Thursday, July 28, 2016

bwaaaah hah hah hah hah

You gotta be kidding me.

Vernon Felton as legislative/policy expert?

Jesus popsicle stick K. Riced.


Vernon Felton has no background in law, legislation, legislative policy, land management, governmental operations.

His background is in writing circuitous crap from a position of pseudo expert.

Like here.


Ted Stroll?

Dude may ride a mtn bike once in a while, but that's not the same as having the necessary background for such analysis, policy drafting, legislative conception, or holistic understanding of federal politics and how matters are achieved at the national level.

This is why Ted hired lobbyists.  Because he doesn't know anything about the subjects.


Seriously, pinkbike/STC -- you're really going to sit there and tell me that of all the people who are MTB riders in the USA, you could not find a single well-experienced attorney with a background in policy work, legislative drafting and analysis, lobbying, land management, environmental science and policy?

So you used Vernon Felton, Ted Stroll, and lobbyists instead?

You don't give a damn about getting things done.

You only care about click-generation for more income to help Vernon Felton, Mike Levy, Mike Kazimer and Richard Cunningham continue to get wicked bikes and bike parts for free, and hopefully, to let each of these vampire fucks "upgrade" to a swankier vehicle and bigger "home."


Once upon a time, we of UNSF tried to engage Vernon and the fatBIKE magazine staff on this subject.  Vernon said we were "counter-productive" because we kept pointing out the weaknesses of their strategies and whims.

Dude, if you don't consider EVERY weakness when you advance a position, you're gonna fail.

Good luck, buddy.

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who knows at least one lawyer with the requisite background to do the legwork on this important question regarding Wilderness and whether MTBs actually are legally prohibited. 

familiar territory

...the Kayfabe!...
...breaking Kayfabe...

Hey, pipsqueak Chalupa!  Bark bark bark!

Tell us something, Jeff.

How do you discern "kayfabe" from "breaking kayfabe"?

Do you even know?

Or do you just throw those terms around to imply that you know, when you actually do not?

Yeah, figured as much.



...GORGEOUS song...
 Yeah, you're not a poof.

We artistes are not afraid of the feminine.

Maybe not, but you don't seem to have any connection to the masculine.

If the only way you can get a girlfriend, marry her, impregnate her, and raise a little girl with her is to give up all masculinity, can you really say you've grown as a human?  By negating your biological impulses in favor of what Frankfurt School theories tell you, what "leftists" argue, what people who'd like to see every man a cuckold if not fully gay would like you to become?

If your "partnership" (husband/wife) relationship involves you being the doormat/servant, a man without authority or efficacy, and you think that's being a good father to your child, do not be surprised when your child ends up as fucked up as you, Jeff.

No, your child being an artiste is not a sign of success.  You think you'd be proud if your child was Pink, or Miley Cyrus?  Infantile sexuality is progress in your world, Jeff?  Telling 8 year olds to twerk as if they are fucked-up 18 year old porn stars, that's progress?

That stuff is kayfabe, you moron.

Nice to know you define yourself negatively, and have done for 40 years now.

Well done.

-- Harold Caidagh, who knows that a wrist-flopping "but I'm married with a grown daughter" kayfabe can't hide a cuckold poof's real person.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seis Puntas porn stars

This may be the start of a regular category, Seis Puntas penises & pudendas.  Seis Puntas porn stars, in other words.

I think we'll offer "experts" who are in their 20s with high-paying jobs delivering opinion/news on "specialized areas".

Today's coelenterate on the Seis Puntas Pipeline:  Adam Minter.

Look at this bright young talent. 

I know whenever I want to know about any Asian news, I want to ask someone who's 25 and has no global experience in anything but chanting baruch atah this, baruch atah that, at age 13 before the congregation in a Seis Puntas suburb in Minnesota.

Here's your kippah, Adam.

Be sure to put it on before you have carnal relations with a goat.


The last time we had a young, no-experience "genius" in a position requiring lots of life experience was during Slick Willie I, when his Horniness put Georgie-Porgie-Puddin'&Pie Stephanopoulos and Dee Dee Doo Doo Dah Dah Myers in positions of authority.

Apparently Bloomberg News is as measured, wise and thoughtful as Slick Willie, because Adam Minter looks almost as stupid and wet behind the ears as Georgie or Dee Dee did when they got installed.


I remember when I was in my mid-late 20s.  Thought I knew it all.  Thought I deserved to be in a position of great authority, where I would dispense my worldly wisdom to the ignorant filth in my audience.

Ten years later I was embarrassed in retrospect for the lack of humility.

Twenty years later I just laughed howlingly at the naivete of my 20s self.

Thirty years later, I began getting nauseous when I saw people like Adam Minter dispensing THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE when lacking any whatever.

And so here we are today.

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who had done more notable things than Adam Minter at the same age he is now, but was not given a Global Pulpit because in the 1980s, people still had a slight sense of decorum, a mild grip on detachment, and a respect for the voice of real experience rather than imagined expertise.

you's a dumbfuck blinded by kook-ology

This morning I saw the "Edward Snowden = Hero" notion trumpeted in two different settings.

One was Dmitry Orlov.  For a supposedly intelligent Russian engineer, Orlov is mighty eager to accept a Hollywood B-grade Movie story regarding amaporn twink Fast Eddie Snowjob.

Here's Orlov making the Fast Eddie Snowjob story more dependable/reliable/concrete:

The whole Edward Snowden imbroglio was particularly fun to watch.

There was NO imbroglio actually happening. What happened was theatre. B-movie stuff. If the US Govt felt "Snowden" had damaging documents, "Snowden" would be a rotting corpse now. Instead he was un-catchable, by a Govt that supposedly successfully found Osama bin Laden and killed him.


Another Snowjob was the maybe-satirical twitter account of Ricky Vaughn, quoting some onanist named Jack Goldsmith.

Mr Goldsmith, whose allegiance and fealty to Seis Puntas is beyond question, appears to be a "law professor at Harvard."  Yeah, big deal.  Mark Tushnet is another "Harvard law professor" whose insanity hasn't prevented him from being a "respected" member of the "law professor" caste across America's supposedly best law schools.

Since "cybersecurity" is not really an area of law, but instead an area of business and IT architecture, it's really simple to proclaim yourself as the "expert" in "cybersecurity law."  Because there's no such thing really.  It's a market, not a field of law.  Goldsmith is no more an expert in this area than Glenn Greenwald is an expert in Constitutional law -- he's not an expert at all.  He's just selling himself as one.

Here's Jack Goldsmith, a/k/a Giacomo Geltsmitter, lionizing the mythology of Fast Eddie Snowjob:

4/ The Snowden docs reveal that the U.S. penetrates an unfathomable number of networks worldwide.

