Wednesday, July 13, 2016

hello, my name is Kevin (((kidwoo on TGR/ridemonkey))) Bazar, and I'm a Jew!

In Lake Tahoe CA lives a Badass Mountain Midget named Kevin Bazar.

Kevin grew up in a gated Florida community comprised of 95% Jewish families, 5% non-Jewish families, the latter being admitted on Diversity grounds rather than forcing them to comply with the Judenuberalles game plan.

While growing up there, Kevin was tutored in Gay Snark and Jewish Projection.  By various paedophilic rabbis and community elders, in case you wondered by whom.

He also rode bicycles a little.  Though to hear him talk about it now in retrospect, he (1) invented the bicycle, (2) invented its post-Vietnam new form, the BMX 20", (3) became the foremost BMX rider and racer of all time, (4) was such a great BMX rider that people begged him to come show Stupid Goyim how to ride a bike in their Stupid Goyim town and, while there, help improve the Jewish Percentage in that town's populace.

On these grounds, Kevin traveled the country, dispensing Silly Shlomo "jokes" hovering around the 85 IQ, 7th grade completion with D+ average mindset capacity.  In each town he visited, he used rohypnol to "persuade" teenage boys and girls to "come see his cool BMX bike in his hotel room" where the unfortunate boys and girls later woke with an extremely sore asshole and ligature marks around their wrists, ankles and throat.  But since they also found $1,000 USD in cash in their pocket, they never complained.


Kevin was an early adopter of Internet Image Projection Strategy.  He was one of the first to build an online image of Kool Kid.  In the early days of, the first large-traffic MTB related website, Kevin quickly established himself as the funniest 8th grader in the room.

You're an idiot!

You're a misogynist homophobe!

I'mma roost yo faisssss!

You can see how such behavior would create a durable Personal Brand. Look at the insights, the depth of wisdom, the scope of holistic analysis and problem-solving inherent in his Progressive Snark!

He made himself into a Badass Mountain Midget, and nobody could ever successfully call into question his Badassedness, or observe openly and honestly his Midgetude.


Naturally, as a Rich Paedophilic Jewboy with a Trust Fund, Kevin found no trouble buying a house in Lake Tahoe and supporting himself easily in one of America's most expensive locations.

Naturally, too, the Online Kevin Bazar -- by this time, using the monniker "kidwoo" in homage to his happy use of rohypnol -- fabricated a myth which said this:

I'm poor as fuck, don't have a greasy shekel to my name, but somehow I manage to pay a mortgage in Lake Tahoe, have a machine shop adjacent to my house (what luck!), and by sheer serendipity I seem to just have faeries and Good Witch Wiccans annually dispensing $25k in outdoor gear for my loving use.  You may ask why all this generosity happens for me, and that's a good question.  The answer?  I'm such a funny guy that people literally throw stuff in my direction as thanks for my entertaining humor.

This construct became known as the Badass Mountain Midget Bazar Mythology, a/k/a "the legend of kidwoo."


A few people have asked me, "Paul, why does Kevin Bazar have such bitter negativity toward the TGR poster known as creaky fossil?"

The obvious answer is, of course, obvious.

And correct.

It's this:  Kevin is jealous of creaky fossil's abilities in sports and in writing and in comedy.  Also obvious is that these jealousies exist even though the person behind creaky fossil is at least a decade older than the person behind kidwoo, while still being a better athlete, a more humane person, a funnier comedian, and a better writer than the person behind kidwoo.


Perhaps that needs deconstruction.

