Friday, July 22, 2016

on the internet, you can be anything

Lugnuts and gramophones, I give you more Online Acting at the land of pretenders, "ridemonkey" --

BS. Mechanical Engineering
designed, and fabricated the following things
carbon Suspension bicycles
carbon Road bicycles
snowboard bindings
snowboard boots
gopo accessories
ipad accessories
military boats
fire dept boats
and footwear.....

Sure, whatever you say, "wiscodh."

How about some proof? I can be like you or Glenn Greenwald and allege all kinds of things in my history, state the list authoritatively and confidently, and hope that nobody asks for proof.

Will you be like Glenn Greenwald and have no way of proving your "constitutional law expert" chops?  When asked for proof, will you resort to Jewish Projection and say, "you're just jealous"?

Or can you prove that you've done what you listed there at just wastin' time bro, don't get so worked up bro?

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who feels fairly certain that you made up that list, "wiscodh". Graphical design and/or "colorways" suggestions are not the same as mechanical engineering aptitude or implementation. Please feel free to make me look very stupid and judgmental by offering your proofs.

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