Tuesday, July 19, 2016

nick gillespie likes it when binny netanyahu ass-rapes him

Otherwise, why is The Nickster spending so much energy making the same arguments from the same perspectives as an Upper West Side Jew?

-- Harold Caidagh, who has spent time on the Upper West Side and found it tough to see how he was in Manhattan and not Tel Aviv when so doing.


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Nick Gillespie, "badass" who wears black t-shirts and black leather jackets to prove what an incredible "badass" he is.

"Those stupid cucks don't understand economics! The Market is OUR GOD!"

said Nick Gillespie, on cue after his earpiece told him what Tamir Pardo wants next.

It's amusing seeing a smug eedjit like Gillespie get rope-a-doped by Trump. Nick, Matt Welch, (((Peter Suderman))) and the other "senior" Conduits of Zion at reason.com read and sound exactly like the shit-scared weaselpwogs who supposedly are the antithesis of liberty and "libertarian" thought.

Apparently libertarian politics are run by Hollywood. Guess we know now which of the "senior" staff at reason.com like getting ass-fucked by masochistic Israeli bulldogs.

How many of them? ALL of them.

Oi vey.

Harold Caidagh said...

The whole masthead + commentariat at reason.com is Grade A Naif, who ironically believe selves hyperboreans with superlative intellects.

They're so fucking smart that they think politicians who do anti-Jew, anti-Israel, anti-"market" things are doing so because they're "incompetent," and this "incompetence" is proved by the politician not hiring Nick Gillespie to be his/her Chief of Staff, etc.

Like most every other opportunistic, who-gives-a-fuck-about-honesty Infotainment Outlet, reason.com is run by the Gay Jew perspective. The freest pass given to any concept or group is that which is given to gay men promoting their freedom to lord Being Gay over ugly cis-het-"normie" people, and/or promoting their right to have sex in public without repercussion. The 2d most liberated pass is given to The Jew. For just being a Jew, which in reason.com land is "reason" (hah hah) enough to be worshiped and always obeyed.

So when you have a Gay Jew, that person gets to do whatever he likes, and all of the rest of us must obey the Gay Jew's commands, praise the Gay Jew's statements, give accolades to the Gay Jew's non-comic "jokes," and retweet every single twitter entry by that Gay Jew.

How dare you fools be hetero or Christian?

How dare you?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Nick Gillespie is like the Grade B blogtopia's version of Hillary Clinton: eager to be a servant of Zion, willing to say anything in that service, and expects everyone to agree with him because he's aligned himself with The Winning Team: Team Hexagon.

Hey Nick: do you sleep in a coffin? Have you been turned?

Or are you just cattle, just a blood tank?

Harold Caidagh said...

C'mon, Karl -- Nick is a thrall, not a bovine.