If it does, I'd like to point you in the direction of Vox Day's blog, where it's explained in simple terms.**
Are you Gamma? 1 of 2
The author of Graduating Gamma has composed a helpful list to permit Gamma males to identify themselves:
  • In the past year you can’t recall a single serious online discussion you were wrong about anything.
  • In the past two years you can’t recall one discussion with any friends or family in which you were wrong about anything.
  • When you are having an argument with someone and it appears you are wrong, the most common belief and defense is the other person simply doesn’t understand what you are saying.
  • When discussing matters with someone and you think you are maybe, possibly being shown to be wrong you start to get snarky, crack lame jokes, and immediately try to change the subject.
  • If someone holds an opinion contrary to yours, and you don’t think you have a good defense immediately to hand you start to look for unrelated ways to disqualify the other person as at least knowledgeable about the subject, and even going so far as to disqualify them as a good person or even a person at all.
  • Definitions are tenuous for you and words can be redefined at leisure during a discussion. If someone quotes the dictionary and it disagrees with your definition they are arguing unfairly and the dictionary is wrong.
  • When finally shown you are wrong about something it is devastating, you remember it for months or years, avoid that place or people, and consider your time there a failure as a person.
  • You can’t even take a mild ribbing about anything outside of a few harmless topics from other guys, and immediately fly into a barely controlled rage and seek some sort of vengeance if you are lampooned by anyone. This isn’t upping the competition, but hatred of the other and you will avoid that person or speak badly of them.
  • In contrast you’ll sit idly by as a woman openly mocks you as you are just being “nice”.
  • Now that you think about it, in this last year or two you can recall several women cracking jokes at your expense, mocking you, degrading you to their friends, and otherwise holding you in low regard without any fear of consequences.
  • The thought of being at the center of a comedy roast fills you with dread.
  • You think width of knowledge is more important than depth of knowledge.
  • You are an expert on everything and always ready to give your opinion even when you aren’t sure—then again a Gamma is always sure of his knowledge so you probably give your opinion on most everything all of the time.
  • If someone says they aren’t interested in your opinion you take it as a personal slight, they aren’t interested in you, and probably hate you as well.
  • If someone tells a story you immediately have to follow up that story with one of your own, which may or may not be related to the topic, and of course is more interesting, more important and longer. If you don’t have a good story you’ll say something snarky afterwards to diminish the other story.
I can't imagine a better explanation of Kevin Bazar's legend of kidwoo bullshit.

Like Fonzie on Happy Days, little Kevvie can't admit he was wrr-....wrrrrr-....wrrrrrrrrrr-.

So naturally he's a hero and not a liar, and naturally he doesn't think creaky fossil's going to make his life miserable through entirely legal, above-board mechanisms.

How great it must be to have such an immense smugness, so large that it obscures the impacts of your smug displays everywhere, and so gargantuan that it prevents you from even for a moment contemplating that your "humor" isn't humor at all, but pathetic provocation which sometimes results in a negative end for you.

-- Paul Behrer, 1st Recon sniper for Cinco Puntas.


** This blog holds no collective opinion regarding --let alone approval of-- either of "Vox Day" or his collected writings.  At the same time, the entry here regarding gammas is fairly well explained, and it saved us from deconstructing Kevin Bazar's strange I'm Never Wrong behavior.


Chet Redweld said...

Hey Pablo,

this Bazar character sounds like a typical egomaniac whose bluster hides insecurity, but what's with the extensive hammering you're giving him here?

Also, who is this creaky fossil person you reference and does that have anything to do with why you're rope-a-dope-ing the Bazar person?

Last Q & one where I may know the answer already, but is it pivotal that this Bazar person be Jewish, and if it is, do you know that he's Jewish?

Paul Behrer said...

Yo Chet. Yes, the entry has to do with Bazar's behavior online toward creaky fossil. Maybe you've noticed the mentions over the past few months regarding (((kidwoo))) posting material suggesting that creaky fossil is a paedophile and creeper.

I read the TGR forums sometimes and I've never seen creaky fossil say anything close to the very damaging allegation of paedophilia that (((kidwoo))) seems to think is "just having a laugh, bro" or best explained with a "don't take it so serious bro, we're just wasting time here, bro." Apparently creaky fossil said something online that made (((kidwoo))) have a POP! goes the weasel! moment on his own egomania, and had no better response than to over-react with accusations of paedophilia.

Do I know Bazar is Jewish? Hell no. He may be Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, or Protestant.

Is it important that he be Jewish? Of course not. But I've seen lots of (((kidwoo))) posts on TGR and ridemonkey where he mocks Christians in the same way angry narcissistic Jews do it.

Besides, what's worse?

