Sunday, July 24, 2016

how many vampires fried today?

Well, the "economist" whose crystal-ball-gazing has earned him various prizes offered for most creative lying explanation, Paul Krugman, seems to be sizzling:


Your attempt at deflection/misdirection is pure bullshit.

The Holodomor was Jewish bigotry implementing violent murder.

The Irish "potato famine" was Jewish bigotry indirectly causing murder by starvation.

How many Jewish landlords and factory owners happily profited while their tenants/workers lost lives or limbs? You're going to tell me that wasn't bigotry, Saul?

These disgusting lies mean the solar power is quite impressive here in late July 2016.

How do you think this is going to work out for you, Saul?

You probably haven't paid attention, since you don't spend time with or otherwise notice anyone who isn't a wealthy upper-middle-class Jewish "intellectual," but the Seis Puntas strategies (cultural Marxism, some might call it) have caused a lot of Americans to pay attention to the disturbing disparity between % of Jews in the American populace vs % of Jews leading businesses, banking, lending, infotainment or high-ranking government entities.  These unhappy people also are noticing a strong pattern of lying:  promote Noble Idea, but privately enrich self and good buddies.   Yes, corruption is eternal, but the particular brand at work now is not the same as has held sway historically.  This is a narrow preference group who are extremely brazen about their lying, which shows a frightening hatred toward their fellow human beings.

Saul, you don't think this is happening because you're so removed from it all.  And you probably don't care that it's happening because, let's face it, only some of us are Chosen.

But it's bigotry to assume that everyone follows Talmudic teaching, Saul.

And it's anti-Christian, anti-Mormon, anti-Protestant, anti-Roman Catholic, anti-Congregationalist for you to work from a paradigm which denigrates all these faiths other than your preferred Talmudic version.

So don't go telling people that the world is hateful and anti-Semitic, Saul.  You're the hateful bigot, and Talmudism is as destructive as the worst of the major religions, so you've really got no leg to stand on here, Saul.

Like Chuck said in the prior post's thread:

Go fuck yourself, Saul.  You're a pathetic fucking lying asshole, a selfish greedy little peckerwood of a subhuman.

You're untermenschen.

-- Hyman Mittleman Lohmann, who was born to Jewish parents, raised in the Jewish faith, and rejected Talmudic teaching and Judaism as an adult. 

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