Sunday, July 10, 2016

the truth you can't handle, Section 1.0

Reader named Sarah N. DePetti left the blog a message which contained but a simple link to a photograph.  Here is the photograph she linked:

Say, would you have any idea who used the Irish as slaves?

Hang on.  I think Nicholson knows.


Remember, all religions are dipshittery except Judaism, and theocracies are terrible misanthropic regimes unless they're Israel.

Who baits, provokes, cajoles, cons, swindles, cheats, lies, harasses, bullies, shoots, launches rockets and mortars, drives tanks over innocents and then claims victim status, alleging the world is "anti-Semitic" even though the Semitic people are Palestinian and not Jewish or Israeli?


The light makes the cockroaches and vampires scatter.

-- Harold Caidagh, whose ancestors were treated like shyte by Volkihar Clan members.


Yakov Sfinkter-Rheem said...

As a Happy Gay Jew Richboy, I can say my family helped make Pittsburgh safer for the Volkihar Clan, and did so by oppressing stupid potato-eaters. We built (read: paid others to build) or bought the tenements, slowly jacked up rent to make it unaffordable to the tenants, then converted them to Luxury Condominiums leaving the stupid potato-eaters homeless. Then from our City Council positions, we declared war on the homeless.

Now it's mostly fancy gay Jews like me, trolling for hot metrosexual twinks. Thank Yahweh for Economic Progress helmed by the Volkihar Clan's greatest high-rankers.

Too bad, potato-eaters. BUH-BUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Harold Caidagh said...

Jakey knows how to signal.

How many Irish boys have you lusted after to no satisfaction, Jakey? Pissed off that the dirty Irish don't want to have gay sex with you, Jakey? How gay was your grand-dad, Jakey? Your daddy? Did they have armies of twinks shipped into luxury hotel suites with baby oil and a large assortment of dildos, like you have done?

The White Trash Jews had no problem sucking your wang or letting you suck theirs, eh Jakey? So they got rewarded with plum jobs after your little sexual use trysts, didn't they?


Yakov Sfinkter-Rheem said...

My father and grandfather were loyal, faithful Jews.

This means they were sexually ambiguous, because they were sexually opportunistic and didn't care what hole they put their schwantzes into, male female animal inanimate -- didn't matter. They just need to get wood and spew the Jewish seed wherever they can/could/did.

Just like me. I'll have a child soon too, which will be carried by some dumb SJW woman who gets Street Cred from letting Totally Gay Jake Bacharach donate his Jew seed to IVF purposes, then implant the little ball of biological trash in her uterus.

I'll raise that child to be a good Jew. Sexually ambiguous and opportunistic. Profit-through-rent-seeking. Work for Social Status and lie if you have to, but bribery is often more effective, Son, and thank Yahweh the Bacharach family has plenty of shekels to grease plenty of palms. And bungholes.

As soon as we've completely taken over Pittsburgh, we move to the dreaded Flyover Country and work from our base of operations in St Louis MO, where we have been working hard to reverse the ugly racist history of Missouri and reimagine that state as Volkihar Clan Power Node Central, Midwestern Variety.

My test tube son will be Mayor of St Louis one day.

Harold Caidagh said...

No wonder Jakey's a "published author." Look how word-smithy he is! GOSH!

It's not like publishing houses are run by Jews or anything.

It's not like editors frequently are Gay Jews themselves, or anything.

It's not like Jake got published because of a blow job, or anything.

Yakov Sfinkter-Rheem said...

Publishing follows the Hollywood and Wall Street models, so it is what it is. And what it is is glorious. Like my sexuality.

Harold Caidagh said...

So, Jakey, if you didn't have Michael Chabon to copy for your Novel of Ideas, whom would you have copied instead? Which other Fancy Gay Jew antecedent?

Why are all the tepid, copycatting authors of Great Fame and Notoriety always Jewish?

When was the last time a Gay Jew author created something novel and put it into a Novel?

Was it Elon Musk and his Neverending Tale of Progress through Technology?

Chet Redweld said...

So, Hal -- once again your travels in the world have exposed you to more Jewish negativity toward Christians and more of the same "America is a Christian Theocracy" history-rewriting?

