Wednesday, July 27, 2016

por favor. s'il vous plait. prosim. bitte.

We are welcoming commentary and criticism from any tumbleweed.  We invite you to offer your best case against this blog.  Specifically, we would like you to try to establish bigotry of any form, using the words offered here.

When compiling your case, please take special notice of the progress and result in the last such attempt by plaintiffs. That would be the history of the GRH vs Caidagh/UNSF lawsuit. To read that history, simply go to the right margin and read each entry under the margin heading pay-PAH! git yo' pay-PAH!

If you are reading on the mobile version, scroll down the page and click on the "Desktop version" link. The mobile version lacks the formatting and margin content of the desktop version.

Most especially invited are the following fraudsters:

Glenn "Constitutional law expert" Greenwald

Jeffrey "BLCKDGRD" Popovich

Jacob "hurry up and fuck me in the ass already honey" Bacharach

Kevin "kidwoo on TGR, ridemonkey and Vital" Bazar

Wendell "rideit on TGR and ridemonkey" Stam

Joseph "too many handles to list for TGR and ridemonkey" Hanrahan

This blog welcomes the chance to show each of you deluded, smug and self-satisfied morons precisely how wrong you are.

The invitation to Mr Bazar is one which should not be rejected, inasmuch as Mr Bazar has instigated a defamation lawsuit in which he will be defendant. It's quite possible that with enough supplication and apology, Mr Bazar's defamatory works will be forgiven.

Then again, maybe not.

But we'd still like to hear from that wobbly little midget who thinks himself such a badass.

-- The UNSF Collective: Hal Caidagh, Paul Behrer, Karl Ochstradt, Hy Lohmann, Chuck Oxtrot and Chet Redweld


Frank Lee, Professional Amateur Gamer said...

Hah hah hah every single copycat who steals from this blog while never crediting its authors.

Wasn't there some poof who called zerself "Tarzie" also? And what about Chris "Rich Cast-a-Line" Floyd?

What about Archie?

And what about the really lame guy who reads this blog and then writes another essay for ICH trying to dismantle what he read here -- Christopher Lynn Hedges, Calvinist Puritan for Israel?

Frank Lee, Professional Amateur Gamer said...

Also, the fraudiest of uberfrauds, David Graeber. Shouldn't he be invited?

Jarpun deWaaele said...

Corey "distracting for Zion" Robin?

J. Moroni Smith said...

Corey "distracting for Zion" Robin?

Let's be clear that when you say "Zion" you mean Israel and Judaism.

Not Utah and the LDS church.

Am I reading you correctly, Jarpie?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

It seems Nick "Back in Black" Gillespie wants to try to "prove" that this blog is both a DNC outlet and a gatekeeper for Uncle.

Yeah, good luck with that, Nickster! Please stop by and give it your best shot, tough guy!