Tuesday, July 26, 2016


There's a... ummm... "back-story" to this blog's position on BitzyWitzyWarren.

Short version:  we at UNSF agree she's a fraud, while Ds and especially "progressives" think the exact opposite.

The reason for this disparity is UNSF understands Warren's history and actual life doings, whereas the pwogs only pay attention to Warren's soundbites.  Also the pwogs believe Warren when she claims to be "native american" because, being SWPLs, pwogs love to have non-white non-hetero non-______ heroes if not friends.

To our pwogwessive pals, we offer the following:

-- Harold Caidagh, resident Ethnic Identity expert, identifying as Irish in ethnicity and Roman Catholic in religion, and quite clearly able to see BitzyWitzy as the fraud she is -- both on ethnic history and on substantive knowledge/wisdom/experience.


Harold Caidagh said...

Hey, wanna see a Junior Mossad Agent twitter account?

Found him on James Woods' twitter timeline.


Not a lawyer.

Not an astrophysicist.

Not anything but a Mossad agent.

I used to be disgusted by these pitiful terrified lapdogs who can't do anything but lie online, and then pretend they're doing "comedy" when they get caught.

[see Kevin (((legend of kidwoo))) Bazar as example, another fraud who isn't what he pretends to be online, but who might not have any connection to the Mossad and may only be connected to the Spheres of Delusion]

But now I see they are just desperate because they know the world circa 2016 is wising up to the same things that have caused trouble for Jews and Judaism throughout human history: the tendency to lie for self-benefit, to use violence and then claim self as victim, to treat other humans as if they were obstacles or Talmudic cattle -- that kind of behavior makes people dislike you because of your behavior and not because of the religion you follow or the ethnic identity you claim.

Perhaps, however, you admit to something while not meaning to.

If we judge you on your behavior, and you claim you're being judged because of your religion/ethnicity, are you saying that you admit your religion/ethnicity is the cause of the behavior?

I was willing to consider it all a coincidence, that Jews seem always to get caught lying, manipulating, murdering, torturing, oppressing.

But if you're going to admit that Judaism and Zionism are the cause of your lying, manipulating, murdering, torturing, oppressing then maybe there truly is a real-life, practical problem with Judaism and Zionism.

Maybe there is, and your admissions have solidified it causally.

Thanks for that.

Harold Caidagh said...

Another James Woods timeline bit.

With a picture of Jeffrey Epstein and a plane, Woods mentions that the movie "Spotlight" won awards for discussion of Church-based child abuse. Then Woods says, why are there "crickets" where Epstein and the Clintons are concerned.

If you don't know, or don't want to say, Jimmy, I'll tell you.

1) To pretend rabbis never molest children.
2) To pretend child molestation is a Christian problem.
3) To pretend Judaism is superior to Christianity because of (1) and (2)
4) To suggest Judaism should be official US religion because of (1), (2), (3)
5) To ensure that wealthy Jewish paedophiles can continue giving $$$ politically
6) To ensure that nobody ever looks at the paedophilia problem in Israel

Hope that answers your questions, Jimmy. Realize you can't talk that way given your chosen line of work, but haven't you earned enough by this point in your life to speak freely on these topics?

I know that back in Vernal UT, people aren't afraid to talk like this.

Dyppe C. Deutel, CPA said...

Okay, I have a question.

Since when did Hal admit to being religious?

I thought this blog was completely atheistic/agnostic.

If Hal is religious, who else is religious at this blog?

Chet Redweld said...

Ah, Deutel's finally dropped by. People, Deutel is an accountant I ran into on a piece of litigation about 6 or 7 years ago. He sent me an email a few weeks ago asking what I was up to, and I told him about the blog, and warned him that like the owls around Twin Peaks, things here are not what they seem.


Deutel, Hal is the only present roster member who holds any affirmative religious identity.

Former scribbler Walt Greenglen was Jewish.

Hy Lohmann is a former Jew, fairly recently left the Jewish faith, not sure what he's identifying as now.

Chuck Oxtrot's religion is skepticism.

Karl Ochstradt's not religious but he has some faith in nihilism.

Paul Behrer believes in the power of comedy, and not much else.

Anne O'Dyan used to say her higher authority was pharmacology and chemical recreation. That may have been a joke.

And me, I believe in truth, always truth, regardless of how distasteful it might be to observe what is true.

Harold Caidagh said...

Since when did Hal admit to being religious?

Since getting fed up with Jews and "atheists" or "Buddhists" blaming Christians and Christianity for things done by Jews, or on behalf of Jews, or on behalf of Israel the Jewish Nation.

Used to be my religion didn't matter to me socially and I felt it was mostly a private matter of conscience.

But lately I'm ever-increasingly more disgusted by certain Jewish people, those who persist in making noise about non-Jewish faiths, and who consistently blame non-Jewish faith followers for matters done by or caused by Jews and/or Israelis.

I never used to think much about the smug, lying, brittle-ego projection offered by the Jew. I used to pity the Jew for the psychological infirmity which caused such behavior. But it would seem my blind eye/other cheek turning was the wrong strategy for this point in American history. It worked quite well 25 years ago and before that.

I have no theories or thoughts on why Jews and Israelis have become so angry, narcissistic and dishonest at levels much higher than what I witnessed 25 years ago or previously.

But I keep reading and hearing the idea that it's because of desperation, and specifically desperation about the nearing endpoint of the present bubble of technofad and natsec spending. I'm not an economist so I don't know how to verify that hypothesis.

Chet Redweld said...

Show some balance, Hal.

Harold Caidagh said...

Okay, fine.

You want to know who can be worse than Jews?






Quaker values apparently include callous apathy toward older people who no longer can care for themselves financially or health-wise. Or both.

Yeah, FUCK THE QUAKERS. Seriously.

Harold Caidagh said...


says the Quaker web page.


How's about Sidwell Friends explaining the ejection of 50 residents of The Washington Home, putting them on the street without continued care? That's witnessing for peace? What kind of peace? The "peace" of Tim Cox's profit?






Talk about a First Class Scumbag!

Paul Behrer said...

Someone should cut the brake lines on Cox's car.

Harold Caidagh said...

Someone should bankrupt Tim Cox, possess his house and personal property, and chain him to a tree.

Chet Redweld said...

Say, lads, didn't we invite Jeff Popovich to do something from his position of Esteemed Member of DC Local Politics and Arts on this issue?

And what has Mr Popovich done?

H.M. Lohmann said...

Wonder how many Jews are "Quaker".

Maybe that's what I should say I am in my post-Judaism chapter of life.

Imagine how many people I could fool. RELIGION OF PEACE!