Sunday, February 26, 2017

this is the deal

How many times do you have to be told, this is how it's been your entire life ?


If you only recently "discovered" or "learned" or "realized" that Hillary Clinton is worse than Dubya Bush despite overt D vs R shenanigans, why do you stop there, and assume that the Ds are bad just because they put Hillary Clinton up in November 2016?

Why do you assume the Ds were at any point your friend?

They weren't.  Not ever.

Is it because acknowledgment of this simple fact makes you realize, hey, I've been duped the entire time I thought I'd made the superior choice ?


When your vaunted public schools taught you that FDR's New Deal was Progress Embodied and also the lodestone for all forms of Progress henceforth from the New Deal's inception, did you actually think this was the truth, and not just what the Ds wanted you to think so they'd have their toehold for power climbing?


Why do you still harbor the delusion --the D-fabricated illusion-- that only the Rs play dirty and lie?

When you objectively research partisan politics in the history of the US Govt's workings, you should start to see that wars were begun eagerly by the Party of Progress.  Your D heroes.

You should start to see that the "environmental" acts of the US Govt mostly were instigated by Rs.  And that the weakening of such Federal positions and actions, thereafter, was mostly undertaken by Ds.


Did you need a fake scrivener who used to call himself "Jack Crow" to convince you that I'm saying what's true?

Why is that?

Is it because you never really knew anything and, instead, just parroted what you assumed all good noble humanist-/progressive-thinking people should believe/know/advocate?

Is it because symbols and sales pitches gulled you, even though you posture as a supremely intellectual skeptic with refined sensibilities?


Do you really think people, human beings in America I mean, for the most part really do prefer "kindness" in social engagement, and in accretions and assertions of power?

I don't think you pay much attention to anything, and I don't think you know yourself very well either.

Perhaps this is because you live inside a fabricated reality.

Maybe you should ask why this surrealism was first created, inside your mind, as part of your outlook.

Investigate why your "learned elders" groomed you as they did.

And really:  stop blaming everyone but yourself.

It's what worked for me.

--H.M. Lohmann


Chet Redweld said...

Top form, Hy.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Most improved talent on the UNSF roster. That was Master Blaster, Hy. Nice work.

Clueless Jeff Popovich said...

Trump's job is to make sure a true anti-neoliberal populism never arises. With Democrats as allies, he no doubt will succeed.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

I'm sure Trump made Chalupa ignorant. It's all Trump's fault. If not for Trump, everyone who thinks like Chalupa would rally and we'd have the First International, Gauche American Style.

People who mime as Leftists actually are the kindest of all. Leftists haven't ever conducted death strikes -- neither fast and surgical nor slow-burning and decimating. Leftists actually are motivated by kindness, bro. Holistic, all-encompassing love for everyone.

This is Leftism's legacy: overweening Leo Buscaglia-esque World Hugging.

We'd have that now, but we have one simple problem.


Who isn't leftist.

Clueless Jeff Popovich said...

But...but...but...I saw that the 2016 D Party is neoLiberal!

That's a big accomplishment, right?

I finally grasped neoLiberalism.

That's really the crux, isn't it?

Chet Redweld said...

Jeff, to use a golf metaphor:

Grasping "neoLiberalism" as an actual construct or theory of governance is about like having your first drive, on the first tee, land in the fairway.

18 holes to a round.

And you're barely started.

Before you address the ball for your 2d shot, you should examine whether "neoLiberalism" is just another name for something that's been going on for a long time.

Since Hole 1 is a Par 4, the examination I mention could help you put one close to the pin for your approach. Maybe earn a birdie on Hole 1.

Paul Behrer said...

Imagine how many times Chalupa had to hit a Hole 1, First Drive before he landed in the fairway.


Tens of thousands?

The little chihuahua may imagine himself Chi Chi in a straw Panama Hat, but he's really hackalicious. Couldn't even win a minor tourney in Wedontgolf, USA, let alone earn a PGA Tour Card, much less qualify at a PGA major. And we know he's not going to win a major.