No they do not. They reveal nothing. The "Snowden docs" are nothing. They are like the discarded sheets of numerous TicTacToe wars my friends and I had during 1st grade recess on a rain day in elementary school.

Notice how the statement is so vague as to be irrefutable.  What is an "unfathomable number" and how would one vet this claim?  Ask the boys at Ft Meade?  Sure, they always open the doors to random Crimson snowjobs.

Giacomo utters this lie after ID'ing himself as a Crimson Big-Brain in order to sanctify and make granitic the Fast Eddie Snowjob myth. NONE of the documents which ALLEGEDLY came from Fast Eddie Snowjob show ANYTHING of any moment whatever.

NOBODY ever shows these documents when talking about what they "say."

They are Tooth Fairy, coin-under-pillow bullshit.

If you take this stuff seriously, you show what an idiot you are.  You may as well be the dilated anal sphincter who calls himself Tarzie, imagining that everything going on in the world now is about Enn Ess Eh versus See Eye Eh wrangling.  Anyone selling that line of coprolitic distraction is a spookahdookah.  Or a spookahdookah-wannabe.  Most likely on the payroll of Mossy Advertisement, or Shiny Betty.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, who is certain that "Jack Goldsmith" is an agent of provocation at least partially paid by Seis Puntas to distract and keep misinformed the American public for the sake of the Volkihar Clan agenda.  Dual loyalty people like Geltsmitter should be forced to repatriate in Israel or be put to death for treason if remaining in the Ooh Ess Eh and continuing to serve Seis Puntas.

por favor. s'il vous plait. prosim. bitte.

We are welcoming commentary and criticism from any tumbleweed.  We invite you to offer your best case against this blog.  Specifically, we would like you to try to establish bigotry of any form, using the words offered here.

When compiling your case, please take special notice of the progress and result in the last such attempt by plaintiffs. That would be the history of the GRH vs Caidagh/UNSF lawsuit. To read that history, simply go to the right margin and read each entry under the margin heading pay-PAH! git yo' pay-PAH!

If you are reading on the mobile version, scroll down the page and click on the "Desktop version" link. The mobile version lacks the formatting and margin content of the desktop version.

Most especially invited are the following fraudsters:

Glenn "Constitutional law expert" Greenwald

Jeffrey "BLCKDGRD" Popovich

Jacob "hurry up and fuck me in the ass already honey" Bacharach

Kevin "kidwoo on TGR, ridemonkey and Vital" Bazar

Wendell "rideit on TGR and ridemonkey" Stam

Joseph "too many handles to list for TGR and ridemonkey" Hanrahan

This blog welcomes the chance to show each of you deluded, smug and self-satisfied morons precisely how wrong you are.

The invitation to Mr Bazar is one which should not be rejected, inasmuch as Mr Bazar has instigated a defamation lawsuit in which he will be defendant. It's quite possible that with enough supplication and apology, Mr Bazar's defamatory works will be forgiven.

Then again, maybe not.

But we'd still like to hear from that wobbly little midget who thinks himself such a badass.

-- The UNSF Collective: Hal Caidagh, Paul Behrer, Karl Ochstradt, Hy Lohmann, Chuck Oxtrot and Chet Redweld

jonathan stuart LIEbowitz

Yeaaaaah... why don't you go ahead and acknowledge your Holodomor urges, Jonny?

You can really tell when Team Hexagon freaks out about the Seis Puntas Pipeline flow being threatened, eh?

-- Harold Caidagh, providing yaw-pitch-roll stabilization in an ever-shifting sea of lies

the silent T

The time lapse between Step 1 and Step 2 is probably 2 hrs max.


Gillespie, that's a Scottish surname.

Walsh, that's an Irish surname.

Suderman, well we know that has (((treble parentheses))) around it.

Wonder what Nick's actual surname is/was. Maybe one of his parents, grandparents, etc. changed it from (((Schechelgraeber))).

Or maybe the Silent T staff are Scottish, Irish, German, etc but are ethnoreligious cuckolds who are proud to take Seis Puntas money in exchange for "fame" as "libertarians."

Good job, twink-trollers and wrist-flappers. Now you've convinced the gay weed-smoking 20something futurists that you are THE SOURCE for political insights.

You gotta love these "intellectuals" who make a tiny step forward in insight -- i.e., "now I see the Tooth Fairy was a parental con job!" -- and think they've grasped all there is to see, know and understand.

Sorta like Chalupa, "whoa! some Democrats aren't trying to implement the First International! I see it all now!"

-- Harold Caidagh, on a bit of a roll with his morning cup of coffee and a sunrise with a waft of Sizzling Vampire in the air.

KILL THE WHITE WORKING CLASS!, says the duped dipshit "progressive"/Leftist

What did I say about the Jews of Missoula and their behavior during the past decade?

Jews like Ben "fucked you over, Goy!" Ferencz.  "Hi I'm Ben, I'll be your Vampire for this leg of the journey!"  Did you know Ben Ferencz screwed over Sam Hall when Sam was running the Ramblumtick custom frame business?  That's what kind of "nice, outgoing, helpful" guy Ben Ferencz is.  Fucks you over and laughs about it.

Jews like Nick "fucked you Goys over with ticket prices!" Checota.  "Change is inevitable and we have changed things for the better by making working class Missoula go broke instead of attending concerts at affordable rates.  At least the Upper Middle Class Jew Transplants from Minneapolis aren't disgusted by the filthy concert locations any more, and that's progress."

Or the fact that the massive growth in "health care" has brought more Fancy Jews from Elsewhere to town, spiraling health care costs out of reach for the Missoula blue collar populace.  "Don't worry, poor people of Missoula.  Obamacare insures EVERYONE!"

Yeah, fuck you Jew transplants to Missoula and fuck your Talmudic values that tell you the fucking-over of working class Missoula is your right and entitlement, and fuck you for thinking that a more expensive and fancier Missoula, with fucked up traffic issues and constant noise and ever-increasing night-time White Man's Fire lighting, is a better Missoula.  Fuck you for turning Snowbowl into Showoff Circus with liftline braggadocio and Last Run Inn rooster strutting being more important than skiing.  Fuck you for dumbing the fuck out of every single MTB trail in the area.

Fuck you for turning Missoula into (((Boulder))).

And fuck you for leaving Missoula after you've drained it of its former lifeblood.  Missoula is just a waypoint on your journey to Zion, isn't it?

-- Harold Caidagh, who would have moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan if he wanted to live among Talmudic vampires who have bad breath, smell like they don't wipe their ass after a shit, who push and shove every goyim they see, and claim victim status when anyone observes this obnoxious social activity or destructive financial behavior.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

aye, sis. aye aye.


Israeli Scum Instigating Shit.

Ignoble Subterfuge Impelling Shambles.

Isidore Shlomo Irving Shmuel.

Incestuous Shakedown Involving Shekels.

I See InSecurity.