You'd think these naifs of history, government and law/justice could actually spend some time researching the real, actual influences of Christianity in American government -- but I suppose one never wants to uncover a truth one doesn't like. Quite a bit easier to just create a lie and propagate it. As the old cliche runs, say it thrice and it becomes the truth.

From where I sit, it seems a lot of people who have been getting absurdly wealthy during the past 2 decades are now terrified that the people who have been victims of that wealth-accumulation are tired of being trod upon, and are starting to display various kinds of frustration, in public settings.

I don't imagine this will end well. I suppose the same historical result will obtain here: the culprits will be ejected from the countries where they've been working their profit uber alles agenda. But it will require a lot of effort to overcome the duped marks who think that agenda is due to WASPs and "corporate".

Yakov Sfinkter-Rheem said...

We're just going to blame the Irish again.

Aside from Oscar Wilde's fabulously gay fiction output, what have the Irish done for anyone?

They always want to settle scores directly. They don't understand the virtues of passive-aggression.

Once, I tried to be passive-aggressive toward a handsome Irish lad I encountered driving a pickup truck with a country music radio station bumper sticker. I tried to be seductively semi-insulting, thinking he'd appreciate my passive-aggression as a Refined Member of the Socially Superior Caste, and want to have sex with me since I'm so superior.

He just punched me in the nose. What an anti-Semite! I'm fine with a little S&M, potato-head, but not THE NOSE! It's already protruding further than my schmeckel, and that's enough.

Harold Caidagh said...

So, Hal -- once again your travels in the world have exposed you to more Jewish negativity toward Christians and more of the same "America is a Christian Theocracy" history-rewriting?

Yes, Chet. Things like this:

That's just one simple example.

Harold Caidagh said...

On that background, Chet, I repeat my memory from HS days. Young Jewish woman who spent a lot of time with me, I asked her out, her parents denied the date on the ground of my goyim status. I had no problem with her Jewish faith nor the Jewish faith of her parents. But the parents? It was a terrible transgression to allow their daughter to date one of the goyim.

Certainly that made me the bigoted mansplaining cis-het patriarchist who hates people based solely on their religious status.

Chet Redweld said...

I think it's clear that you were and are a misogynist, Hal.

You wanted the young woman to be impure! Only a misogynist would want that!

Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah, no doubt, Chet.

It's not like there are other indicia of this absurd hypocrisy:

Always with the passive-aggressive. Unless the non-Jew is a baby or small child, then direct aggression! I saw a pebble in the child's hand!, claimed Cpl Hoida Mechlowicz, sanctifying the shooting as a "clean kill."

Paul Behrer said...

Passive-aggression right up to the moment when it's time to use a Howitzer to repel an invisible insectoid imagined as "pestering" the poor Israeli army officer.

I know when I saw a neighborhood kid with a rock in his hand, I had to do something.

So I called in an airstrike on the field where he was gathering his WEAPONS to prepare for an ALL-OUT ASSAULT on everyone in the neighborhood.

Harold Caidagh said...

Well, if your mythology made holy a midget who slayed giants with a rock, you'd worry about small children and pebbles too.

Paul Behrer said...

Wait a minute, Hal.

Isn't the Golem an animated rock-creature in the same mythology?

Of course rocks are the most dangerous weapons. Give me a baseball-sized rock and I can take on the world!

Harold Caidagh said...

The SPLC says rocks are proof of anti-Semitic bigotry.

Since the SPLC single-handedly removed racism from the Dirty South, I think we should pay close attention to whatever SPLC says.

Now we know why Seis Puntas wants to convert the Rocky Mountains for the Volkihar Clan. And why Seis Puntas wants all MTB trails in the Rocky Mountains to be free of any noisome, noxious, repellent rocks.

In Seis Puntas-land, all MTB trails are pristine asphalt with paint stripes and paint patches to help you learn where to speed up, slow down, turn, and get MASSIVE AIR on REDICKYOULISS GAPS!

Paul Behrer said...

Don't forget the Seis Puntas plan for all recreation:

* Daily entrance fees
* Loyalty oath reciting
* Development of all parking facilities to require a Starbucks and a Chipotle
* Dress codes, requiring all XX to dress like whores and XY to dress like girls
* Condom dispensers and ass lube at every wooded glen, with Hookup Spots appropriately signed
* Multi-Level Marketing encouraging Hollywood trinkets for sale at trailhead, markup of 500% minimum
* Signage every 50ft of trail, reminding trail users: "This facility brought to you by Seis Puntas and the Volkihar Clan."

