Friday, March 31, 2017

behind the curve

A few years back (around 2002 or so), I had the idea, mostly sardonically sarcastic, but sincere in Market Appraisal terms, about creating an Outdoor Lifestyle website for Jews, where they could all pretend that Jews are not dorky non-athletes who are afraid of anything that isn't a paved city with lots of streetlights and police everywhere to protect your Eternal Victim weasel self.

The idea was to create a triangulated Online Version of Me, for Jews, for them to have a healthy outlet for their deceptive urges and their venomous accusations toward anyone who exposes the deceptions and the reality of the Dorky, Awkward, No-Coordination, No Athletic Accomplishments Jew.

I thought it would succeed, since Phillip Roth already had a fable about the ultimate Platinum Jew, who looked like a SoCal Surfer and had athleticism previously unknown to any member of the Chosen.


Every Jew I'd known as a kid and young man had shown this anxiety about being a dork without coordination. Instead of accepting their dorkiness and resigning themselves to a role like Official Stats Keeper, or Clock Monitor, or Guy who Paints the Field Lines pre-game, the Jew would spew hollow bragging about accomplishments never owned or made. When that failed, gigantic gaseous clouds of Sports Statistics, announced as Solid Proof of Factual Reality in a context where the stats didn't prove jack shit, was the next response.

The anxiety of Jews where the outdoors, and particularly being safe outdoors without Some Official Police-Thing to Keep Order Satisfactory to Nebbishy Neurotic Jews, was patent to me as early as 7 years of age. Perhaps I noticed it early because I was cursed with a S-B rating that began upwards from 145 points? I'd try to talk with my peers about it, but they, being sadly burdened with the "average" S-B of 85-90, had no clue about what I was saying.

Later, after my peers had some education and early teenage years experience behind them, I raised the topic again. But by this point, these 85-90 cluster folks had been gulled by the Talmudism of our Jewish peers, the 90-105 cluster whose parents rigorously grilled their progeny on Deceptive Double-Speak to Delude Goyim. By this point, my peers had also been exposed to kindergarten through 9th grade in the Montgomery County MD Public Schools system, including worship of Elie Wiesel & Anne Frank, a force-fed familiarization with Hannukah and the Holocaust, and a happy tally of days off school when Important Talmudic Calendar Events were in play. Their sycophancy had been ensured by the noble Public School System, and they, sadly, lacked the intellectual horsepower to see as much.


The problem for Jews, where outdoor activity is concerned, is that they are cowards. To a person.

If there was a scale of cowardice, Jews would be at the top. They'd be well established there, many steps up the rating above their nearest neighbors in Cowardice: young girls who weren't tomboys.

Instead of a history of Warrior Culture, Jews have a history of Lying Culture.

Instead of battle experience, they have hagiography.

Instead of physical coordination, they have lying enticements known presently as "marketing," where they write fables about themselves and other Jews, puffing up the experience to make it seem as though Jews really are athletic and self-sufficient in the outdoors.

Instead of the healthy surrogate for Warrior Culture -- athletic competition, either with self or others -- the Jew relies on Fable Telling about supposed athletic endeavor. Quite often, the endeavor described did not even happen. Other times, it happened, but obviously only with some constant emotional reassurance, and maybe some hugs and hand-holding, by a completely average Goyim, who shepherded the pitiful Jew throughout the experience.


So, as I was saying when I started, I had this idea some 15 years ago, about a Fake Outdoorsy Jew website.

Apparently, I wasn't really thinking much about what TGR really was.

Because that's what it is.

Fake Outdoorsy Jews, playing at "core Bro" accomplishment and "rep".

If they really were athletes, they wouldn't need to spray. They wouldn't need "stoke" to encourage them to be athletic.

Jews need "stoke" because they're cowards.

Jews think intermediate-skill-level accomplishments prove "expertise" if you can dress them up in the lingo of the hour.


Incidentally, the idea that Jewish Purveyance of Fraud in Athleticism exists in TGRland should not be read so narrowly as to assume it exists only there. You have to see it's obvious at pinkbike, at VitalMTB, at blister gear review, at NSMB.

Why do you think Mike Levy stole the ball from Radek Burkat and ran with it?

Because Mike's not an athlete, but wishes he were.

He's got words, he's got tattoos, and he's got the gear.

But he lacks the skill.

Lacks courage.

Lacks honesty.

Like all Jews.

--Hal Caidagh, celebrating AIPAC Week in DC

Thursday, March 30, 2017

poah widdew puppeh!

Sometimes, a BARK! is nowt but a message relayed by 2 oatmeal tins and some twine, listener doing his best to relay what speaker shouts into the other end of the apparatus.


And we see that banks create credit – which governments could create just as easily, along more socially and economically productive lines.