-- H.M. Lohmann, no longer compelled by religious identity to endorse, support or excuse Israeli crimes.


There's a... ummm... "back-story" to this blog's position on BitzyWitzyWarren.

Short version:  we at UNSF agree she's a fraud, while Ds and especially "progressives" think the exact opposite.

The reason for this disparity is UNSF understands Warren's history and actual life doings, whereas the pwogs only pay attention to Warren's soundbites.  Also the pwogs believe Warren when she claims to be "native american" because, being SWPLs, pwogs love to have non-white non-hetero non-______ heroes if not friends.

To our pwogwessive pals, we offer the following:

-- Harold Caidagh, resident Ethnic Identity expert, identifying as Irish in ethnicity and Roman Catholic in religion, and quite clearly able to see BitzyWitzy as the fraud she is -- both on ethnic history and on substantive knowledge/wisdom/experience.

the conversation you can't have

This is a conversation I'd like to be able to have, but due to current cultural themes running powerfully in America at this point in time, unfortunately I cannot.  But I'd like to offer it theoretically, because it seems that it's not just me unable to have these talks.  Everyone's unable to talk about these notions.  Almost like there's a taboo against it.  In any case, here is the talk I'd like to have.


H.M. Lohmann (HML) -- Steve, good to see you.  How have you been, what have you been up to?

My Jewish Friend Steve (JFS) -- Hey Hy.  Same here.  I've been good mostly, but this craziness with the Republicans and the insanity of Trump's egomania and bigotry has me concerned, so I'm a little edgy.  Forgive me if I seem a little scattered.

HML -- So what are the things that bother you?  Can you just ignore them?  Are they things you think or worry about, or are they things that actually are happening in your life?  Let's catch up.  What have you been doing?

JFS -- Well I'm sure you experience some of the same, Hy.  As a fellow Jew, you've seen the insanity from the Republicans and the craziness of Trump.  Apparently he's got Putin's backing.  Putin's a famous anti-Semite.  And there's that wall Trump wants to build.

HML -- I don't know how to say this, Steve.  So I'll just say it directly.  I'm not a Jew any more.  Religion-wise, I mean.  I guess I'm still a cultural Jew because of who I am, who my parents are, et cetera.  But I'm not following the faith any more. 

JFS -- Atheist?  Listen, I know what you mean.  I try to tell people I'm a Buddhist myself.  Saves me from the anti-Semitic responses.

HML -- No, that's not what I mean.  I mean it seriously.  Not just as a thing I say to keep people from taking a negative stance.

JFS -- Isn't this the wrong time in history to be disavowing the Talmud?  Look at the oppression we face everywhere on Earth.  Solidarity, Hy.  That's how the Jewish people have survived for so long.  Solidarity.  Don't be ashamed.

HML -- I'm not ashamed to have been born a Jew or raised in the Jewish faith.  I just don't agree with the Talmud any more, Steve.

JFS -- Did that Dawkins guy get to you?  The Brights?  The global atheists?  What do you mean here, Hy?  I'm sure you know the Brights are just another way of keeping anti-Semitism at bay.  Dawkins, Dennett, all of them are friends of Israel. 

HML -- I'm not an atheist now, not for social cover purposes and not in truth.  I don't even like those Brights.  They seem like con artists to me.

JFS -- Everyone's a con artist, Hy.  You know this.  Everyone manipulates everyone else.  You have to be a manipulator just to survive in this crazy world. 

HML -- What I'm saying is related to what you just said, Steve.  The world is for sure crazy right now, but I believe it's crazy because of the perspective you just described.  When you become so cynical that you assume everyone's a manipulator and so you have to be a manipulator yourself, I think you are working to destroy the world.  Not to be a part of it.  And definitely not to make it a better place.  To the extent any of us can do that on our own, I mean.

JFS -- My grandparents used to tell me when I was younger that the goyim always will hate the Jew, and the only way the Jew gets a fair shake is by manipulating the goyim into thinking we're not Jews, or don't have a Jewish outlook.  Otherwise the goyim just won't do business with you.  I have to say, Hy, my grandparents were right.

HML -- Manipulation as a self-defense strategy, eh?

JFS -- Basically.

HML -- Let me ask you something, Steve.  You have a family now.  Do you manipulate your kids, tell them lies about yourself, tell them lies about the world?

JFS -- What's a lie?  I don't think I tell them any lies.  I think what I try to do is prepare them for life as a Jew.  It's an anti-Semitic world, Hy.

HML -- I used to think that way, Steve.  But when I got into my early 30s, I didn't like all the anxiety I was carrying around every day.  I didn't like the way it felt to assume every non-Jew was trying to run a dirty trick on me.  I didn't like trying to go through my day with a view that said, "everyone hates me, I'll never get ahead, I'll never have a happy life."  By the time I was in my late 30s, I was a neurotic mess.  I used hand sanitizer any time I went anywhere that wasn't temple or a business run by people I knew were Jewish.  Every time I encountered someone I thought or knew wasn't Jewish, instead of listening to them talk, I'd be wondering -- "how is this person going to screw me over today?" 

JFS -- That sounds like a sane perspective to me.  This was a problem for you?  You must have had a psychiatrist at the time, what did he think?

HML -- He thought the manipulator perspective was safest.  Either that, or move to a town or area where the population was mostly Jewish.  His idea was pretty simple:  interaction with goyim causes stress and anxiety, so try to remove the sources of stress and anxiety.

JFS -- Sounds pretty smart to me.  It's going to take a few decades before Judaism is fully in control over American society, so you may as well be comfortable in the meantime.

HML -- Well, I got to thinking in another direction.  For example, if I followed the psychiatrist's idea, I'd move to Israel.  Simple enough.  I could find work there I'm sure. 

JFS -- Yes, but then how would you help progress American culture?  Doesn't it disturb you that there's so much anti-Semitism here and so much official Christianity?  We have an obligation to correct bigotry wherever we find it, as Jews we have this obligation.  You remember this from your childhood, right?

HML -- To be honest, Steve, that's one of the things that I first rejected.  That obligation.

JFS -- I don't get it.  The Jews have been at the front of every major social change in America.  We are responsible for the 1965 Civil Rights Act.  Look at what we've done in the South with the SPLC.  And even as we speak, we're slowly converting Utah.  Doesn't the existence of a state dominated by those MoMos make you angry, Hy?

HML -- Not really.  They remind me of the Orthodox Jews who have their own little neighborhood in New York City.  They just want a place to be themselves.  Why should Mormons settling Utah bother me as a Jew, if Orthodox Jews have done a similar thing in neighborhoods around America?

JFS -- You haven't read Krakauer's book then?

HML -- Oh no, I read it.  There wasn't the slightest bit of empathy for the Mormons as victims of religious persecution.  Isn't religious persecution a problem for the Jewish people?  Shouldn't we be sensitive to others being persecuted for religious belief?  Don't we have that much in common with Mormons?

