Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sun Day

You can go here to read a good example of Jewish Psychosis, which includes Jewish Skill at Verbal & Historical Manipulation.


During the past 5 years I have been forced to listen to friends tell me how hateful and ignorant are the Christians in Missoula and surrounding parts of western Montana and eastern Idaho or Washington.  I'm told that these Christians try to destroy progress because they want to home-school their kids, which leads, allegedly, to becoming Tim McVeigh.  Or Ted Kaczynski.

I'm also told these Christians try to destroy progress by being against Pavement Everywhere, Streetlights Everywhere, Box Store Hell Ubiquity, or other indicia of "progress through development."

When I ask these friends how well they know Christian people of the region, there is no rational response.  There is category-blaming based on NPR/PBS nonsense, or a "documentary" produced by people from the same mindset as NPR/PBS.  Apparently if you call your work "documentary" it can't be ideological or, more plainly, a rank mindfuck.

Up until this started about 5 years ago, I never realized how incredibly STUPID my friends are.  They care more about being hip/cool/progressive than they do about being a good human being.


I'd seen things changing earlier than 5 years ago.  About 10 years ago I watched people I'd met only 2-3 years earlier, who had paraded around town as poor(ish) people who moved to Missoula for a simpler life in a place where nobody's in a hurry and people aren't obsessed with POPULARITY or HAVING THE LATEST GADGET, where traffic doesn't stack 70 cars deep at a red light, where people don't go 45 in a 25, where you can still walk the margins of streets and cars & trucks give you a wide berth and generally yield to any pedestrian who isn't being a prick.

Then, some of these "simple taste, poor-ish" people began starting businesses with minimum 250k capital.  Out of the blue.  Without banking help.

And these businesses were of a type that caters to Yuppies and other Upscale Consumers.

And I watched these formerly "simple taste, poor-ish" people begin trading in their older rusty vehicle for $75k trucks, SUVs, sports vehicles, etc.

And buy, and totally overhaul, houses.  Plural intended.

These were people who pretended to be simple in taste, poor-ish in economic fluidity, and they pretended they moved to Missoula because Missoula was simple and unpretentious and had a median income of around 27k-30k.

These same people today are among what some idiots in Missoula call "the power brokers" of Missoula.

Never mind that the real power brokers of Missoula are Dennis Washington and the Lambros Family.

We have carpetbaggers who know nothing about the region and have no interest in its history.

Clearly they are the experts.

Clearly I'm the bigoted reactionary trying to stop progress.

Clearly, if only I'd become either cattle or thrall, my life would improve immensely.


YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, we must drive out the filthy proles whose hard work over decades made this town what it is, Lord Harkon commands it and the Volkihar Clan requires it!



You know, I don't really care if you want to be a Jew, or a Muslim, or a Seventh-Day-Adventist.

I think you should be allowed to believe whatever you want to believe.

My objection sits with the extension of your faith into a working model premised upon that faith being the Only Truth.

My protest is against pointing everyone's attention toward Christians and Christianity, scapegoating with distortions and lies, and doing so because you want your religion to become the Only Truth.

My beef is with Public Schools which sell the religious ideology of one faith in particular, while saying the nation (USA) is turning Theocratic and, horror of horrors, the theology pursued is Christian.  But when I see the Public Schools denigrating Christianity and praising Islam or Judaism, I wonder exactly how the nation has become a theocratic Christian regime.  Where is the evidence?

Also, I might be a bit quarrelsome when it comes to foreign aid.

How many nations are there on this planet?

How many of them are self-sufficient?

Of those which have thriving, first-world economies, should any receive US foreign aid -- when there are 2d and 3d world nations who supposedly are the most deserving?

Of all the first world nations, Israel is one of the strongest and most self-sufficient, economically speaking.

Why does it receive no-strings-attached US foreign aid, business investment, military and homsec contracting?

Why does it get those things while murdering and oppressing the people of Palestine?

And why has Missoula become another outpost of Israel First mentality?

