Friday, July 22, 2016

don't mind him, he's a kook and thoroughly bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, cis-het-patriarchal, etc.

As usual: this blog has no position on "Byron York", what/whom he is, where he hails from, or what he actually believes. The quote is offered for the content of the quote, and nothing more.

You're scared because you thought the culture wars were real, meaningful shit.

You're an idiot.  But a smug, hollow-pride idiot, so be proud!

-- Harold Caidagh, who would happily go 12 rounds in the ring with any culture warrior, and emerge without a single culture warrior punch landing on him.


Paul Behrer said...

Harold Caidagh, who would happily go 12 rounds in the ring with any culture warrior, and emerge without a single culture warrior punch landing on him.

How reactionary!

True heroes do battle with gay snark on twitter.

Harold Caidagh said...

Good point, Pablo. But if I may, an editorial suggestion:

(((True heroes))) do battle with (((gay snark))) on twitter.

It must be fantastic to have a perspective that one adopts wholesale without question from the M/L curriculum used for brainwashing in Vaunted Public Schools.

Previously I used to talk about subjects in detail, comparing perspectives, asking about the values choices/preferences behind a perspective. The discussionn sometimes got heated but at least it was a discussion.

Now when I do that, I get a (((gay snark))) reply by a brain-dead conduit for Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

Good job, "intellectual." You're a robot.

Paul Behrer said...

Or an engineer.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Or someone "in the industry" related to MTB or skiing. You know, like on ridemonkey or TGR.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Or 95% of the population in Missoula.

Harold Caidagh said...

Sink Odor was losing his mind last night. Poor Sink. So worried that Team Hexagon and the Volkihar Clan can't/won't blot out the sun.

What's it like to be a Young Turk who pretends he's proud to be Turkish but actually is proud to be a thrall or cow/bloodtank for the Volkihar Clan?

Ask Sink Odor/Cenk Uygur. He'll tell you -- as soon as he's finished disparaging you with his Went to Good Schools empty rhetoric driven by paranoia and other irrational fears, disconnected from facts & logic & reasoning.

All these eedjits who have come to consider themselves Big Brain Brad because (((Zuckerberg))) and (((Jack))) promoted them and struck contrary comments, they're going to have to accept that their fake expertise was short-lived and has no place in a country full of people who aren't willing thralls or bloodtanks for Volkihar Clan nobility.

Maybe Sink Odor and Fatty Gayshus will slim to a healthy sub-200 lbs weight if enough Volkihar Royalty suck their blood?

Paul Behrer said...


Late this evening, FDNYC workers searching the remains of a religious structure found the shriveled, prune-like, nearly-dessicated corpses of Cenk Uygur and Matt Yglesias. Their bodies were found in a crypt beneath B'nai Jeshurun, along with approximately 35 other corpses which have yet to be identified. Also discovered was a log book written in Hebrew, with entries adjacent to the names of Uygur and Yglesias stating, "failed to stop The Anti-Yahweh, Donald Drumpf, penalty = death."

Harold Caidagh said...

Yglesias and Uygur should have moved to Israel when they had the chance.

Volkihar Clan befriends nobody. Volkihar Clan only uses people, it never respects them as humans.

Here's the best irony from Trump's speech: a promise to build a wall on the southern US border is "racism" according to the cattle and thralls, but what does Israel have around its perimeter? Something that looks, functions and was built as a wall, but isn't a wall?

Paul Behrer said...

Team Hexagon and Volkihar Clan tried the "real name = Drumpf, hence Nazi" idea, to no success.

They don't even care that their tactic reveals their true agenda: WE WANT A JEWISH PRESIDENT WHO PUTS ISRAEL AND JEWS FIRST!

I'm pretty sure you can move to Israel and repatriate there if you really want that endpoint for the culture you live in.

It's savory, this Team Hexagon shrieking and keening and wailing. What terrified little pipsqueaks they are.

Maybe we should just mano-a-mano each of them, one by one, and watch as instead of doing battle as men, they do a tiny little girl scream and whip out their iPhone to book a 1-way trip to Israel?

Imagine what Jake's Jewish Blind Spot would do if PGH revitalized its steel industry and Fancy Gay Jews became the out-of-power segment of the populace? How many trips to Israel would get booked then?

Harold Caidagh said...

Another editorial rewrite, Pablo:

Maybe we should just mano-a-mano each of them, one by one, and watch as instead of doing battle as men, they do a tiny little girl scream and whip out their iPhone to tweet about a horrible bigoted homophobe who wants to kill them for being Jewish while curling into a fetal ball and singing HALP HALP WEEAKTHONAIWEEEEEEE!