Someone posting that a person is a paedophile?

Or me alleging, for the purpose of showing the mirror's reflection of absurd prejudice, that (((kidwoo))) is Jewish?

You may not hold any religion, Chet, but I know Hal's a Roman Catholic. If I post a comment saying, "Hah hah Hal, you're a Catholic! Total Catholic! You probably worship the Pope!" -- is that going to damage Hal's ego or his employment prospects?

Paul Behrer said...

Also, Chet, since you are familiar with the archives here, I know you understand the methods I'm using, but as a reminder to/explanation for random tumbleweeds, I would put up this past message I posted a little over 3 years ago here on this very blog:

Chet Redweld said...

You may not hold any religion, Chet, but I know Hal's a Roman Catholic. If I post a comment saying, "Hah hah Hal, you're a Catholic! Total Catholic! You probably worship the Pope!" -- is that going to damage Hal's ego or his employment prospects?

Definitely wouldn't even register on Hal's ego.

Wouldn't hurt his employment prospects unless he tried to work for Planned Parenthood or the ADL.

On the other hand, paedophilia is a massive NO GO in all employment situations, always has been, but in 2016 it's about 250% worse than maybe as recent as 10 years ago. You read the nonsense "news" like I do, Pablo, and you have watched the overstatements regarding "creepers" and "child molesters" and "paedophiles" driving people to judgmentalism, hatred and even violence toward anyone so accused.

So I understand why you're doing this little warm-up, First Round rope-a-dope with Bazar. If you identify creaky fossil as someone affiliated with this blog in the past, I'll definitely jump on board with the adversarial attacks on this Bazar person. That's what you guys pay me for, isn't it?

Harold Caidagh said...

I don't care if you call me a Catholic, papist, etc. or identify me as Roman Catholic. I don't care if you make jokes about priests. I've heard all of them before, and none of them shakes my faith or makes me feel inferior, uninformed, ignorant, gulled, duped, etc.

I do, however, get a little revved up when a Jew begins to blame Catholics for things done by Jews, or tries to blame Catholicism for harming people or societies.

This little pipsqueak Bazar is the sort of person who is bold when he's got his army of followers waiting to defend him, but wouldn't likely be able to deal person-to-person without his Scrappy Doo followers assuring him that any contest would be 25 to 1.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn he's Jewish. I wouldn't be any more surprised to learn he's actually Orthodox and while being that, claims Buddhism when asked about faith.

Reality and truth sound like malleable constructs in the Bazar mind. He does sound a lot like the gamma from that block quote.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

creaky fossil is me, Chet.

Chet Redweld said...

Well that changes things.

Mr Bazar, if you are reading this blog --and I'm sure you are-- I hope you can find it within yourself to act like the adult you pretend to be, and have your paedophilia/"creeper" references stricken from TGR and anywhere else you've posted those accusations toward creaky fossil.

If you don't, I promise your life is going to get very uncomfortable, no matter how many people are in your internet fan club, and no matter how much $$$ you have tucked away in your own account, or have access to via trust fund disbursement or other thinly hidden personal asset. No matter what sort of lawyers you know in Lake Tahoe or elsewhere, they're not going to be able to protect you from the ramifications of this behavior Mr Behrer has described above.

I'm not issuing a threat. I'm simply advising you on what sorts of comments you can utter from behind an internet veil without risk.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

What I find most sad and ridiculous about (((kidwoo))) is when he posts video of himself riding a MTB. Sure, he hits jumps. And he's all wooden when he flies through the air, because he's got a death grip on the bars and feces about ready to start chaining out of his arse. These videos are supposed to show him to be the greatest MTB'er in the entire Internet.

So -- he's got endless money (which he says he doesn't have), mediocre athleticisms, but a 1%'er ability to persuade absolute morons who never ride MTBs but wish they did, and to persuade them that due to his 8th grade level humor used to insult anyone who observes the actual mediocrity of (((kidwoo))).

The insults resonate at identical pitch to those offered by Jewish folks whenever someone observes factual matters about Judaism, the behavior of Jews, Israel, or the behavior of Israelis.