JFS -- I'll pretend you haven't noticed that the Mormons use the term Zion incorrectly.  They think Zion is the MoMo heaven.  That alone pisses me off.  There's only one Zion, and it's the historical home of the Jewish people.  You know this Hy, or at least you used to.  I don't really understand this new perspective of yours.  Did you suffer massive head trauma since I last talked to you?  Is it possible your brain got a bit scrambled?  I know a good neurologist.

HML -- I haven't been in any accidents, didn't have a stroke, haven't had a heart attack, no aneurysm, didn't have a brain tumor, and didn't get shock therapy.  I've actually been pretty healthy, Steve.  Surprisingly.

JFS -- So obviously you didn't move to Israel since we're standing here talking.

HML -- No, I didn't.  I'm not here on vacation from Israel.  I didn't go anywhere, actually.  Didn't move to a mostly-Jewish neighborhood or town.  I just thought about a few things.  For example, I tried to imagine what it's like to not be Jewish.  To not hold the Jewish perspective, to not have learned the teachings of the Talmud.  I tried to figure out how others experience Judaism and Jews.

JFS -- That sounds like the mark of Jewish self-hatred, Hy.  Tell me something -- was your psychiatrist Jewish?  Maybe a goyim shrink sent you down this path.

HML -- No, my psychiatrist was someone I knew from temple.  I don't think we have non-Jews pretending at Judaism at my temple.  Or former temple I guess.

JFS -- So where did these ideas come from?  Did you start reading or listening to right wing crazies?

HML -- Actually, I started paying attention to the prominent Jews among the Republican party and a few from the Democrats too.  The ones who call themselves the neocons.  Wolfowitz, Perle, Kagan, Kristol.

JFS -- Those people are the only voice of sanity in that insane party of bigoted racists.

HML -- Maybe.  I mean I'm sure you can see them that way if you want to take a certain perspective.  But it's that certain perspective that bothers me, to be honest.  I'm not really comfortable with the ideas of Israel first, America second.  I'm not really happy about American entanglement in the Middle East when a lot of that revolves around fighting wars for Israel.  And the lopsided influence of AIPAC is something I just can't respect.  Not any more.  I'm living in America, not Israel.  And besides, isn't Israel a pretty thriving economy now, with a strong military of its own?

JFS -- Yes it is.  And don't you forget it!  Look at what Israel has been able to do in 70 years.  No other nation on Earth has grown so quickly in global political power, economic strength, or military fearsomeness.

HML -- So if that's true, why does the United States have to send so much money and guaranteed business contracts to Israel?  Shouldn't Israel be able to take care of itself?

JFS -- You really do sound like a self-hating Jew, Hy.  I'm a little uncomfortable here.  You know that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.  Palestinians constantly threaten Israel.

HML -- Palestinians?  They threaten Israel?  Didn't you just say Israel has military fearsomeness and a lot of economic strength?  What military does Palestine have?  What economic strength?

JFS -- They teach their children to throw rocks at IDF soldiers.

HML -- Rocks are more dangerous than bullets, rockets, mortar fire?

JFS -- Listen, these Palestinians are filthy people.  Have you ever seen the pictures of the trash they live in?  Compare the beautiful modern urban landscape of Tel Aviv against whatever is the nicest part of Palestine.  The only parts of Palestine that are modern and not dens of illness and decay are those which the Jews have taken for themselves and resettled as Israel.  That's exactly why Jews need to support Israel.  If they don't, Palestinians will turn the whole region into trash piles where illness and poverty and despair dominate.

HML -- So let's assume you and I are neighbors in a nice American suburb, Steve.  Your house is modern and well-equipped.  Mine is a bit older and my yard is not nearly as well landscaped.  Maybe I have some bare spots on my lawn, or openly displayed foundation around the house rather than flower beds and shrubs to hide the foundation.  Maybe I have an older car in the driveway and it hasn't been washed in months, so it's not shiny.  Would this be a problem for you as my neighbor?

JFS -- Absolutely.  You're dragging down property values and I wouldn't want my kids playing in the neighborhood if you're not keeping your property up to civilized standards.  People who live in houses like the one you described are often child molesters or other perverts or degenerates.  Usually they carry diseases.  I'm not letting my kids play anywhere near your house.

HML -- You got all that from the status of upkeep I described?

JFS -- Oh yes, certainly.  Statistics show...

HML -- Can I interrupt you there, Steve?  I'd rather talk about what your experience of me as neighbor actually would be, rather than what statistics show.

JFS -- Okay, I'll humor you.  Why would I have a positive attitude toward someone who can't keep their house up to the neighbor's standards?

HML -- I didn't say there were community standards that all homeowners had to meet.  I'm just talking about variables in home ownership.  Some people don't need to have a fancy landscape around their house.  They don't need a new car every year and they don't need to keep that car constantly looking like it never gets dirty.  I've met people like that, Steve, and to be honest, they never treated me poorly.

JFS -- I think if your neighbor keeps his house pristine, you are supposed to do the same.  I don't want to live next door to a hovel.  Disease.  Lower property values.  Degenerates.

HML -- So if you lived next door to me and my house was what I described, you would assume I'm carrying diseases, am a degenerate, and I'm trying to lower your property value?

JFS -- Absolutely.  Statistics show...

HML -- Sorry to interrupt again, Steve -- but shouldn't you base your opinion of your neighbor on how your neighbor interacts with you, like in a conversation?  Isn't that more realistic than making all kinds of assumptions, which will guarantee that when you first talk to that neighbor, you assume he's going to make you and your family sick, whenever he's not affirmatively trying to ruin your property value and whenever he's not scheming to do something degenerate or perverted in the neighborhood?

JFS -- I don't have the time to get to know everyone.  This neighbor is someone I'd probably avoid to save time.

HML -- Steve, when we were in college I remember you talking a lot about tolerance.  You seemed to understand it back then.  But I wonder what happened in the meantime to make you intolerant in the way you just described.

JFS -- I'll tell you what happened.  I became an adult with a family to protect, and I have watched and listened as those insane reactionaries in the Republican party have spent a couple of decades trying to destroy equality.  Luckily we have a few in the Republican party who understand Jewish values and are willing to go to bat for Jews and Israel.  Otherwise I would expect that Jews like you and me would be in some concentration camp if not dead.

HML -- Listen, Steve, I'm meeting someone for lunch in 15 minutes and it's just about 15 minutes away so I've gotta run.  It's been good catching up.  Here's my phone number.  Call me when you have some free time, we can continue this conversation then.

JFS -- That's too bad, I wanted to talk more about the current presidential race and what it means for us Jews.  I'll call you soon.  In the meantime, support Bernie or Jill Stein.  Nobody else will protect our values.

-- H.M. Lohmann, who regrets that these sorts of talks can't happen in America 2016.


