Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the silent T

The time lapse between Step 1 and Step 2 is probably 2 hrs max.


Gillespie, that's a Scottish surname.

Walsh, that's an Irish surname.

Suderman, well we know that has (((treble parentheses))) around it.

Wonder what Nick's actual surname is/was. Maybe one of his parents, grandparents, etc. changed it from (((Schechelgraeber))).

Or maybe the Silent T staff are Scottish, Irish, German, etc but are ethnoreligious cuckolds who are proud to take Seis Puntas money in exchange for "fame" as "libertarians."

Good job, twink-trollers and wrist-flappers. Now you've convinced the gay weed-smoking 20something futurists that you are THE SOURCE for political insights.

You gotta love these "intellectuals" who make a tiny step forward in insight -- i.e., "now I see the Tooth Fairy was a parental con job!" -- and think they've grasped all there is to see, know and understand.

Sorta like Chalupa, "whoa! some Democrats aren't trying to implement the First International! I see it all now!"

-- Harold Caidagh, on a bit of a roll with his morning cup of coffee and a sunrise with a waft of Sizzling Vampire in the air.


H.M. Lohmann said...

Yes, definitely "on a roll" this morning, Hal. Like I said in the prior thread, I know for sure where you're coming from here.

I just want to say, for our 4 or 5 tumbleweed audience, that despite appearances here, Hal is not a reflexive bigot. When I first met Hal, we joked about many things. He often makes self-deprecating jokes about himself starving because he can't even get enough money together to buy a potato. If Hal drank more, he might be the ultimate stereotypical Paddy. Hal's ridden in Paddy Wagons, and been mistreated by the Boys in Blue. And for the ignorant among you -- Hal doesn't go to Sunday Mass, doesn't pray to God 10x/day, doesn't run around trying to convert people to Catholicism or Christianity, neither by preaching nor by silent example. Most people have no idea that Roman Catholicism plays any role in Hal's life. I don't think even Hal recognizes how tiny a role it plays in his otherwise comedy-directed day-to-day living.

If any tumbleweed wanted to find the most religious voice at UNSF, that would be me. My past as a Jew was an intensely religious one. Like many Jews, I revered the Talmud and found comfort in the way it excused any anti-social behaviors I might undertake, as long as the people negatively affected were goyim. I shared the views of my fellow Jews toward the goyim.

Until I met Hal, and Chuck, and Paul, and Karl -- and, most of all, Chet.

You tumbleweeds can think that this blog absolutely despises Jews and will always mistreat a Jew if given the opportunity.

If that's the conclusion you reach, I might suggest that your eye doctor probably will have some observations about your current Rx and whether you are seeing clearly. You may have astigmatism. You might have glaucoma, or cataracts. But you definitely do not have 20/20 or better if you think this blog is anti-Jew across the board, as a categorical matter.

Harold Caidagh said...

I appreciate the support, Hy.

But that comment is almost like Harlan Sanders giving up the recipe for the KFC chicken coating & spices.

Or like Hillary Clinton admitting that Goldman Sachs runs her life and operates her mouth like a ventriloquist works his dummy.