Maybe he's an Honorary Jew even if not a sanctified one.

He reminds me a lot of the angry, self-hating, bigoted Jewish lesbian Rachel Maddow.

Harold Caidagh said...

He's starting to remind me of Edward Snowden.

He used to remind me of (((Glenn Greenwald))) -- a failed lawyer who wasn't ever recognized for his legal skills, not even by his employers. Naturally, that made (((Glenn Greenwald))) the perfect Constitional Law Expert for a generation and nation of people who themselves are legal ignorami, and therefore have no ability to discern whether (((Glenn Greenwald))) ever did anything notable as a lawyer or legal writer/thinker.

With (((kidwoo))) it's

You're a pedo! Imma roost yo faisss!

With (((Glenn Greenwald))) it's

Everything bad happening since 2008 is the fault of the Republicans.

Each posture and presentation is accepted by the Mindless Dupes because they, as Dupes, don't know how to assess actual talent when displayed. So they don't see (((kidwoo))) as a never-was in MTB and a won't-ever-be in comedy, rhetoric or writing; they don't see (((Glenn Greenwald))) as a rank liar now working for the Mossad because he couldn't cut it as an actual lawyer.

If the online fan club of (((kidwoo))) contained people who actually knew athleticism, rhetoric, law, politics, or any other matter where (((kidwoo))) pretends online to be Our Resident Expert, two things would happen. One, that person might get labelled as a pedo whose face would get "roosted" by (((kidwoo))), and Two, it would cause immense anxiety for (((kidwoo))) on the subject and possibility that the facade is about to crumble.

When this started happening for (((Glenn Greenwald))) at his Unclaimed Territory blog, he magically got picked up as a "journalist" by a pack-o'-lies outlet. What a (((coincidence))) and (((such a mitzvah!))) for our little 5th rate lawyer. The dominos kept falling for him and now he's rich and living in Brazil.

Just like (((kidwoo))) living in Tahoe.

Gosh, where'd all that money come from?

Paul Behrer said...

Come on now, Hal.

I told you above: (((kidwoo))) has people just throwing money and outdoor gear his way, because he's such a genius of comedy online. His "jokes" are so damned funny that people pay his mortgage for him, give him bicycles and parts, give him snowmobiles and gasoline and premix oil, give him a truck to trailer the snow machines to the hills, give him ski gear, and even name a ski after him! Haven't you seen the Wootest by Praxis? It's all been ordained by Karl Marx, Hal.

You're just jealous that your humor doesn't result in equal largesse from random unknowns all around the world, connected by their Online Fanboi Status and membership in the (((kidwoo)))-is-GAWD! fanclub.

Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah, I really wish I was Kevin Bazar. I'd like to be a bad-breath midget whose life is one long lie presented online. I'd like to run around accusing people of paedophilia and "creeper" status. I'd like to provoke people endlessly, and then when they grow tired of it, accuse them with the paedophile/creeper labels because they happened to mock me in some minor way online.

I'd like to go through life being a Walter Mitty who imagines he runs the world and sees no consequences from his actions.

But I wouldn't like it when my comeuppance arrived, I can tell you that much.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

(((kidwoo))) pretends to hate creaky fossil, calls him a paedophile and "creeper," while emulating and copying creaky fossil's writing style, comic strategies, turns of phrase. The fact that he unsubtly bumps the IQ level downward by 40 points while doing the mimeography is proof that his online fanclub are moronic dupes. Any intelligent person could and would see that (((kidwoo))) heaps the sincerest forms of praise and admiration on creaky fossil: that of copying. It's the recognition of this admiration within his shekel-stuffed cranium which causes his bitterness.

I want to destroy him with paedophilia accusations, so that nobody will see that I've been copying and emulating him,

said Kevin Bazar's psyche to (((kidwoo's))) waking mind.

Good job, Kevin. Take comfort in the fact that your Wootest/Wootest 2.0 homages "prove" you're a superior human.

No, those monnikers didn't arise because you're a great skier.

