Monday, July 25, 2016

for the younger folks out there

To those of you who only heard about Nixon/Watergate through history lessons in school or otherwise, take this bit of shared knowledge from someone who was alive and self-aware in 1973-74, and who grew up in Politics Central USA.

This first round of wikileaks on the DNC emails is bigger than Watergate.

It will do more to destroy Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party than Watergate & the "plumbers" did to have Nixon impeached and force his hand toward resignation.


I'm not saying Hillary Clinton will resign like Nixon did.  She's got a more egocentric drive than even Tricky Dick had.  She won't take herself out of anything. 

But the fallout for the Democrats will be worse than what the Republicans experienced post-Watergate.

And Bernie Sanders' refusal to stand by the disenfranchised Ds who got behind him and made his run what it was, that's going to do even more damage to the Ds.


Trump's bullet-train path to nomination already has undone the GOP, or at least crumpled the paper tiger that was the NeoCon sector.  And since the NeoCons have been calling the shots for a couple of decades, that's basically the same as unmaking the Republican Party.

This is a revolutionary time in American history.  Be thankful to see it happening for yourself.  People in America have not seen such party collapse/reformation workings since the Civil War era. 


The reason this is bigger and historically more significant than Watergate is the extent to which the information/entertainment media are shown as untrustworthy.

No matter what party you identify with, tumbleweed, take care to not think this is same-old, same-old. 

I'm far more cynical than any of you tumbleweeds, at least three times as jaded.  And I see it as a milestone.

Feel free to disagree -- but please try to remember, two or more years from now, what I told you here in this message.

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who traveled to Key Biscayne FL and San Clemente CA with Nixon and who remembers Watergate very well.


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Hah hah hah, poor Nick Gillespie.

So sorry, Nickster, but I have no gate near me, either physically or metaphorically, and I have no interest in keeping any gate even if one were conjured or built.

And to suggest I am a Donkey? Ahhh, you really ARE out of touch and without a clue, aren't you? This is what happens when your ego is gargantuan, so big that you can't read anyone without your solipsistic fetters.

The fact that I'm not a wibbuh-tay-wee-uhn must really bother you, Nickster. You're like many who insist that I have to play for "your team" if I'm going to play at all.

I play for nobody's team, Nickster. Much more independent than you or anyone else at Covert Zion/Silent T.

Go on back to your tough guy wearing black self-image, keep seeing through blinders, and please continue having no clue.


Edward Snowden, whose character and motivation was attacked the minute his leaks become public, had a more thoughtful response.

That would be "were attacked," Nick. And attacked because he's an actor of the B-movie variety. I guess when you're paid to not see that, you can't see it. You and Glenn Greenwald should hook up!

How does anyone know that "Edward Snowden" is genuine? Because Greenwald said so?


What a stooge.

Harold Caidagh said...

Maybe Nick could release some of these game-changing revelations that Fast Eddie supposedly cribbed from Sammy the Uncle. You know, to prove that Fast Eddie is Da Reel Deel!

Meanwhile, if that linked essay is his best analysis, we can count on the support for Silent T being limited to little children who dream of being gay stoners destined to merge with machines.

Killer memes, Nickster!

Paul Behrer said...

Can't release THE GAME-CHANGING SNOWDEN DOCS because that might show Petey Omidyar & Glenn Greenwald were lying the whole time.

The ones released so far are like DoubleBubble wrapper comics.


Harold Caidagh said...

The same old cast of eedjit know-nothings dominates (T) comment threads, including the one applicable here.

"Oooh. You sound authoritative! You must know something! Please tell me more Are See Deene!"

"According to my statistical analysis of economic projections, Johnson should win because he's a gay pot smoker."


"As a Gay Libertarian Bear who loves Twinks, Snowden is a totally honest dude and not a B-movie actor like some callous breeders suggest. HOMOPHOBIA prevents people from recognizing the genius anarchist revelations of The Snowden."

Chet Redweld said...

Look at it this way, Chuck.

Nick Gillespie reads this blog and feels threatened enough by it to write an entire essay passive-aggressively denouncing your main entry above.

How could you possibly have better insights than he does? You're not on the masthead of a publishing giant like the reason magazine or website!

Brilliant strategy by Gillespie, though. Divide and dismiss! Without evidence!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Oh he has the evidence, Chet.

But he can't share it. By protecting it and not releasing it, he proves it's game-changing.

Because he said so. Because Greenwald said so.

Wanting something to be true is faith.

Proving something is true is making your case logically.

So, (T) sides with faith while trying to shit on religion. Yeah, that's such a solid strategy, and truly a living demonstration of the powers of reasoning and logic.

"Please believe us, futurist techophilic twinks! We want you to be able to fuck and suck in public like heteros ALWAYS do, and we want you to have access to weed in a for-profit, tax-and-regulate system of distribution (in which we'll be invested, thanks!), and we definitely want you to merge with machines and live forever, travelling the galaxy with a bong and a dildo. Choose reason, support reason!"

Harold Caidagh said...

Explains Rico Suave on the staff.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Now they're just caboose-ing the shit.

- DNC email/voicemail archives released by WikiLeaks have already corroded D power/influence

- Therefore, "Snowden" had a Treasure Trove

At the same time, The Nickster says anyone who thinks the DNC emails/voicemails are damaging, that person is a DNC operative or Govt employee/shill.

That's the sort of idiocy you see from Tom "Feeley" Engelhardt's sock puppets on ICH. YOU DON'T ENDORSE MY DISTORTED READ ON THE MATTER HENCE YOU ARE A SHILL.

This is why (T)reason's biggest support is from teens and 20somethings. People who are still naive, people who had one tiny political revelation in their greenstick lives and now, they imagine selves fully informed and wise to the world's operations. While knowing nothing.

Nick Gillespie has more in common with Jim Jones than with Gary Webb.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

At long last, it's fun to see (T) all but admitting it's been working for the DNC during the Obama-Biden era.