Friday, March 31, 2017

behind the curve

A few years back (around 2002 or so), I had the idea, mostly sardonically sarcastic, but sincere in Market Appraisal terms, about creating an Outdoor Lifestyle website for Jews, where they could all pretend that Jews are not dorky non-athletes who are afraid of anything that isn't a paved city with lots of streetlights and police everywhere to protect your Eternal Victim weasel self.

The idea was to create a triangulated Online Version of Me, for Jews, for them to have a healthy outlet for their deceptive urges and their venomous accusations toward anyone who exposes the deceptions and the reality of the Dorky, Awkward, No-Coordination, No Athletic Accomplishments Jew.

I thought it would succeed, since Phillip Roth already had a fable about the ultimate Platinum Jew, who looked like a SoCal Surfer and had athleticism previously unknown to any member of the Chosen.


Every Jew I'd known as a kid and young man had shown this anxiety about being a dork without coordination. Instead of accepting their dorkiness and resigning themselves to a role like Official Stats Keeper, or Clock Monitor, or Guy who Paints the Field Lines pre-game, the Jew would spew hollow bragging about accomplishments never owned or made. When that failed, gigantic gaseous clouds of Sports Statistics, announced as Solid Proof of Factual Reality in a context where the stats didn't prove jack shit, was the next response.

The anxiety of Jews where the outdoors, and particularly being safe outdoors without Some Official Police-Thing to Keep Order Satisfactory to Nebbishy Neurotic Jews, was patent to me as early as 7 years of age. Perhaps I noticed it early because I was cursed with a S-B rating that began upwards from 145 points? I'd try to talk with my peers about it, but they, being sadly burdened with the "average" S-B of 85-90, had no clue about what I was saying.

Later, after my peers had some education and early teenage years experience behind them, I raised the topic again. But by this point, these 85-90 cluster folks had been gulled by the Talmudism of our Jewish peers, the 90-105 cluster whose parents rigorously grilled their progeny on Deceptive Double-Speak to Delude Goyim. By this point, my peers had also been exposed to kindergarten through 9th grade in the Montgomery County MD Public Schools system, including worship of Elie Wiesel & Anne Frank, a force-fed familiarization with Hannukah and the Holocaust, and a happy tally of days off school when Important Talmudic Calendar Events were in play. Their sycophancy had been ensured by the noble Public School System, and they, sadly, lacked the intellectual horsepower to see as much.


The problem for Jews, where outdoor activity is concerned, is that they are cowards. To a person.

If there was a scale of cowardice, Jews would be at the top. They'd be well established there, many steps up the rating above their nearest neighbors in Cowardice: young girls who weren't tomboys.

Instead of a history of Warrior Culture, Jews have a history of Lying Culture.

Instead of battle experience, they have hagiography.

Instead of physical coordination, they have lying enticements known presently as "marketing," where they write fables about themselves and other Jews, puffing up the experience to make it seem as though Jews really are athletic and self-sufficient in the outdoors.

Instead of the healthy surrogate for Warrior Culture -- athletic competition, either with self or others -- the Jew relies on Fable Telling about supposed athletic endeavor. Quite often, the endeavor described did not even happen. Other times, it happened, but obviously only with some constant emotional reassurance, and maybe some hugs and hand-holding, by a completely average Goyim, who shepherded the pitiful Jew throughout the experience.


So, as I was saying when I started, I had this idea some 15 years ago, about a Fake Outdoorsy Jew website.

Apparently, I wasn't really thinking much about what TGR really was.

Because that's what it is.

Fake Outdoorsy Jews, playing at "core Bro" accomplishment and "rep".

If they really were athletes, they wouldn't need to spray. They wouldn't need "stoke" to encourage them to be athletic.

Jews need "stoke" because they're cowards.

Jews think intermediate-skill-level accomplishments prove "expertise" if you can dress them up in the lingo of the hour.


Incidentally, the idea that Jewish Purveyance of Fraud in Athleticism exists in TGRland should not be read so narrowly as to assume it exists only there. You have to see it's obvious at pinkbike, at VitalMTB, at blister gear review, at NSMB.

Why do you think Mike Levy stole the ball from Radek Burkat and ran with it?

Because Mike's not an athlete, but wishes he were.

