Monday, July 25, 2016

heedley hoodley hoo!

You know who Team Donkey supporters love to hate?  Whom do they cite most often in this fashion? --

You're a reactionary and a tool of the __________ Brothers!

What name 99% of the time is in that gap?




Well, lookee here:

Koch Brothers Now Supporting Hillary Clinton.

-- Paul Behrer, who wonders how many vampires will cook in the sun today


Harold Caidagh said...

man the revelatory headlines keep rushing like peak snowmelt in a collector riverine system

the gaytopia metrotarians at will ask Ronald "Nigel West Dickens" Bailey to explain how these dumped chemicals can't cause any human or other biological or ecological problems, because LOOK, duPont is a company formed by humans and humans are great because humans use science to make PROFIT and who doesn't like PROFIT and as long as there's PROFIT there's no problem!

how do people imagine themselves brilliant if the only science they know is engineering (which isn't a science) or pseudo-sciences-called-"science" like economics or statistics?

this is how they get cowed and gulled: wow! Bailey assures me my profiteering agenda really IS superior and enviro-scares are a tool of Marxist people who want to make weed illegal and prevent me from merging with a machine to live forever!

thanks Ron Bailey!

Paul Behrer said...

All these eedjits dancing on the marionette strings operated by others, imagining themselves vital independent actors with detached grasps of the facts and superlative reasoning skills.

Stupid cattle. That's why we named it "reason" magazine! Because it avoids reasoning at every opportunity! Like "No Child Left Behind" or "Healthy Forests Initiative" or "Operation: Iraqi Freedom," the name tells you what we want you think we're doing; the actual agenda pursued and goals achieved are otherwise. But like most cattle you just stand there, waiting for us to tip you over.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Check out the Plastic Tits on the CA Delegate to the DNC! Check out how she steals the guy's sign in order to ensure Seis Puntas doesn't get besmirched!

Another terrified vampire, sizzling in the daybreak.

Harold Caidagh said...

The desperation is ...uh... satisfying to watch.

Perhaps even better is the logic-twisting excuse-making offered by everyone who has ever believed the D party somehow more ethical, humane, moral, fair-minded, etc.

And what about Bernie Sanders refusing to criticize Hillary Clinton or The Party despite being made aware of the DNC emails leaked and their content?

It's a veritable photocopy of Howard Dean/moveon/Daily Kos/Markos Zuniga/U No Hu.

And still people will think "anything but Trump."

Idiots like Chalupa will think exactly the opposite of what's really going on, and pride themselves on their "skepticism" regarding "the kayfabe."

To borrow a phrase from Jacob Bacharach, one he usually employs to describe his homo- form of sexuality:


Paul Behrer said...

Chalupa is lucky his head is under the soil and he can't see to slit his own wrists. Maybe he'll just spit out the breathing tube and suffocate himself?

Harold Caidagh said...

Come on, Pablo. Despite jerking off to the notion of President Marxist, Finally!, Chalupa has sworn that he only "liked" Sanders to "piss off Hillary fans."

I'm sure you believe that rewriting of history, and believe it just as much as Chalupa does when he tells himself as much and writes another "confession" in ALLCAPS traced twice then smeared with tempera and jism.

Paul Behrer said...

Chalupa only "liked" Sanders rather than "loving" or "worshiping" Sanders because Sanders isn't Leon Trotsky -- yet.