* * *

So we’re classical economists. Hyman Minsky was the main modern monetary theorist. Heterodox meant that he got his ideas largely from Marx. You can say classical political economy reached its logical conclusion with Marx.

The first bit, before the asterisk-ellipsis, is funny. It's a religious belief on display there, that "government" as some specious, formless idealized entity, would be any better than private entities.

But this is a ruse, please note that.

It's hiding something about what caused banks to be hated/feared/not respected by those whom they impoverish and ruin.

One might be better to look at banks and bankers and what are their motives and their own private religious beliefs, but we'll sidestep that through polysyllabic niche jargon (above, omitted via said ellipsis) and get to the real truth.  I provide it as a translation of the two ellipsis-severed statements:

We trust in Karl Marx's analysis, we believe him positively papal in his pronouncements, and we treat those scriptures he divinely authored as the Black Letter Canonical Law they deserve to become.

This, good readers of Ratchet Theory by Simulated Beavers and Pink Chipmunks Occasionally Transmogrifying into a Six-Headed Dragon, is the Ultimate Truth --

Marx was correct.

Please don't say, "Marx was right." He was never Right. Always, always, always Left. The very essence of it, in fact!


Try just a wee bit harder, Chalupa.

There's a good reason a lot of people don't think Govt gets it right when Govt has the authority/responsibility/power to control any aspect of human society.

Socialism and Marxism assume that a certain priest-like caste can determine what will be that Ultimate Noble Government's composition, framework, and power-exertion apparatus. They ask us non-Marxists and non-Socialists to trust them on that one. After all, these priest-like architects of Perfect, Noble Government know more than any of us.

That's what Hudson's pukepile tries to suggest.

Isn't that a whole lot of brambles and tar pits set up to protect Judaism's role in banking and Marxism?

Take off your ideological blinders and think about it, little pup.

--Hal Caidagh, son of Eire, child of the RC Church, foe of Judaism's principles and reluctant neighbor to, if not openly trusting of, Jews themselves.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

a real barrel of monkeys here!

Review - 2017 Norco Optic Carbon 29 from Vital MTB Test Sessions
Surviving Tucson's terrain shows that this one is trail capable, but it's a little more cross country than what is quickly becoming the norm.

I have to pity people who never can ride trails on anything steeper than 66 HA and 6" travel. Especially since everyone at TeeGeeAre, spankmonkey, BridalMTB tells us that mountain biking has "progressed" and actual trails that were not built to "flow" (BMX track emulation) standards are not "modern" and any fool jamoke can ride a "flow" trail on a road bike!

The evolution of BridalMTB to fast twin of fapBlister Queer's Review, in which image is sold before substance, has been a wonder to witness.

So to translate: if you don't know how to ride a bike, then the Norco Optic Carbon 29 will not make you feel like a winner when you encounter any trail outside the modern "flow" paradigm. You'll actually have to know how to ride a bike in varied terrain, and the good clowns at BridalMTB will do their damnedest to lobby for more modern "flow" trail conversion of all existing trails everywhere.

--C.F. Oxtrot, ancient athlete who rides a singlespeed cyclocross bike on his local trails without insult, injury, or pathetically slow pace. The latter means: yeah, I pass MTBs on descents, even "enduro" bikes. Because the "modern" enthusiast doesn't have any skill, he just has The Bike to Kill All Bikes.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Why does tweetavatar Omar Zaid exist?

Moreover, why the intermediary fake LJ Owisany?

Can't Paul Craig Roberts just talk?

I thought everyone who worked at Treasury in Reagan Admin made good coin.

Did Paul squander his?


The levels of psyop at work in social media would be staggering, if I didn't know about layers of moss that accumulate in advertisement.

For example, the whole Lange vs Mead schtick.

You mean to tell me there isn't moss covering both entities?

Old dorks, weaned on J Edgar Hoover's paranoia and dirt-holding, emboldened by Reagan's anti-Russian era, now made absurdly brave enough to imagine themselves, to a person, literal Davids ready to slay all non-Jewish people and non-Israel countries with one sling and rock, one toss, ASAP.

You think they're only on the south/SW/west side of the Potomac?

I think you look at the hue of the rock, and miss all kinds of moss accumulating on it.


If someone's pointing your attention away from Odenton, then Odenton's probably where the moss is most transparent, and/or most close in hue to the stone on which it's grown.

Don't be a dipshit.

Moss is everywhere in US Govt.


How does it feel to have supported Trump, not just because he wasn't Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or that gay dude who ran as a Silent T Magazine's Official Chad to be Punched), but because you believed him when he said nationalistic things?

You didn't look into his work history, did you?

You think a not-too-bright guy can compete with Seis Puntas sharks in NYC and NYC Metro Region commercial RE Devt?

A bright guy can.

A dim guy can't.

A dim guy assimilates.  Two faces.