Paul Behrer said...

Cynical and destructive, hateful and superior, egomaniacal and megalomanic:

Having lost their NeoCon footing in the GOP, the weasels turned to their reliable fan-base, the dupes who blindly took Howard Dean's cue to forget why they're feeling disenfranchised and line up behind The Party!

Politics as usual on the Donkey side of things. Team Hexagon always! America 2d!

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

I'd just like to thank Stephen Miller for taking credit. He's read this blog for years, but like most, can't admit to its wisdom-font, truth-focus, values-oriented tack because, like most, he can't acknowledge the value of dark humor practiced by writers and thinkers superior to himself.

I'd definitely credit Stephen Miller if I could, but I can't. Because I know where he reads.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Mr Miller taking credit here:

Salacious Cone said...

So Stephen Miller is Trump's ghostwriter and you're Miller's ghostwriter, then who is YOUR ghostwriter, you disgusting homophobe?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

We freely admit that our perspective is a product of tolerant team-building work from a communal position. We credit the following in addition to our team roster's personnel:

George Carlin
Don Rickles
Stephen Wright
Lenny Bruce
Joseph Heller
Bill Hicks
Mitch Hedberg

We also credit various un-celebrated people who hold ideals of personal integrity, honesty, rejection of emotional over-reaction, and intellectual holism rather than "intellectualism."

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Chuck left out a more contemporary purveyor of laughology:

Bill Burr

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

More on/moron Jake's Jewish Blindspot:


Charles F. Oxtrot said...

So that explains why (((legend of kidwoo))) needs to accuse others, especially heteros who don't follow or practice ephebophilia, of being a paedo.

Always follow the Team Hexagon/Volkihar Clan strategy: first, accuse innocents of your own psychosis, maladaptive behavior, or fragmented self-image.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Why else call himself "kidwoo" if he doesn't enjoy wooing kids?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

It's like (((Fred Armisen))) pretending he's not a hipster of the kind nerf-satirized on Portlandia.

Chet Redweld said...


You run the risk of besmirching the power and effects of satire there, Chuck. Portlandia is not satire. It's hate the self, turn it on others.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Fair point, Chet.

By the way, what's your take on Trump? Is he really going to purge the NeoCons and eliminate the ISRAEL FIRST policies of "foreign aid" spending and blind-eye turning toward Israeli oppression of Palestine?

Does the sanction of the Gay Alt-Right make Trump actually a Team Hexagon player seeking Volkihar Clain dominance and sun-destuction?

Would you, as a candidate, be happy about and welcome the endorsement of Gay Jew "Milo You-Know-the-Place-for-Hookups"?

Isn't Milo just the latest iteration of Tarzie? A Glenn Greenwald of sorts?

Chet Redweld said...

1) Trump has spent an entire life trying to do realty and development deals in places dominated by what you lads might call "Team Hexagon's players and Volkihar Clan royalty." Such experience might lend itself to a subtler perspective on those "Team Hexagon/Volkihar Clan" operations. It's possible, but I don't have a guess on how probable, that Trump could work that fabled "double-agent" role. And why not? Michael Chertoff has done it openly under the Obama/Biden Administration. Dual citizenship in US and Israel, invested in Israeli businesses, and guiding US DHS spending toward those Israeli businesses.

2) I saw the "Alt-Right" homophilia early on, reminds me of Ernst Rohm. Insecure gay men who want nothing more than to dominate and destroy everyone they imagine as "homophobic." They'll use violence if necessary, but typically will use that violence by commanding others. Not by direct action of their own.

3) The Fake Milo, with fake name and fake "make-over" of his "look", is little more than another Gay Actor in Hollywood trying to be butch and tough with words, while having Low T and a heavy dose of E running in his endocrine system. One would have to be quite gullible to not see Fake Milo as a total fraud working what otherwise, if on the "left," would be called a Marxist strategy.

4) Yes. Very much like Tarzie or Greenwald. Or Snowden. Illiteracy explains the popularity and celebrity of Snowden, as most don't know "Snowden" is a character in Catch-22. It's also a very bad, elementary-school-level pun: snowed in. Which is a synonym for "trapped."

H.M. Lohmann said...

"Milo" took his new "identity" from me, here, on this bog. He just reversed the first two letters of my middle and last names. Typical greedy Jew, making money and fame off the work of others.

What has this "Milo" person ever done besides defraud others?

Cynical to the end, he prefers destruction over creation. Talmudic bastard.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...


And can't put that cynicism into the service of comedy. What a loser.

Reminds me of Wendell (((rideit))) Stam. Feckless, dickless, identifies as victim while imagining self superior.