Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KILL THE WHITE WORKING CLASS!, says the duped dipshit "progressive"/Leftist

What did I say about the Jews of Missoula and their behavior during the past decade?

Jews like Ben "fucked you over, Goy!" Ferencz.  "Hi I'm Ben, I'll be your Vampire for this leg of the journey!"  Did you know Ben Ferencz screwed over Sam Hall when Sam was running the Ramblumtick custom frame business?  That's what kind of "nice, outgoing, helpful" guy Ben Ferencz is.  Fucks you over and laughs about it.

Jews like Nick "fucked you Goys over with ticket prices!" Checota.  "Change is inevitable and we have changed things for the better by making working class Missoula go broke instead of attending concerts at affordable rates.  At least the Upper Middle Class Jew Transplants from Minneapolis aren't disgusted by the filthy concert locations any more, and that's progress."

Or the fact that the massive growth in "health care" has brought more Fancy Jews from Elsewhere to town, spiraling health care costs out of reach for the Missoula blue collar populace.  "Don't worry, poor people of Missoula.  Obamacare insures EVERYONE!"

Yeah, fuck you Jew transplants to Missoula and fuck your Talmudic values that tell you the fucking-over of working class Missoula is your right and entitlement, and fuck you for thinking that a more expensive and fancier Missoula, with fucked up traffic issues and constant noise and ever-increasing night-time White Man's Fire lighting, is a better Missoula.  Fuck you for turning Snowbowl into Showoff Circus with liftline braggadocio and Last Run Inn rooster strutting being more important than skiing.  Fuck you for dumbing the fuck out of every single MTB trail in the area.

Fuck you for turning Missoula into (((Boulder))).

And fuck you for leaving Missoula after you've drained it of its former lifeblood.  Missoula is just a waypoint on your journey to Zion, isn't it?

-- Harold Caidagh, who would have moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan if he wanted to live among Talmudic vampires who have bad breath, smell like they don't wipe their ass after a shit, who push and shove every goyim they see, and claim victim status when anyone observes this obnoxious social activity or destructive financial behavior.

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H.M. Lohmann said...

I think Hal's been too silent for too long on a few things that have been bothering him.

But I understand where he's coming from.