Enantiomer to the Mikey Chertoffs of the world, almost.


Every time, you can ping the psy-op with a simple test.  Ultimately, does the "piece" or factoid or conclusion always give you This or That, with clear demonization of That, and a couple of awkward silences surrounding certain aspects of This?

You just got mindfucked.

Don't feel bad.

Chalupa's been mindfucked for 40something years, and he's not dead yet, so you can always go hang with him at Chateau Crie-du-Chat and listen to the baleful, woe-laden tales of how devastating it was to learn (1) that the Democrats aren't actually aiming to implement USSR styled socialist valhalla, (2) that Bernie Sanders has been a con artist for 60+ years, (3) that Obama wasn't Hope & Change even if he was First Black President=proof of Post-Racism, or (4) that despite what you've believed for nearly all of your 56 years, it's not the Catholic Church that causes bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, or any other problem you've lain sloppily at its feet.

Getting past this stewing delusion will take Chalupa at least 10 years, so you and he can bore each other with crying-jag-interrupted soliloquies about how you both were absolutely certain it was the Republicans preventing progress, mostly because the GOP is Christian and Corporate.

Maybe at some point in that decade of tears, one or both of you may just wise up as to what, and whom, are at fault here.

You won't have to try too hard. 

Really -- it's almost like you have to simply flip things 180 deg and you'll see reality with a new pair of eyes.

I'd suggest starting with asking why your public schools in Montgomery County MD had Jewish holidays off school, but not Christian ones.

Or why you learned about the Holocaust, but not the Holodomor.

Or why you read Anne Frank and/or Elie Wiesel, but not Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

--Harold Caidagh, who needs corrective lenses and has for many years, but was seeing things very clearly well before that and "grokked" this shit when you were still trying to decide whether you should major in English Lit or Poetry.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

chumpus rex

Haw haw haw.

Hee hee hee.

Ho ho ho.

Heh heh heh.

Yuk yuk yuk.

...futt the wukk?

Here's one of Moe Sahdi's boys, a'ghostin' if'n he wuz a Krayzee Krysschen Ryte Wingah.

Poor little Shlomo, trying to be Angry Jethro.

At least he's not as desperately pass-agg as to paint swastikas on his own house.

But that's not saying much.  As an inbred, beady/close-eyed Eternal Paranoid Lying Projector, he's perfectly familiar with passive aggression.

I oughta know.  Used to be one myself.

--H.M. Lohmann

Monday, March 20, 2017

the twitter equivalent of eating a bullet


Just one bark, but boy is it a howler:

Correct usage: The enormity of Scalia's assholosity lead to his legal decisions that ratfucked untold millions.

It's not the first time someone thought that an MFA = a JD, jurisprudence-wise.

It won't be the last.

It may be the only MFA-leading-to-Reference-Librarian-plus-Tempera-Poetaster who thinks it's got legal chops, but it may not.



stack up the manifold reasons of Scalia's horror in jurisprudence.

List the decisions.

Enumerate each one's legal reasoning flaws.

I'll give you one week.


A week passes.

Chalupa tweets or blogs,

"Jurisprudence? That's for frauds of the legal sort, there is no jurisprudence in my Socialist Utopia, it's just my rules and you're wrong if you disobey or dislike any small part of any single one of 'em. 'nuff said. The genius has spoken."

We inquire further: "This is your take because you read A Frolic of His Own and from that, drew overbroad conclusions and snap judgments premised upon them?"

Our prodigal pup replies,

"Stupid reactionary homophobic cis-trans-patriarchist! Only reactionary ideologues respect The Law in a Repugnican-controlled, neoLib-Dem assimilated government system. My Laws control over whatever ratfucker Scalia might have said in one of his lying screeds."

We soldier on, patiently: "Yes, but as to the legal analysis, you have nothing?"

Chalupa-doo, erstwhile Walter-Mitty-of-a-pseudo-dog, snaps back with arrogance,

"Only the First International, late arriving upon American shores through the Kind marshalled among the nobility (me, & the rest of the True Pure Leftist Democrats), will provide any analysis necessary of the regime we are displacing by the moment. When it is finished, we shall write the history. I will write that history. I AM THE REFERENCE LIBRARIAN AND I KEEP THE TRUTH!"

--Charles F. Oxtrot, and I believe the little stuffed animal has reached a new level of delusion with this one.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

designed for failure

The Sustainable Trails Coalition was formed, supposedly, to fix the misunderstanding of "mechanized transport" as that phrase exists in Wilderness legislation.

However, instead of focusing on the problem --- an unsupported yet consistent allegation by US Forest Service/US Dept of Agriculture personnel and their assigned US Attorneys in which "mechanized" only bans bicycles and not nordic or alpine ski gear, nor any other mechanical assistance used by Wilderness travelers -- the brilliant team of strategists at STC have decided to pursue a piece of legislation instead.