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, who thinks that Old Missoula's relative lack of Jews was a good thing, but who expects the Jews of Missoula to continue treating him as if he were Mengele because, HOLYSHIT, Karl's not supposed to talk about these things.


Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah, it's cool as fuck to rail against and rag on Christians. They're IDIOTS.

But never say the word "Jew," and never talk about Judaism.

That would be anti-Semitic.

Even though it's perfectly fine to be anti-Christian.

Even though it's completely acceptable to excuse the murder of Palestinians.

Even though the Jews of Missoula are destroying the blue collar segment of the town's populace.

It's all cool, bro. Jews are the coolest. They never manipulate, lie, steal, cheat, mislead, or run short & long cons. NEVER!

They're BUDDHIST, bro! If not ATHEIST!

Now, run along and go burn a cross in someone's yard, you filthy bigot! I have more hagiographic tweets and blog posts to compose.

You're just jealous you can't be always the victim of bigotry, while aggressively pursuing a bigoted agenda against non-Jews in every corner of your own life.

Paul Behrer said...

If the Higgins family and the Worden family basically created the town of Missoula -- or at least, laid out the streets and built the first clusters of houses in which the loggers and mill workers lived -- why is it that the Lambros Family is known as the real power node of Missoula?

How did the Lambroses take credit for what Higgins and Worden did?

Are the Lambros family covert Jews who pretend, for manipulation and profit sake, to be Christian?


Chet Redweld said...

Are the Lambros family covert Jews who pretend, for manipulation and profit sake, to be Christian?

I think Pablo may be talking about plastic surgery, name-changing, and other methods of superficial "fitting in" hiding a different underlying motive.

Michael Jackson went through numerous plastic surgeries and skin-whitenings, but nobody ever really thought he was Diana Ross, no matter how hard he tried to become her through subterfuge, "modern medicine technology," or the distortive effects of Frankfurt School ideology purveyed in American culture for decades.

It wasn't surprising that while undergoing all these changes, Mr Jackson was an actual paedophile (as opposed to what Kevin Bazar tried to pin on Chuck).

You can put on any costume you like, wear as many different hats as you wish, but people ultimately will judge you on the grounds of your behavior. Are you destructive, while pretending to be holistic and encouraging? Are you selfish, while pretending to be humanist? Are you a religious bigot who pretends to be an atheist?

Throughout its history, this blog has reserved an exalted kind of intemperate fury for people that are bunco operators, and especially the con artists whose public facade is one that sits directly opposite their true agenda.

Probably many of you remember the Penn State homophilia scandal recently. Remember how shocked people were to learn that Joe Paterno, the hero of the Nittany Lions' longstanding football skills, essentially turned a blind eye to the disturbing paedophilia.

What this blog would ask each of you 4 or 5 tumbleweeds to consider is this: how many people do you hold in high or relative esteem, and what are the actual personal familiarity/knowledge points which create that estimation?

Do you actually know what people are up to when they tell you they're here on the scene to improve life for all?

Why did "Jon Stewart" have a meltdown regarding Trump's speech at the RNC convention?

Go ahead. Start asking questions.

Or, if you prefer, start drawing the wrong conclusions about this blog and its roster of writers. If you choose this latter device and plan to make meatspace efforts toward hamstringing or exterminating one or more of the blog's roster, I promise you: I will scorched-earth your ass.

And I have plenty of litigation experience to back up that promise.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Kevin (((legend of kidwoo))) Bazar -- does he have a large legal fee kitty in his titanium hand-fabricated artisanal vault?

He'd better hope so.

Chet practiced scorched-earth litigation at a high level before leaving law practice for a while. Chet has about 5-10x the legal chops of that fraud Glenn Greenwald, whom many of you would think your ideal legal savior. Chet would annihilate Greenwald in any type of litigation you might imagine. Chet's not cowed by Jewish Hype surrounding people like Mark Tushnet or Alan Dershowitz or Laurence Tribe.

I've watched Chet kicking legal ass. It's pretty impressive.

But you just go on ahead, Meatspace Pipsqueak with a Big Internet Profile.