I might have missed a few points. They're still working on Development, so I'm just talking on status quo.

Harold Caidagh said...

* Signage every 50ft of trail, reminding trail users: "This facility brought to you by Seis Puntas and the Volkihar Clan."

Naturally, since the trails first were walked or cut in by Ugly anti-Semites who were prejudiced, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, and cis-het patriarchal.

The trails didn't actually "exist" until Seis Puntas paved them and applied paint and signage.

Once again, Seis Puntas claims as its own the work of others. And begins extracting rent.

Paul Behrer said...

Sorta like how the Gay Jews of Missoula have turned the Kim Williams Trail into gay hookup central, now that it's been paved with asphalt and well-lit everywhere except adjacent wooded glens?

Harold Caidagh said...

You should delete the "Gay" there, Pablo. Remember: sexual ambiguity, and phallocentric, orgasm-focused perspective. Good loyal Seis Puntas members and followers don't adhere to repellent "gender roles." A schmeckel is of no use if it's not spewing the seed 10x/day.

Rabbi Simeon Schvantze, LLB said...


That's an order.

Go read your history. We are the Chosen. Not you.

That's why we sexualize pre-pubescents of all gender, and feminize adolescent and early adult males. For OUR glory. For our glorious SEXUALITY, which is what has driven us for millennia. Christians use religion to hide their NAMBLA agenda, while Judaism is morally balanced and ethically pure. You will never find a Rabbi committing sexual crimes, especially not toward young people. The children are our FUTURE. We would never take advantage of them.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Sorta like how the Gay Jews of Missoula have turned the Kim Williams Trail into gay hookup central, now that it's been paved with asphalt and well-lit everywhere except adjacent wooded glens?

Oh I really used to enjoy riding the KW across town, back when it was a dirt path. Nowadays, I get leered at and salivated after by assorted Bris'd-Penises-on-Legs, who seem to think I'm on the KW to satiate their need to ejaculate.

Paul Behrer said...

Seriously. Lots of fancibois walking bioaccessory dogs with a very swishy, light-in-the-loafers sashay.

It's sorta like getting lost in Suburbia and knocking on someone's door to get directions, and you find yourself at the home of a large-scale Poodle dog breeder.

Harold Caidagh said...

Look, if you were an awkward, non-athletic Volkihar Clan member, you too would think that athleticism is highly over-rated and as a result, you'd want all "recreation" to be dumbed down to the very lowest common denominator: that which palliates the immense anxiety of the VC member, and makes VC'er feel Instantly Expert.

Volkihar Clan is all about putting in the work when it comes to getting a 4.0 by hook or crook, or landing the plum job with sexual self-debasement, but when it comes to developing fine motor skills in any arena except penis stimulation, the Clan says NO WAY JEHOSAPHAT.

Status is more important than actual skill.

Status is everything.

If you can look and feel like an expert athlete, it doesn't matter whether you can't compete in any athletic endeavors to success. You earned the Status through Status Display, and that's all there is to the accounting. So put a Kuat rack on your Tesla, drive it to the Rattlesnake Trailhead equipped with a $10k 650B+ carbon ENDUROTHRASHER, and stand around your Tesla pretending to adjust and refine the ENDUROTHRASHER settings you don't really understand. Ask someone to use your iPhone to snap an instagram image of your BIG DAY on the ENDUROTHRASHER, then spend 30-60 minutes tracking your Likes and Retweets heaped upon the instagram image.

You win.

You gained Status by doing nothing.


Paul Behrer said...

Works for Jen Bardsley.

Harold Caidagh said...

Phillip Weiss tiptoes around the 800-lbs gorilla in the 10'x10' room:

Comment thread suitably distracted with bogus irrelevancies about archival access, handily deflecting attention away. Well done Phillip. Seis Puntas rides again, and again, and again toward what it thinks is a setting sun, but it's got its diurnal timing wrong and it's headed East and not West.

Put the bacon on the skillet and turn up the heat, here comes the Sun!