Friday, July 22, 2016

watch jamie weinstein fabricate assault/battery and be passive-aggressive

You know Jamie Weinstein, don't you?  He's a Zionist Jew who thinks America should be run by Jews, for Jews, to the exclusion of non-Jews.  He works this psychological agenda/construct while talking and writing from the position of "tolerant, progressive" pundit.

Jamie used to visit this blog and try to lecture its roster on the blog's supposed anti-Semitism while Jamie ignored what Israel did to the Semitic people of Palestine.  He also claimed that this blog is misogynistic, a purveyor of rape fantasies, etc.

Jamie's a liar.

In case you didn't know that yet.

Watch him here:

(((Mainstream media))) people have claimed that Jamie's one of the funniest guys in DC.

Jamie's not from DC, he's a carpetbagger trying to (((legend of kidwoo))) himself to fame among eedjits.

As a DC native who has known lots of funny people in his lifetime, some of them Jewish (but not psychopathically so), I have to say that Jamie Weinstein is as unfunny as untalented "humorists" can be.  His "funny" is ideological, Zionistic, and judenuberalles in tone/content.

That would explain his passive-aggressive "create a scene" bullshit in the video above.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, nihilist comic whose work you love to read and laugh about, but are too embarrassed to acknowledge

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