Give him the chance to be impressive again.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

I'd like to see Chet square off against David (((rontele))) Rontal, who thinks that going to Big Blue for papyrus academy makes him some kind of legal demi-golem.

Rontal's a fat pussy who only knows how to lie and cheat -- and that's when he's working as a lawyer. Imagine how much bigger a liar and cheat he is when he's "recreating."

Rontal would try to turn the adversarial litigation situation into a question about "semitism", again lying, again pretending that a Jew who lives in the USA is "semitic" when historically speaking, the Semites are Palestinian.

That's because Rontal's a fat fucking lying pussy. Always lying because if we kept to facts & truth, he'd lose every time.

Fat Talmudic fucktard who is, in meatspace, about 0.00025% of the "hero" he projects on the internet.

H.M. Lohmann said...

So he's like (((rideit))) and (((kidwoo))) and (((stuckathuntermtn)))?

Amazing how all these Team Hexagon people are Online Heroes but meatspace zeroes, isn't it?

What time is it? 5 AM? I think I see a bit of light on the eastern horizon.

Hurry, vampires and cockroaches. Go hide behind your computer and resume your pretense of heroism!

Harold Caidagh said...

What about Jeff (((JeffreyJim))) Brines? Vampire who sucks money off others as a "financial analyst," brags on Vital & TGR about being a "pro," but isn't the least bit impressive as an athlete OR as a financial scholar.

He'd like us to think he's so brilliant, he can work for 1.5 hrs a day and do more than most everyone else at 40 hrs a week.

He'd like us to think he's good at analyzing anything, but his written work is just copycat parrotting. Bro-brah, if you gotta copy, you're not good.

These invisible morons are so desperate to be Online Heroes that they'll literally fabricate something 100% false and project it online with gravity and seriousness and an apparent form of honest, self-effacing presentation.

If you gotta trumpet your greatness on the internet, you must not be good at all.

In the legal world, nobody's impressed with David Rontal.
In the skiing and MTB worlds, nobody's impressed with Jeff Brines or Kevin Bazar or Wendell Stam.

I guess that's why they gotta lie online. EVERYONE'S DOIN' IT BRO! DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUS BRO!

Super-Alex, SKI/MTB DEITY said...

In the legal world, nobody's impressed with David Rontal.
In the skiing and MTB worlds, nobody's impressed with Jeff Brines or Kevin Bazar or Wendell Stam.

Maybe not, but they're all heroes on TGR, ridemonkey and Vital.

You sound jealous.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Hey Chet,

in a defamation lawsuit, what defenses exist for defamatory remarks?

Say I post a picture of someone, and then proceed to both explicitly label and implicitly insinuate that this someone is a paedophile?

What are my defenses?

Do those defenses change if I am an Online Hero? Does being an Online Hero exempt me from liability for defamation?

Can I assert that I uttered/typed/posted defamatory remarks in a forum where JUST WASTIN' TIME BRO DON'T BE SO BUTTHURT BRO is the supposed culture?

What if the forum has a history of deleting "anti-Semitic" remarks but retaining and even expanding upon anti-Christian ones?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Here comes (((rontele))) to bark (like a yippy chihuahua) the news that

AIPAC and the ADL are on this case, goyim!

further proving that David Rontal has no spine and no independent agency, or at least none in which he has confidence.

Chet Redweld said...

Karl, I'm not discussing those things. I'm not a poker player but I do recognize the weak strategy of revealing cards too early.

Mr Bazar has been invited to act like the man he pretends to be, and own his defamatory remarks, accept responsibility for them, and have them stricken.

Apparently he thinks this is all JUST A JOKE BRO.

I'm not sure what it is I smell on the wind, but it might be a whiff of fear emanating from the Bazar Compound. If they were half-smart, the trust fund kiddies in Jackson WY would be starting to ponder their best path here.

But they're probably sitting back smugly, thinking two things: (1) Bazar's a hero online and also a genius of comedy who has outfoxed Chuck and Chuck's lawyer; (2) TGR has a lot of lawyers among its Maggot membership/user group and undoubtedly they're all better than Chuck's lawyer.