This, I think, is where he begins to pretend that he's always known - forever.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Fuckin' Ding-Dong. Thinks because he was a Simulated Beaver and a member of the IOZ-era Crispy's Clubhouse team-snark blog, he always knew.

Even when his 3d grade Political Satire resonated with other 3d grade thinkers, he was aiming at the wrong targets and using the wrong weapons.

He's still just a passenger on the HMS Chalupa Narcissus, a luxury liner that sells itself as the 21st Century Love Boat (TM Aaron Spelling) and is propelled by narcissistic supply.

No way I was ever wrong, I was one of the Kool Kids back when IOZ was Kool Kid Central!, brags our little chihuahua.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Didn't even know he was being trolled for positive future reviews by the Pride of Pittsburgh himself, little Jake Backpack.

Paul Behrer said...

But he always knew.


Clueless Jeff Popovich said...

I had to be a Dipshit Progressive in praxis, while holding fast to Marxist-Leninist Communism in spirit. I had to. I was raising Planet. Being an XY Mother to Planet meant feelings came first, and Marx Knows, I'm both paranoid as fuck and deluded on what are the sources of social friction and inequality.

All parents naturally gravitate toward Nanny State Progressivism, because who really wants to raise a child? Nobody.

Most humans want to be free to pursue sex and bacchanalic artistic reverie, and it takes a village to raise a child, so it's best to leave everything to the Nanny State.

Otherwise, everyone will be a hateful bigot who doesn't understand the Kind.

Such as we have right now with Trump on the R side and FDR-betraying neoLibs on the D side.

As soon as me and the other Marxist-Leninists get the ear of the DNC, we'll push things back to the FDR Golden Standard.

I predict we'll make it happen by 2020's election. There's already nationwide proof of Rising Up by fellow Kind-lovers.

Chet Redweld said...

A millimeter forward.

A million kilometers backward.

Good job, Jeff.

At least you can tell your mirror's reflection that you're still an artist, even if in that dimension, you're just a sad parrot of whomever you've gathered is envied by the Kool Kids.


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

If I stay with Chet's golf metaphor, this course is par 72 and I'm going to be very surprised if Chalupa winds up his round with fewer than 350 shots.

At some point we'll get an iPhone picture of a ball around 30" from the hole. Chalupa will post this suggesting he's about to putt for eagle, but actually he will lay 7 at the time of the shot.

Paul Behrer said...

You think he can get on the green in 7, Chuck?

Doubtful, even on a 130 yds Par 3.

In his mind, though: Hole in one, times 18.

Clueless Jeff Popovich said...

And really: stop blaming everyone but yourself.

BLCKDGRD the blog


BLCKDGRD the twitter artiste

both admit My Complicity all the time.

Every time I give a HATED IT! to Trump or other Repugnican, I'm not really still partisan despite my protestations of post-D-cuz-I-grokked-neoLib.

Truly: always, I have known.

My misreads as a blogger and tweeter are COMEDY, son. I'm funnier and smarter than you ever will be. Seen it all from the Reference Desk, you sick reactionary Bircher Randite.

This dull, mild inversion of my true politics is WINNING.

Especially since Jon Schwarz stopped doing exactly the same thing.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Maybe if Chalupa's cats put on Flea Collars, that will force Chalupa to finally be the dog?

Can we get a Garrett Park Concrete Wilderness Ranger to collar the Chez Chalupa Feline Army?

Should be easy: go to Neighborhood Watch meeting, accuse cats of spreading horrible viruses that even Hand Sanitizer can't vanquish, because they're hosts for virally infested fleas. The GP Pwoggies will drop what they're doing to go find and collar every uncollared cat in North Bethesda, West Bethesda, East Bethesda, South Bethesda, and Bethesda-Bethesda.