Thursday, February 23, 2017

his story, it's basically the history of MTB suspension from one POV

Bryson Martin gets huge respect for his candid interview, now found at VitalMTB in a podcast.

You don't find many people who can synthesize so many social & economic factors so adeptly, not in any line of business or entertainment/diversion. 

Bryson Martin's synthesis -- as focused on the development of MTB suspension and the current clusterfuck of standards being introduced willy-nilly, and the resultant MTB rider/consumer confusion and frustration -- that's something you won't find anywhere in MTB journalism.

I assume that's because most MTB publications are run by desperate little dweebs who are beholden to GROWING THE SPORT,** and because such GROWING is defined practically as, "defend every new thing introduced in the industry regardless of its practicality and/or wastefulness."

The world needs people who aren't so afraid of losing access that they lie directly to their audience.

Thanks, Bryson.

--C.F. Oxtrot, ancient athlete


** No, hack journos sustaining their access to ProDeal/wholesale gear pricing isn't related in any way to the sport of MTB.  People will ride MTBs because they like to ride MTBs, regardless of whether some schmuck at pinkbike or even VitalMTB continues to get "access" to HOT GEAR.  The Sport is merely the activity.  The BUSINESS is different from the Sport.  Get that straight & clear in your lying noggins, you 35 year old teenagers.

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