Monday, July 25, 2016

for the younger folks out there

To those of you who only heard about Nixon/Watergate through history lessons in school or otherwise, take this bit of shared knowledge from someone who was alive and self-aware in 1973-74, and who grew up in Politics Central USA.

This first round of wikileaks on the DNC emails is bigger than Watergate.

It will do more to destroy Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party than Watergate & the "plumbers" did to have Nixon impeached and force his hand toward resignation.


I'm not saying Hillary Clinton will resign like Nixon did.  She's got a more egocentric drive than even Tricky Dick had.  She won't take herself out of anything. 

But the fallout for the Democrats will be worse than what the Republicans experienced post-Watergate.

And Bernie Sanders' refusal to stand by the disenfranchised Ds who got behind him and made his run what it was, that's going to do even more damage to the Ds.


Trump's bullet-train path to nomination already has undone the GOP, or at least crumpled the paper tiger that was the NeoCon sector.  And since the NeoCons have been calling the shots for a couple of decades, that's basically the same as unmaking the Republican Party.

This is a revolutionary time in American history.  Be thankful to see it happening for yourself.  People in America have not seen such party collapse/reformation workings since the Civil War era. 


The reason this is bigger and historically more significant than Watergate is the extent to which the information/entertainment media are shown as untrustworthy.

No matter what party you identify with, tumbleweed, take care to not think this is same-old, same-old. 

I'm far more cynical than any of you tumbleweeds, at least three times as jaded.  And I see it as a milestone.

Feel free to disagree -- but please try to remember, two or more years from now, what I told you here in this message.

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who traveled to Key Biscayne FL and San Clemente CA with Nixon and who remembers Watergate very well.

yo, weev

A federal grand jury in Newark, New Jersey, indicted Auernheimer with one count of conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers and one count of identity theft in early July 2011.

You probably knew this already, but who was the US Attorney for D-NJ before climbing to head of DHS?

Legacies last, even when the Third Circuit shuts them down in bits later.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, no fan of Skeletor

heedley hoodley hoo!

You know who Team Donkey supporters love to hate?  Whom do they cite most often in this fashion? --

You're a reactionary and a tool of the __________ Brothers!

What name 99% of the time is in that gap?




Well, lookee here:

Koch Brothers Now Supporting Hillary Clinton.

-- Paul Behrer, who wonders how many vampires will cook in the sun today

Sunday, July 24, 2016

how many vampires fried today?

Well, the "economist" whose crystal-ball-gazing has earned him various prizes offered for most creative lying explanation, Paul Krugman, seems to be sizzling:


Your attempt at deflection/misdirection is pure bullshit.

The Holodomor was Jewish bigotry implementing violent murder.

The Irish "potato famine" was Jewish bigotry indirectly causing murder by starvation.

How many Jewish landlords and factory owners happily profited while their tenants/workers lost lives or limbs? You're going to tell me that wasn't bigotry, Saul?

These disgusting lies mean the solar power is quite impressive here in late July 2016.

How do you think this is going to work out for you, Saul?

You probably haven't paid attention, since you don't spend time with or otherwise notice anyone who isn't a wealthy upper-middle-class Jewish "intellectual," but the Seis Puntas strategies (cultural Marxism, some might call it) have caused a lot of Americans to pay attention to the disturbing disparity between % of Jews in the American populace vs % of Jews leading businesses, banking, lending, infotainment or high-ranking government entities.  These unhappy people also are noticing a strong pattern of lying:  promote Noble Idea, but privately enrich self and good buddies.   Yes, corruption is eternal, but the particular brand at work now is not the same as has held sway historically.  This is a narrow preference group who are extremely brazen about their lying, which shows a frightening hatred toward their fellow human beings.

Saul, you don't think this is happening because you're so removed from it all.  And you probably don't care that it's happening because, let's face it, only some of us are Chosen.

But it's bigotry to assume that everyone follows Talmudic teaching, Saul.

And it's anti-Christian, anti-Mormon, anti-Protestant, anti-Roman Catholic, anti-Congregationalist for you to work from a paradigm which denigrates all these faiths other than your preferred Talmudic version.

So don't go telling people that the world is hateful and anti-Semitic, Saul.  You're the hateful bigot, and Talmudism is as destructive as the worst of the major religions, so you've really got no leg to stand on here, Saul.

Like Chuck said in the prior post's thread:

Go fuck yourself, Saul.  You're a pathetic fucking lying asshole, a selfish greedy little peckerwood of a subhuman.

You're untermenschen.

-- Hyman Mittleman Lohmann, who was born to Jewish parents, raised in the Jewish faith, and rejected Talmudic teaching and Judaism as an adult. 

Sun Day

You can go here to read a good example of Jewish Psychosis, which includes Jewish Skill at Verbal & Historical Manipulation.


During the past 5 years I have been forced to listen to friends tell me how hateful and ignorant are the Christians in Missoula and surrounding parts of western Montana and eastern Idaho or Washington.  I'm told that these Christians try to destroy progress because they want to home-school their kids, which leads, allegedly, to becoming Tim McVeigh.  Or Ted Kaczynski.

I'm also told these Christians try to destroy progress by being against Pavement Everywhere, Streetlights Everywhere, Box Store Hell Ubiquity, or other indicia of "progress through development."

When I ask these friends how well they know Christian people of the region, there is no rational response.  There is category-blaming based on NPR/PBS nonsense, or a "documentary" produced by people from the same mindset as NPR/PBS.  Apparently if you call your work "documentary" it can't be ideological or, more plainly, a rank mindfuck.

Up until this started about 5 years ago, I never realized how incredibly STUPID my friends are.  They care more about being hip/cool/progressive than they do about being a good human being.


I'd seen things changing earlier than 5 years ago.  About 10 years ago I watched people I'd met only 2-3 years earlier, who had paraded around town as poor(ish) people who moved to Missoula for a simpler life in a place where nobody's in a hurry and people aren't obsessed with POPULARITY or HAVING THE LATEST GADGET, where traffic doesn't stack 70 cars deep at a red light, where people don't go 45 in a 25, where you can still walk the margins of streets and cars & trucks give you a wide berth and generally yield to any pedestrian who isn't being a prick.

Then, some of these "simple taste, poor-ish" people began starting businesses with minimum 250k capital.  Out of the blue.  Without banking help.

And these businesses were of a type that caters to Yuppies and other Upscale Consumers.

And I watched these formerly "simple taste, poor-ish" people begin trading in their older rusty vehicle for $75k trucks, SUVs, sports vehicles, etc.

And buy, and totally overhaul, houses.  Plural intended.

These were people who pretended to be simple in taste, poor-ish in economic fluidity, and they pretended they moved to Missoula because Missoula was simple and unpretentious and had a median income of around 27k-30k.