They arose because like any 21st Century company imagined on a whim and implemented with a trust fund's backing, Praxis skis is another Team Hexagon operation and as such, it knows the value of meme-ology, even when the meme is hollow and built of kerosene-soaked balsa.

Harold Caidagh said...

Yeah all those Praxis fanbois, "nobody makes a ski burly enough for my badass self, I need a Praxis!"

What a riot. You are what you buy, not what you are!

It's like the FapBlister gang, saying the Dynastar Cham 1.0 series skis "sucked" and were "intermediate at best," simply because nobody at FapBlister knows how to ski, and they couldn't and can't handle being humbled by the Cham 1.0 skis.

"Those companies which have made skis for decades don't know anything about ski design, whereas the fine Marxists at Praxis are geniuses on the internet, therefore they will make a better ski. They even consulted the famous kidwoo! Shit, I'd better buy a pair before they sell out!"

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Fanboi perspective:

This ski made me feel like a total expert. Best ski ever.

Skilled skier perspective:

This ski looks fancy, has unique graphics, and is really easy to just stand on and go downhill. It's wide and it's light, so it doesn't feel heavy on those chairlifts which are so reactionary they lack a footrest. However, when I deliver tutored inputs these skis do not react at all. They just keep going down the hill. Unless I pivot directly under my feet with no edge engagement whatever. Then they make a big smeary pseudo-turn. I suppose I'd like them if I lacked balance, had no or little skill, but spent $10k minimum on gear each year and needed to have something "unique" under my boots. I suppose poseurs find them valuable for lift-line preening. Me? Thanks for the demo, but I won't be buying. I don't care about lift-line envy or ski graphic/name "uniqueness." I'm a skier, not a phony fucktard who pretends online at skiing expertise.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

That "Fanboi perspective" sounds like what most at TGR would say, while telling selves that TGR is where all the badasses hang out and only badasses are allowed to post at TGR.

It sounds like David (((rontele))) Rontal or Wendell (((rideit))) Stam.

Fappy Blister Boy-ish-ness said...

You're an idiot.

Praxis skis are used by world competition freeskiers.

You're an idiot.

You're a paedophile and creeper.

I'mma roost yo faisssss!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Anyone who's watched "freeskiing" comps knows that they're not a measure of skiing technical skills, but instead are a popularity competition based on "lines" which "look gnarly" from the foot of the mountain through a pair of binoculars.

In MTB, none of the currently successful "freeriders" does well in technical DH racing on the world cup, no matter how successful in global "freeride" comps.

Of course, this leads the skills-deficient Fanboi screaming rationalizations about how in skiing, technical skill contests (racing) are BORING because ON GROOMERS. In so doing, the Fanboi admits subconsciously that he lacks skill and prefers powder for its extremely forgiving nature, enabling the "skier" to simply stand there on the wide, light fad-of-the-moment shaped skis and go down the hill, telling self that he's an EXPERT because LOOK MA NO FALL DOWN!

stuckathuntermtn@TGR said...




Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Amusing attempt at defining reality by TGR's leading poseur, the guy who talks like he's the ski industry's leading tech guru, but who never skis because he can't find LCC Champagne Powder conditions at Snowbowl.

Alex can't ride a bike, either, but that doesn't stop him from pretending like everyone else is stupider about bicycles and worse at riding them compared to his own fat, unskilled self.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

That won't stop Fat Alex from pretending, for TGR audiences, that he's skied with Chuck and found Chuck to be a lousy skier.

Chuck, do you ever brag about your skiing or MTB riding skills? In person? Online?

Do you brag about your skills indirectly and (((passive-aggressively))) through implications and insults issued toward others?

Do most skiers who've skied with you think you are all ego, no skill?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

1) What? Brag about my skills? No. My skills are what they are and there are many people more skilled than I am.

2) No. See above. Also, passive-aggression is the tool of the insecure, self-doubting/self-hating poseur who lives like Walter Mitty.

3) I don't know what they think. I don't ask them, because I don't need to be validated by hearing my friends praise me. My skills are what they are, they aren't what someone else says they are/are not.