Hubris, pride goeth before the fall, etc. Not surprising, but not really wise either.

Harold Caidagh said...

Isn't TGR where Jake Tapper likes to be a snarky pwogwessive Jewberlord of Comedy, and Sage of DC, when he thinks his "insiderness" trumps that of Chuck, who grew up flying to Vail CO with Gerry Ford at Christmas during Ford's presidency?

Jake Tapper knows more than Chuck?

What a fucking riot.

Paul Behrer said...

Oi vey, please pay attention of the closest kind to our myths!

If we say we know the most and know best, please do not doubt us!


Team Hexagon
Internet Division
"Action Sports" Branch

H.M. Lohmann said...

Jake Tapper can't even ski, why does he hang out on TGR to talk like a pro?

Same reason stuckie does?

Same reason woozer does?

Same reason The Menorah Sculptor does?

What a pathetic lack of integrity.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Jake and a few others tried to lecture Chuck on a few political matters. Their lecture was delivered straight from NPR talking points, Huffington Post fashion gossip, and Salon metrosexual ass lube advice columns.

Being an expert at regurgitating Donkey Squad or Team Hexagon agitprop is like being an ace at the role of ventriloquist's dummy.

These naive little fucktards have no clue how DC works, but they certainly do know how the Mossad wants Americans to believe things work.

Maybe we should deport them all to Israel, where they can circle-jerk each other to eternal gay sex orgasm bliss?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...



That's the depth of their genius -- not asking why Tapper or Greenwald got hired and/or promoted in their paths, just assuming they deserved and earned it with incomparable insights into the truth.

If THE MEDIA holds either Tapper or Greenwald out as an Expert, then we need not look further into the matter.

Isn't this what has tripped up Chalupa for 40 years? The absurd distortions off Team Donkey machinations employing Marxist methods?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.

Jake's been following Chuck for a decade now, knows where Chuck has blogged, knows Chuck's comic style and, like (((legend of kidwoo))) shows plenty of admiration for Chuck by emulating and copying Chuck while calling him a bigot.

Jealousy, one of the 6 points of the Team Hexagon star.

Harold Caidagh said...

Well why not?

Jake has no clue what it's like to grow up wandering the White House as a young teenager, traveling with Presidents, etc.

When Jake was practicing his baruch atah recitations for his bar mitzvah, Chuck was living among, observing, and analyzing the people Jake one day hoped to become: official liars who present the official narrative with official gravity and complete lack of detachment, objectivity or insight.

Jake thinks he's better because he's published and televised.

Success at being a Total Fraud isn't really success -- is it?

H.M. Lohmann said...

The DNC emails bonanza's gonna lead to everyone knowing what a phony people like Jake Tapper are.

Israel first, goyim last -- Jake's gonna fry like all the others.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Jake Tapper's a piece of shit, and I hate saying that because it makes shit look really really bad.

Another fucking Zionist Jew who puts Jews & Israel before cattle & not-Israel.

Fuck you, Jake. You phony-assed fuck.

You wouldn't have dick for a job if you weren't riding the Seis Puntas Pipeline. Your brain, your writing skill, your interviewing skill -- none of these are top-shelf, none of them are top 25%, despite your fanciboi Ivy parchment. You're nothing more than a Seis Puntas Pipeline project. Like David Rontal or Glenn Greenwald, you couldn't carve your own niche in the world without the Seis Puntas Pipeline.

I met all kinds of clowns like you when I flew on the White House Press plane many times in the early/mid 1970s. Stupid arrogant self-impressed and unable to talk on any subject in any way but soundbites and prepackaged conclusions.

If you weren't a "journalist" you'd be selling cancer treatments to country doctors for Hexachem, or used cars to country people with a slick con because the cars won't last past 100 miles off-lot. You're not even smart enough to do a Pons/Fleischmann cold fusion con job.

You think your face and name in the news means something.

You don't know much about history, despite your Ivy parchment saying you do.

How many Rx are you on, Jake?

Or are they unnecessary because you only fuck over cattle, and you're Chosen?