These same people today are among what some idiots in Missoula call "the power brokers" of Missoula.

Never mind that the real power brokers of Missoula are Dennis Washington and the Lambros Family.

We have carpetbaggers who know nothing about the region and have no interest in its history.

Clearly they are the experts.

Clearly I'm the bigoted reactionary trying to stop progress.

Clearly, if only I'd become either cattle or thrall, my life would improve immensely.


YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, we must drive out the filthy proles whose hard work over decades made this town what it is, Lord Harkon commands it and the Volkihar Clan requires it!



You know, I don't really care if you want to be a Jew, or a Muslim, or a Seventh-Day-Adventist.

I think you should be allowed to believe whatever you want to believe.

My objection sits with the extension of your faith into a working model premised upon that faith being the Only Truth.

My protest is against pointing everyone's attention toward Christians and Christianity, scapegoating with distortions and lies, and doing so because you want your religion to become the Only Truth.

My beef is with Public Schools which sell the religious ideology of one faith in particular, while saying the nation (USA) is turning Theocratic and, horror of horrors, the theology pursued is Christian.  But when I see the Public Schools denigrating Christianity and praising Islam or Judaism, I wonder exactly how the nation has become a theocratic Christian regime.  Where is the evidence?

Also, I might be a bit quarrelsome when it comes to foreign aid.

How many nations are there on this planet?

How many of them are self-sufficient?

Of those which have thriving, first-world economies, should any receive US foreign aid -- when there are 2d and 3d world nations who supposedly are the most deserving?

Of all the first world nations, Israel is one of the strongest and most self-sufficient, economically speaking.

Why does it receive no-strings-attached US foreign aid, business investment, military and homsec contracting?

Why does it get those things while murdering and oppressing the people of Palestine?

And why has Missoula become another outpost of Israel First mentality?

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, who thinks that Old Missoula's relative lack of Jews was a good thing, but who expects the Jews of Missoula to continue treating him as if he were Mengele because, HOLYSHIT, Karl's not supposed to talk about these things.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

the daybreak zone

I suppose we should ask Chalupa what sorts of terrible, horrible, hateful, ignoble, reprehensible, deplorable, despicable things could be said about the EVIL REPTHUGLICANS and their "leading candidates."  What would Ding-Dong say?

He'd use a Star Trek meme, bro!  He'd reference an obviously disgusting alien race like the Triskelions and say "see, I told you!  the Triskelions always win!"

Which tells us nothing.  But it's an insider artiste / Kool Kids matter of secret knowledge.  So we're not supposed to "get it."  Only those with the JWDD/Chalupa secret decoder ring can translate the message.

I'm satirizing YOU, bro.

Because I thought you were Lefty when you were trolling.

Since I was too dumb to figure things out, it's YOUR fault.

Of course it is, Jeffrey.  You are indeed the most brilliant man-who-hates-masculinity-and-wants-to-be-gay-but-GOP-won't-let-him.


So you build a metaphoric Log Cabin at Chateau Crie-du-Chat, restyle yourself as an Urban Woodsman Hipster, go throw a frisbee at a metal pipe array (with chains) to feel BETTER NOW since you have a gay bro hookup spot next to the 8th tee and you return home, sphincter stretched and bloodied, once again relieved that you don't have to use your sex drive and penis with Earthgirl.  Those ugly, smelly vaginas don't really do it for you and never have.

Right Jeffrey?

or should I say,

Right Tarzie?

SCHWING!  I'm Ziggy Stardust!

Yeah, go cry in your borscht&matzoh soup, you sad bloodtank.

Not me.  I worship non-corporate artistes.

You think it's twilight -- for me.  But, no.

No, it's your dusk.

My day is dawning, poop chuter.

Coffee's brewing, bacon's in the skillet.

I'm gonna grab a cup of coffee, sit on the front porch and watch a few vampires fry in the sunlight.

Like Bill Kristol.

Oooh.  That smell.  It's definitely not Kosher.

I dunno, Billyboy.  What does cooking vampire smell like, anyway?  You're telling me vampires don't eat other vampires?  You've cooked a few humans in your time, Mister Batwing.  What did they smell like as they sizzled, popped and crackled?

-- Harold Caidagh, caul at the ready, shillelagh in hand, hurling away.

Friday, July 22, 2016

on the internet, you can be anything

Lugnuts and gramophones, I give you more Online Acting at the land of pretenders, "ridemonkey" --

BS. Mechanical Engineering
designed, and fabricated the following things
carbon Suspension bicycles
carbon Road bicycles
snowboard bindings
snowboard boots
gopo accessories
ipad accessories
military boats
fire dept boats
and footwear.....

Sure, whatever you say, "wiscodh."

How about some proof? I can be like you or Glenn Greenwald and allege all kinds of things in my history, state the list authoritatively and confidently, and hope that nobody asks for proof.

Will you be like Glenn Greenwald and have no way of proving your "constitutional law expert" chops?  When asked for proof, will you resort to Jewish Projection and say, "you're just jealous"?

Or can you prove that you've done what you listed there at just wastin' time bro, don't get so worked up bro?

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who feels fairly certain that you made up that list, "wiscodh". Graphical design and/or "colorways" suggestions are not the same as mechanical engineering aptitude or implementation. Please feel free to make me look very stupid and judgmental by offering your proofs.

watch jamie weinstein fabricate assault/battery and be passive-aggressive

You know Jamie Weinstein, don't you?  He's a Zionist Jew who thinks America should be run by Jews, for Jews, to the exclusion of non-Jews.  He works this psychological agenda/construct while talking and writing from the position of "tolerant, progressive" pundit.

Jamie used to visit this blog and try to lecture its roster on the blog's supposed anti-Semitism while Jamie ignored what Israel did to the Semitic people of Palestine.  He also claimed that this blog is misogynistic, a purveyor of rape fantasies, etc.

Jamie's a liar.

In case you didn't know that yet.

Watch him here:

(((Mainstream media))) people have claimed that Jamie's one of the funniest guys in DC.

Jamie's not from DC, he's a carpetbagger trying to (((legend of kidwoo))) himself to fame among eedjits.

As a DC native who has known lots of funny people in his lifetime, some of them Jewish (but not psychopathically so), I have to say that Jamie Weinstein is as unfunny as untalented "humorists" can be.  His "funny" is ideological, Zionistic, and judenuberalles in tone/content.

That would explain his passive-aggressive "create a scene" bullshit in the video above.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, nihilist comic whose work you love to read and laugh about, but are too embarrassed to acknowledge

don't mind him, he's a kook and thoroughly bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, cis-het-patriarchal, etc.

As usual: this blog has no position on "Byron York", what/whom he is, where he hails from, or what he actually believes. The quote is offered for the content of the quote, and nothing more.

You're scared because you thought the culture wars were real, meaningful shit.