He's got words, he's got tattoos, and he's got the gear.

But he lacks the skill.

Lacks courage.

Lacks honesty.

Like all Jews.

--Hal Caidagh, celebrating AIPAC Week in DC


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

I'll be damned if this entry doesn't explain kidwoo, rideit and rontele on TGR.

Good work, Hal.

That Bazar clown continues in his defamatory activity. The longer the push, the bigger the whack. Guess he doesn't care since he's got that titanium handcrafted artisanal safe full of trust disbursement money, and he'll probably imagine that Rontal could kick Chet's ass in litigation, since, y'know, Rontal's a Jew.

Fool Online Poseur Jews don't know Chet kicked Jews to the curb consistently in litigation when he did it for 1800-2400 billable hours per year.

Typical arrogant 90-105 cluster Jews, who like to imagine that nobody's smarter than they are.

What's a bankrupted kidwoo do for fun?

Move to Israel?

Harold Caidagh said...

I'd wager 6 Billion Shekels that despite being Old As Fuck, ol' Chuck could beat any of the TGR Jews in a slalom or GS course on skis, and on a DH course on a bike.

He could beat them in a debate, and beat them in an IQ test or Trivial Pursuit too.

When he was younger, and more motivated on the subject, ol' Chuck stole de wimmens from dem Joos with routine ease. Frequently thereafter, the woman in question would have effusive disdain for her old "boyfriend" the Jew, who'd lied about everything: his wealth, his sexual prowess, his intelligence, and his circle of friends/popularity.

And Chuck's not even a "pickup artist" sort of guy, doesn't retain records of conquests, doesn't even approach it that way. Just acts naturally, no sales pitch, no Putting Down Others in Her Presence, and certainly none of that messed up, "treat 'em like a J.A.P." nonsense -- which just makes monster-women out of nice girls/young women.

How do I know all this about Chuck?

I simply asked him.

Being a goyim, Chuck had no motive for lying.

I don't think we can say the same about the pseudo-athletes on TGR, however.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Jews think intermediate-skill-level accomplishments prove "expertise" if you can dress them up in the lingo of the hour.

Hal, this is because Expert levels are attainable only by goyim, and Jews hate this fact, hate it with a burning immense passion that never dies.

Goyim "intermediate" is 0.0000000001% Uber-Expert in Jew-land.

And this is because Jews are un-coordinated, prone to cheating/lying/short-cutting, unable to be honest with themselves & other athletes or coaches. Really, it's very rare for a Jew to reach even moderate Intermediate levels at any athletic endeavor.

But ask a Jew, and he'll tell you that he Shredded the Ultimate Line.

As a reformed Jew, I can translate that.

1) The Jew can't ski.

2) The Jew won't ever ski well.

3) Knowing this, the Jew tries to eavesdrop on what actual skiers say, to gain the Proper Lingo, for appearance of skill & expertise.

4) The Jew's ineptness has him confusing Poseur Lingo -- it's the "line" that proves a good skier -- with actual displays of skill.

5) Real skiers, those of the goyim variety who actually do ski, know that this Jewish focus on "line" is a way to cover up ineptness when standing on two planks in a snowy environment, ready to avoid going downhill for another conversation or two.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

It's almost like this recent focus on Jewish Folly, a/k/a Extravert's Folly, has put a 2d wind into the unsAfE blog roster's writing urges.

Good thing, since the use of Chalupa's arrogant delusions as a starting point/joke fodder was getting about as stale as petrified bread loaves.


Has any of you dunderheads ever noticed that Jews go into mental health in order to normalize Jewish Psychosis?

The paranoid Jew shrink/counselor/clinical psych doesn't empathize or connect with the "client" or "patient." No. The Jew tells the client/patient he/she is WRONG and STUPID for not following what the Jew wants to be "reality." Thus, the Jew shrink tells clients they are going insane if they vote Republican, and tells child clients they are fucked for life if their parents voted Republican. The shrink blathers on to the client, trying in his Awkward Jew way to reinforce the Cultural Marxism all Jews want to see employed throughout America.

The Jewish shrink's basket of neuroses remains hidden, and his client's neuroses grow worse in the bargain.

Also, the Jewish shrink's personal life is a shambles. So naturally, he's the best fit for guidance in others' lives!