrian class, Hy.

Now you have lots more time to actually do things constructive, instead of spending so much time deceiving others as a way to indirectly, and very short-term in nature, feel marginally better about yourself.

Chet Redweld said...

Also you can stop relying so heavily on the thesaurus and/or google translate.

You may, however, find that your 6,000 word "piece" now requires only 15 words to carry the same message.

Instinctively you will doubt in the superiority of the pared-down product, because you've learned to deceive with fluff, pomp, circumstance, parade, velvet and gelt.

You may find you can't write a damned thing any more because in truth, the only point to your writing was to Show Off -- a little to your "audience" and a lot to your Ego.

If you get mired in this stage, Hy, give a shout.

Harold Caidagh said...

Don't the frauds ever get tired of memorizing the key lingo?

Maybe the 90-105 cluster's academic vacuum described by Karl left these poor frauds convinced they knew it all because they got a 4.0 or SCL designation at a Good School or at least a half-decent one.

Memorizing isn't anything. It's a parlor trick. I've never known an eidetic who also knew how to use fluidly the cluster of factoids committed to the cranium. They are good at Jeopardy, however -- and be sure to take them to Trivia Night at your local watering hole.

They don't come up with any great discoveries, these people.

What they come up with is Same Old Stuff, Now Sold as Discovered by ME!