Doubtless this proposed bill will have co-sponsors within a handful of Senators from among the 100 total in the Congress.  Grease enough palms and you'll get a wobbly "Yea" from those who perceive their wallets have been rendered marginally thicker.

But how will it play out in the Congress?  When was the last time the Congress admitted that it made an error 52 years ago and rectified that error with full passage of a separate piece of legislation, especially when that newer legislation doesn't correct the error identified?

Please feel free to offer your proofs.


The long-standing misinterpretation of "mechanized" is so durable that even the pseudo-authority Wikipedia follows the misinterpretation:

Additionally, areas considered as Wilderness should have no enterprises within them or any motorized/mechanized devices (e.g.; vehicles, motorbikes, or bicycles).

You will not find any statement within the Wilderness Act that explicitly prohibits bicycles while explicitly allowing nordic, randonnee or alpine ski gear.  You will not find any statement explicitly allowing winter Wilderness travel using such ski gear with a pulk.

You will not find anything which endorses the misinterpretation consistently offered as the real, honest understanding of the Wilderness Act.


The point of creating official Wilderness was and is to prohibit development of a sort which changes the "wilderness" into Just Another Place in McAmerica with McMansions and McStarbucks and McChipotle and McLuxury Suites.

The point was to preserve the land as it was, or as close thereto as possible, when the USA was founded.

But we have a few problems here.

Horses, and the mechanical means used by humans to ride them, are not prohibited from Wilderness travel.  In the Bob Marshall Wilderness found in the state of Montana, multi-animal pack trains of horses (and sometimes mules) have turned portions of the "trails" running through that Wilderness into what essentially are pockmarked, hammered, vegetation-free highways.  The fact that they are not paved with concrete, asphalt, macadam or crushed gravel doesn't make them any less modern or less antithetical to primitive "wilderness."  In the 1800s, the area now known as the Bob Marshall Wilderness was not a hotbed of horse riding traffic jams with attendant defoliation of a sort normally achieved through judicious application of Agent Orange.


The erosion caused by loss of vegetation is well known among fisheries biologists who study humankind's impacts on aquatic ecosystems.

If the point of Wilderness is preservation of an untrammeled, relatively pristine ecosystem, then we've got a big problem with consistently ramping-up (in recent decades, that is) horse-based travel in places like the Bob Marshall.

And that doesn't even reach the issue of immediately adjacent commercial development, which hastens the user impacts by making access to the Wilderness that much easier.

It also doesn't even begin to confront the real problem:  USFS/USDA/USAG personnel reading "mechanized" as prohibiting bicycles while allowing other mechanical assistance.


Be sure to BOOST the STC's profile and work, "industry" bro.

Since you don't know jack shit on the subject.

Hell, even Kevin "kidwoo" Bazar doesn't know jack shit on this subject, and he's your fucking go-to guy for everything.

--Charles F. Oxtrot, who knows more in this field than every single scrivener he's read.

Friday, March 17, 2017

is there a Special Ed section in dog training?

I'm a stupid
yes I am a stupid
I'm a stupid
all the live-long day!

Leukocytes and rheostats
catamites and twinkie traps
Fuzzy bears and half&half
sugar in the cream

I have important observations!

We're all here at unsf quite sure you do.  Let us gander:

I read the debates yesterday on whether feeding hungry children increases test scores or not. Anti-feeding the hungry on public dime say no, feeding the hungry on public dime say yes, there's evidence, REAMS AND REAMS OF EVIDENCE PROVING FED CHILDREN LEARN BETTER, and of course, those who'd feed the hungry on public dime are right, as scientifically right as those who say the better you feed the cow you'll slaughter the better the meat.

Some said, though none wearing tribal colors that I read, even if there wasn't solid science proving fed children learn better - say there were studies proving that fed children learn no differently than hungry children: in a just society there are no hungry children.

Oh my, land o' goshen, sakes alive!

Our little Chalupa has allowed himself to find a reason to Hate the Other, believing in his division as stated, not for a moment thinking that nobody wants children to starve, but some people want long term social improvement through increased personal responsibility.

This never dawns on our little chihuahua, he gets the heart strings yanked ferociously by a pitched theme of Cold Hearted Republicans Are At It Again.

Stupid little dog-ish ersatz canid-esque stuffed animal.


You're not trying, Jeffrey.

Not trying at all.


Elsewhere, as usual, a citation to "Tarzie," who used to shill on behalf of Greenwald & Snowden but now postures as The True Seer.

Whenever Jeff finds his CogDis ramping up, he Tarzies his way to another bout of Sock Puppets Always Knew - Forever!

Can't ever admit wrongness.

Eh, Fonz?

--Paul Behrer, losing the sense of amusement found in another's arrogant naivete.