You're an idiot.  But a smug, hollow-pride idiot, so be proud!

-- Harold Caidagh, who would happily go 12 rounds in the ring with any culture warrior, and emerge without a single culture warrior punch landing on him.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

oyveigh, oivay, huiebheigh

Dis heewing izz nay-oh in sezhin.

Dee awnahwubbill Pawl Baywuh pweesydeng.

Pweeze be zeeded.


Thank you Bailiff.

This morning's first case is Chalupa v. World. Before the court today is defendant's motion to dismiss the complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted. Let's hear from defendant's counsel first, as it's his motion. Counsel?

Thank you Judge, Hector Gliessen for Defendant, and may it please the court. Your Honor, Defendant has been in existence since before we can measure backward in time. The doings and workings of Defendant were in place long before the Plaintiff was even an erection in his father's penis. Nonetheless, Plaintiff seems to think Defendant is trying to destroy Plaintiff's life. Plaintiff complains that Defendant has not quickly enough approved of global communism, for example. But your Honor, we would remind the Court that communism has been tried in many places around the entirety of Defendant's physical boundaries, with never a whiff of success. Also, Plaintiff complains that in this very country where we are standing or sitting today, the United States of America, there is an ugly reactionary neo-Nazi movement --these are Plaintiff's words, your Honor: "ugly reactionary neo-Nazi"-- movement is threatening 2% of the American population. With words. Your Honor, this Court knows and has long understood that mere words are no threat to any one person's existence. However, your Honor, Defendant would acknowledge that certain words can bring about a decline in literacy. But we do not understand Plaintiff's complaint to be focused on literacy, your Honor. What Plaintiff really seems to want, Judge, is the ability to be free from all uncomfortable notions that may arise in a paranoid person's imagination. This Court is not empowered to control people's minds, as your Honor well knows. For grievances of the type Plaintiff alleges to suffer, this Court is empowered only to adjudge people's actions, not their words. Nobody among Defendant's populace has acted malevolently toward the Plaintiff, your Honor. Plaintiff's experience of malevolence and bad intent is completely a fabrication of his dream-world. It does not reflect reality. The Complaint should be dismissed. Thank you.

Thank you counsel. May we hear from Plaintiff's lawyers?

Yes your Honor. Peter Turgid for Plaintiff Chalupa, doing business as Jeffrey Popovich and/or BLCKDGRD. Your Honor, we're before the Court today to ask for some simple justice. As your Honor knows, justice is the business of this Court and that's why we're here. Since this court is about Justice, we're just asking this Court to do its job. Please grant the relief we seek. Defendants are lying psychopaths. Thank you.

Is that your entire argument, counsel?

We did submit motion papers, Judge.

Yes, and the Court has reviewed those papers. Is there anything more you'd like to add?

No your Honor. We believe this Court will do the right thing and determine that Defendant is a neo-Nazi enterprise determined to drag everyone back to the days of bubonic plague and Black Death and witches burned at the stake and castles dumping boiling oil over their ramparts.

Counsel, do you have a legal or factual basis for the relief you're seeking in this Complaint?

Your Honor, we appeal to this Court's sense of justice. We appeal to this Court's sense of even-handedness. We request that your Honor find Defendant a total psychopath.

On what ground or grounds, counsel?

Your Honor, my client has not had a good night's sleep since he turned 14 and hit puberty.


Judge, my client deserves sweet dreams and regular fantasies when in his slumbers.


Your Honor, the Chalupa enterprise is well-regarded as the foremost voice of progress in social awareness.

I'm afraid I'm not following you here, counsel.

My apologies, Judge. What I mean to suggest is that Mister Popovich is like a modern-day Albert Einstein or Galileo or Copernicus, a revolutionary thinker whose concepts will be taught in history books several hundred years from now.

I'm sure you don't mean to insult the Court, counsel, but I'm afraid I don't see anything remotely resembling what you just described in the work of Mister Popovich. Rather, I see something that reminds me of what fellow students were doing or trying to do when I was in something like 8th or 9th grade. Does plaintiff produce any works which are addressed toward anyone or anything other than a pre-teen audience?

Your Honor, with all due respect, your Honor might not be clever enough to see the 11-dimensional chess game that Mister Popovich is playing here.

Let's assume you're correct there, counsel, and that this Court --at least when limited so unfairly as to be relying upon my meagre intellect for understanding-- lacks the insights to properly value or assess Mister Popovich's artistic endeavors. Assuming I'm too dim-witted to see the brilliance of the Chalupa enterprise, why don't you walk me through it?

Yes, your Honor.  Of course.  Well, for starters, Plaintiff operates at least thirty-seven blogs, at each of which he proclaims admiration for people who have been known as Complete and Total Geniuses in their Fields.  I'm talking here, Judge, about authors such as Stanley Elkin, composers like Morton Feldman, painters like Mark Rothko, and poets like Owen Paine of the famous Simbeevah Movement in poetry.

I'm sorry, counsel, but whom exactly are these people you just listed? Let's take them one at a time.  Who is this "Owen Paine" person and what is the "famous Simbeevah Movement in poetry"?

Mister Paine is Plaintiff, your Honor, when working one of his many lines of creative genius under pseudonymous identity.

And where is the creative genius displayed, exactly, Counsel?

If the Court cannot discern such qualities on its own, Judge, we brought with us an Expert who can testify on those qualities residing in Plaintiff's brilliant mind.

(Hector Gliessen stands)

Mister Gliessen, it would appear you have something to offer on this line of Plaintiff's argument.

Yes, your Honor, and thank you.  Defendant simply would like to observe that Mister Turgid keeps stating conclusions about the alleged genius and cultural value of Plaintiff's work, but is thus far unwilling or perhaps unable to provide evidence supporting those conclusions.

(Gliessen sits back down)

I'm afraid I agree with counsel for Defendant, Mister Turgid.  If you expect your complaint to make it past today's arguments, you'll need to show some indicia of factual, evidentiary support for these rather expansive claims you're making.  Conclusions do not suffice.

But Judge -- it's Plaintiff's position that Mister Popovich is prima facie evidence of exemplary human genius, merely by his own existence.  So naturally whatever he produces is brilliant and essential for people centuries from now, who will need to study Mister Popovich's insights for the incomparable brilliance they possess.

Thank you counsel.  Mister Gliessen?

Your Honor, Defendant believes Plaintiff's best argument has just been presented, and is based on nothing more than conclusions unsupported by any evidence now or at any future time available.  Even if your Honor would let this case proceed normally, discovery would not yield evidence to support Plaintiff's complaint.  To let the matter proceed further wastes this Court's resources.  We'll just be back in twelve to eighteen months, next time under Summary Judgment auspices, to make the same arguments you're hearing today, Judge.  Nothing will have changed except the lost time on the calendar and the wasted judicial resources of this Court.  Plaintiff wants this Court to believe that its claims are demonstrated through the legal mechanism of res ipsa loquitur, but as this Court well knows, that doctrine applies only in the narrowest of circumstances, and those circumstances do not exist in the present case.  This Court should dismiss the Plaintiff's complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.