When posting on TGR as creaky fossil/uncle crud, I've never said I was great, tremendous, fantastic, superlative, exemplary, expert, proficient, high-level, pinnacle, supreme, Number One, or anything like any of the foregoing.

I have, however, remarked about the disparity between stuckathuntermtn/Alex's online presentation (skilled, deep knowledge, highly expert) and his actual self in the MTB realm. I did that because I helped Alex with a few bike issues and then did a ride with him. The entire time I was helping him mechanically, he was staring at my crotch and shaking like a leaf in the wind. On the bike ride, he was very very slow and jittery, and that's compared to me -- I'm pretty slow myself, slowest among my riding friends especially when going uphill.

When I disclosed these facts and their disparity on TGR, people like (((kidwoo))) and (((rideit))) said I was being an egomaniac and bigoted and hurtful and arrogant.

But I wasn't the one posing on TGR as the great saviour of MTB and skiing technique. That was Alex/stuckathuntermtn.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

But you called him "fat, unskilled" above, Chuck.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

That's what he is. He's definitely fat compared to people who ride frequently and are fit, well-trained, experienced cyclists. And "unskilled" refers to the gap between what he pretends to know online, and what he revealed as ignorance in person.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

So Alex/stuckathuntermtn is a variety of the common species found on the internet:

* Has read enough technical info to "sound informed"
* Has read enough internet posts to know the Memes of Superior Snark
* Can combine the two and establish a posting history of sounding like an expert
* Can persuade the know-nothings that he IS an expert because of these three points above
* Can't back up the online expertise with a meatspace demonstration of talent and/or knowledge in practice

I wonder how many people on TGR or ridemonkey are that way: "experts" because they have a long history of sounding "expert" when their in-person skills are mediocre at best.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that at least 65% of people at TGR and ridemonkey fit the pseudo-expert category.

That's why, when you observe their mediocrity, they over-react with explosive accusations and insults, and also try to cover their guilt when they defame someone by saying "look bro, it's all just wasting time while bored at work or in a life of leisure, don't take it so serious bro."

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...


So they use their TGR/ridemonkey posting history as serious proof to convince themselves they're badasses, but then when someone observes that, they reverse course and say the posts are all about wasting time, "bro"?

No wonder they explode when challenged.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

It sounds like David (((rontele))) Rontal or Wendell (((rideit))) Stam.

Karlos, I have two points to share about those two idiots.

David Rontal, as (((rontele))), used to love to say I was "gay for conflict" and "hateful" and "bigoted," but guess what entity David Rontal supports and donates money to? AIPAC. Is any community of humans on earth MORE conflict-seeking, hateful and bigoted than Israel?

Classic Jewish projection.

Wendell Stam, as (((rideit))), wanted to buy a Fox Van 130 fork off me, and he offered to give me a sculpture which he said was worth $175-250. This "sculpture" was the same sort of thing I can build myself with old bike parts in my own workshop. When I called him on that, he then tried to Jewish Barter with me and convince me that his sculptures are far superior to what I could make, and so why don't I just give him that fork for a sculpture. JEW JEW JEW all the way through. The reason he thinks his "sculptures" are so valuable is because he made a few menorahs from bike parts. I tried to remind him that I'm not Jewish, he just took that as a bigoted observation and probably thinks I'm an anti-Semite for not basically giving him the fork for free.

He also used to say all kinds of destructive things about and toward me on MTBR's forums, but if I ever played The Mirror Game and showed him the same treatment in kind, he would explode like (((kidwoo))) did.

What is more fragile than the mind of the Jewish man who thinks he's fabricated a durable myth, but whose myth gets shattered by the merest statements?

Harold Caidagh said...

Wonder how many of these clowns are crying in their Mogen-David about Bernito Gasolini endorsing Dog-Faced Hillary?

No worry. They'll now vote for (((Jill Stein))). Keep it in the tribe!

Harold Caidagh said...

Here's an image which shows what it has been like to try to argue/debate any issue with (((kidwoo))) or (((rideit))) or (((rontele))). Always a clear pattern follows.

Remember, kids: REPTHUGLICANS ARE INSANE BIGOTS! but Israel is noble and pure.