Tuesday, July 26, 2016

aye, sis. aye aye.


Israeli Scum Instigating Shit.

Ignoble Subterfuge Impelling Shambles.

Isidore Shlomo Irving Shmuel.

Incestuous Shakedown Involving Shekels.

I See InSecurity.

-- H.M. Lohmann, no longer compelled by religious identity to endorse, support or excuse Israeli crimes.


Paul Behrer said...

Nice job stepping up to the plate, Hy.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Yeah that one hit the left field wall about 15 feet up. And Hy bats left, so he push-punched it that well. Hero shot, Hy. Fuckin' A.

Harold Caidagh said...

Meanwhile, Chalupa continues hissing through his breathing tube, trying to conjure another Star Trek villain as stand-in for identifying malefactors in meatspace.

He's got all the courage of cockroach.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

The Republican candidate:


certain to be wiser and more measured than whomever ends up with the nomination in Philadelphia -- even if the Marxist Miracle happens, the Bern is owned by Israel.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Always has been. That's why he's got such pull among Jews.

Check his record in Congress on Israel. AIPAC approved, 100%.

Paul Behrer said...

They can all move to Israel if they want someone like Sanders, something like ISIS, and a theocracy under Judaism. Simple solution really.

Apparently they're not fleeing in droves because they're afraid Trump would cut Unka Shmuel's annuities to Seis Puntas. Which would leave them fending for themselves and learning whether The Myth about IDF is anywhere close to true. In their corrupted black hearts, they know the IDF's supposed military prowess is limited to dirty-trick stuff like torture, electronic eavesdropping, and biochemical warfare.

They know, really, that the IDF are a bunch of pussies.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Like (((legend of kidwoo))) and (((rideit))) and (((waltworks))) and (((stuckathuntermtn)))?

Paul Behrer said...

Pretty much exactly like that, Chuck. Same over-reaction from behind a shield.