Jake, you're not fit to wash Helen Thomas's gravestone.

Go fuck yourself, Jake.

Harold Caidagh said...

How fun would it be to box Jake Tapper?

You could wear those ultrapadded newbie gloves and let him go bare-hand, and he'd still be kissing the canvas before Rd 1 chimed.

Pussy-assed motherfucker is weaksauce.

I bet Hy would whip his ass with one arm debilitated.

Chet Redweld said...

If I may be allowed to reverse roles here for a moment, and mention something from Chuck's background. Usually it's him talking about me, but this is something where Chuck's not likely to say it himself because he's not a braggart.

Chuck's family goes back to people who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There is a county in the state of Maryland named after Chuck's family. People in Chuck's family helped create the USA.

Jake Tapper is extremely delusional if he thinks he knows more about the real USA, the entity created after breaking free from the UK monarchy, than Chuck. When Chuck's ancestors were creating the United States of America, Jake Tapper's ancestors were not even on American soil.

This is the truth.

Jacob Paul Tapper, if not for an absurd and temporary bias in American culture, one which was described by Pat Buchanan in this book:

you would most likely be left to undertake some line of income production like that which was used by your ancestors in Europe.

What Chuck hastily described as a "Seis Puntas Pipeline" is a historical anomaly, Mr Tapper. If you think this current surprising series of revelations and fallout ends with Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning her spot in charge of the DNC, you may be even more deluded than Chuck suggested above.

I want to be extra-clear for you, Mr Tapper.

I am not a Republican.

I am not a Democrat.

I am not a Libertarian, Green, Socialst, Communist, or any other thing.

Nor do I follow any particular religion.

You will not be able to "prove" that I am "anti-Semitic", Mr Tapper. Nor will you be able to "prove" that this blog is "anti-Semitic," Mr Tapper. Not with help of the SPLC nor with the aid of the ADL.

People are watching you, and others like you, Mr Tapper.

You do not have the superior bargaining position here, Mr Tapper.

Were I your lawyer, I would suggest a full Roman Catholic-styled confession of your many sins.

Honesty rather than evasion will save you in this time of flux. The flux is moving away from you, Mr Tapper.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Jake thinks he's better because he's published and televised.

Yeah no shit.

When Jake was still in school, Chuck was interviewed on TV for what he knew, not for the way he could read script.

When Jake was still sitting for final exams, Chuck was getting published in various newspapers.

Jake Tapper. Con artist and untermensch.

Harold Caidagh said...

That's some good stuff at 3:24pm yesterday, Chet. I'd love to see/hear Chuck and Jacob Paul Tapper have a debate in which the mechanisms of DC federal politics are discussed, and each of them can cite personal experience examples to bolster his case. Tapper would have no ability to cite personal experience, and would have to rely on his usual tricks of Zionistic victim-status Eternal Complaint and Whinge. Because of Whitey and Christianity, right Jacob?

And why has Missoula become another outpost of Israel First mentality?

I think your answer may be related to this bit of history-rewriting and fact-ignoring. Please note the author's religious background for context.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Wiki-peed-on-ya says this:

Krakauer was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, as the third of five children of Carol Ann (née Jones) and Lewis Joseph Krakauer. His father was Jewish and his mother was a Unitarian, of Scandinavian descent

Unitarian = Judaism under Goyim cover. Like a lot of Buddhism's supposed followers. "I'm a Buddhist," says Simeon Rafelstein, deftly folding his kippah and stuffing it into his back pocket.

Harold Caidagh said...

Why do you think Krakauer was sent to disparage the Mormons?

Seis Puntas wanted cheap land in Utah to set up their Opposition Forces.


Paul Behrer said...

Seis Puntas Pipeline.

Say, why are all modern TV shows produced by Seis Puntas always having goyim roles which either are (a) feckless humans, in which case the actor is goyim, or (b) social transformers, in which case the actor is Seis Puntas?

Between now and November I expect a Team Donkey historical miniseries with the Kennedys played by Nasally Prominent Whiny Victims who don't have the smallest liquid fraction of Irish blood in them.

The traitorous roles will be played by that 1.3% of actors who are not Seis Puntas.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Jacob Paul Tapper, lying shill for Israel/Zion/Judaism/Talmud:


Now Chalupa's gonna go dig a hole the size of his pumpkin head, insert the noggin, and ask Earthgirl to fill around the perimeter to protect Chalupa from having to witness more evidence of his 40 years of delusional political perspective.

Harold Caidagh said...

This ought to cause Jake Back Door to have a big TWINKPARTY to celebrate. Before PGH returns to a Steeltown, Mister Bloody Bunghole needs another 36 hour cumfest with little boys.


screamed Jake Bacharach as his little bioaccessory took a shit on Jake's Gucci loafer.

Paul Behrer said...

Now Chalupa's gonna go dig a hole the size of his pumpkin head, insert the noggin, and ask Earthgirl to fill around the perimeter to protect Chalupa from having to witness more evidence of his 40 years of delusional political perspective.

Naaaah. He's totally rick-rolled/CATFISHed this blog! He's secretly a post-insanity, trans-partisan Trekkist and always has been!

Don't you love the 56 year old who has been playing The Sage for 40 years, only to learn that sagacity doesn't dwell within delusion, complete misunderstanding of a factual landscape, or narcissistic need to be POPULAR?

Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...

Now Chalupa's gonna go dig a hole the size of his pumpkin head, insert the noggin, and ask Earthgirl to fill around the perimeter to protect Chalupa from having to witness more evidence of his 40 years of delusional political perspective.

...but...but...but...PUBWICK SKOOHS!

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...


the last words heard as the dirt surrounded his mouth

Paul Behrer said...

Don't forget his Breathing Tube, Earthgirl!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

I agree with Hal about Chet's 3:24pm comment yesterday. Except for this:

Were I your lawyer, I would suggest a full Roman Catholic-styled confession of your many sins.

I agree that such confession would be useful for Tap-Out, but as we here at UNSF know well, the Talmud says there is no such thing as sin. So Tap-Out won't be contemplating such confession. Bad acts in one's history are a call for hagiography and misdirection and lies, not an admission of wrongdoing.

Ask Kevin (((legend of kidwoo))) Bazar. He'll tell you.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Yeah right after he calls you a paedo & creeper, and threatens to ROOST YO FAISSSSSS!

Paul Behrer said...


Hal, you forgot the biggest RED-FACED ANGER issue of all: Utah calls itself Zion, because that's what the Mormons call their own promised land. Mormons doing business in Utah call their things such names as Zion National Bank, etc.

How much do you think that pissed off the Talmudic Zionists of Globalizing Judaism?

More than any of us goys can imagine, I assure you.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

So we know now why Wendell (((rideit))) Stam and Walter (((waltworks))) Wehner like to spew bigoted remarks about the stupid "MoMos".

Good job, bigoted Meatspace Pipsqueaks.

Well done.

Chet Redweld said...

You may want to let things speak and develop for themselves at this point, Chuck.

All these fools who used to call you a bigot, misogynist, racist, anti-Semite for mentioning everything you did, they're forced to eat their own feces with the developments of the DNC emails leaks and the impending revelations we'll discover/read/hear about between now and November. Let them enjoy their snack of dead RBCs and other human GI waste products. It's got to be a bit of a burden on their already-fragile egos to have your truths becoming echoed by reality, a reality they've tried to hide/deny/distort.

Let them labor under these revelations, Chuck.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Jake Tapper called his insurance agent this morning to see if he could bump the payout on his life policy.

Put him on suicide watch. He's not going to be able to weather this Loss of Face he's about to suffer.

I'm sure he's pacing and wringing his hands as I'm typing this.

What will I do?
Trump won't hire me.
Fox News won't hire me.
Everyone who supports the Democrats is destroyed.

My reputation is in shambles.

Where's the garden hose? Time to go close the garage door and start the engine, climb inside the vehicle, and run the window up to hold the hose end so I can breathe the sweet relief of carbon monoxide.