Mister Turgid.  I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree with Mister Gliessen.  I'm giving you one last opportunity to make an argument for retaining this complaint in the Court's docket.

Thank you Judge.  We'd just like you to look at Plaintiff's twitter account, because we think his popularity on twitter proves the irreplaceable, innovative and singular qualities of his immeasurable intellect.

Counsel, twitter is gossip.  This Court will not use twitter as evidence to support or withstand a motion to dismiss a complaint.  Motion granted.  Mister Gliessen, I'll be willing to entertain a motion for fees to be assessed against Plaintiff for wasting judicial and adversary time and expenses.


Mister Turgid -- you have something to say?

Yes, your Honor.  We OBJECT to any fee discussion or award.  This complaint was filed in the best of faith.  It's not Plaintiff's fault that this Court cannot properly appraise his genius.  We'll be filing an appeal within the statutory time.

Do what you must, counsel.  Bailiff?  Next case?

-- Paul Behrer, taking a few moments out of his morning to pretend he knows the legal world as well as Chet Redweld.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

nick gillespie likes it when binny netanyahu ass-rapes him

Otherwise, why is The Nickster spending so much energy making the same arguments from the same perspectives as an Upper West Side Jew?

-- Harold Caidagh, who has spent time on the Upper West Side and found it tough to see how he was in Manhattan and not Tel Aviv when so doing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

hello, my name is Kevin (((kidwoo on TGR/ridemonkey))) Bazar, and I'm a Jew!

In Lake Tahoe CA lives a Badass Mountain Midget named Kevin Bazar.

Kevin grew up in a gated Florida community comprised of 95% Jewish families, 5% non-Jewish families, the latter being admitted on Diversity grounds rather than forcing them to comply with the Judenuberalles game plan.

While growing up there, Kevin was tutored in Gay Snark and Jewish Projection.  By various paedophilic rabbis and community elders, in case you wondered by whom.

He also rode bicycles a little.  Though to hear him talk about it now in retrospect, he (1) invented the bicycle, (2) invented its post-Vietnam new form, the BMX 20", (3) became the foremost BMX rider and racer of all time, (4) was such a great BMX rider that people begged him to come show Stupid Goyim how to ride a bike in their Stupid Goyim town and, while there, help improve the Jewish Percentage in that town's populace.

On these grounds, Kevin traveled the country, dispensing Silly Shlomo "jokes" hovering around the 85 IQ, 7th grade completion with D+ average mindset capacity.  In each town he visited, he used rohypnol to "persuade" teenage boys and girls to "come see his cool BMX bike in his hotel room" where the unfortunate boys and girls later woke with an extremely sore asshole and ligature marks around their wrists, ankles and throat.  But since they also found $1,000 USD in cash in their pocket, they never complained.


Kevin was an early adopter of Internet Image Projection Strategy.  He was one of the first to build an online image of Kool Kid.  In the early days of, the first large-traffic MTB related website, Kevin quickly established himself as the funniest 8th grader in the room.

You're an idiot!

You're a misogynist homophobe!

I'mma roost yo faisssss!

You can see how such behavior would create a durable Personal Brand. Look at the insights, the depth of wisdom, the scope of holistic analysis and problem-solving inherent in his Progressive Snark!

He made himself into a Badass Mountain Midget, and nobody could ever successfully call into question his Badassedness, or observe openly and honestly his Midgetude.


Naturally, as a Rich Paedophilic Jewboy with a Trust Fund, Kevin found no trouble buying a house in Lake Tahoe and supporting himself easily in one of America's most expensive locations.

Naturally, too, the Online Kevin Bazar -- by this time, using the monniker "kidwoo" in homage to his happy use of rohypnol -- fabricated a myth which said this:

I'm poor as fuck, don't have a greasy shekel to my name, but somehow I manage to pay a mortgage in Lake Tahoe, have a machine shop adjacent to my house (what luck!), and by sheer serendipity I seem to just have faeries and Good Witch Wiccans annually dispensing $25k in outdoor gear for my loving use.  You may ask why all this generosity happens for me, and that's a good question.  The answer?  I'm such a funny guy that people literally throw stuff in my direction as thanks for my entertaining humor.

This construct became known as the Badass Mountain Midget Bazar Mythology, a/k/a "the legend of kidwoo."


A few people have asked me, "Paul, why does Kevin Bazar have such bitter negativity toward the TGR poster known as creaky fossil?"

The obvious answer is, of course, obvious.

And correct.

It's this:  Kevin is jealous of creaky fossil's abilities in sports and in writing and in comedy.  Also obvious is that these jealousies exist even though the person behind creaky fossil is at least a decade older than the person behind kidwoo, while still being a better athlete, a more humane person, a funnier comedian, and a better writer than the person behind kidwoo.


Perhaps that needs deconstruction.

If it does, I'd like to point you in the direction of Vox Day's blog, where it's explained in simple terms.**
Are you Gamma? 1 of 2
The author of Graduating Gamma has composed a helpful list to permit Gamma males to identify themselves:
  • In the past year you can’t recall a single serious online discussion you were wrong about anything.
  • In the past two years you can’t recall one discussion with any friends or family in which you were wrong about anything.
  • When you are having an argument with someone and it appears you are wrong, the most common belief and defense is the other person simply doesn’t understand what you are saying.
  • When discussing matters with someone and you think you are maybe, possibly being shown to be wrong you start to get snarky, crack lame jokes, and immediately try to change the subject.
  • If someone holds an opinion contrary to yours, and you don’t think you have a good defense immediately to hand you start to look for unrelated ways to disqualify the other person as at least knowledgeable about the subject, and even going so far as to disqualify them as a good person or even a person at all.
  • Definitions are tenuous for you and words can be redefined at leisure during a discussion. If someone quotes the dictionary and it disagrees with your definition they are arguing unfairly and the dictionary is wrong.
  • When finally shown you are wrong about something it is devastating, you remember it for months or years, avoid that place or people, and consider your time there a failure as a person.
  • You can’t even take a mild ribbing about anything outside of a few harmless topics from other guys, and immediately fly into a barely controlled rage and seek some sort of vengeance if you are lampooned by anyone. This isn’t upping the competition, but hatred of the other and you will avoid that person or speak badly of them.
  • In contrast you’ll sit idly by as a woman openly mocks you as you are just being “nice”.
  • Now that you think about it, in this last year or two you can recall several women cracking jokes at your expense, mocking you, degrading you to their friends, and otherwise holding you in low regard without any fear of consequences.
  • The thought of being at the center of a comedy roast fills you with dread.
  • You think width of knowledge is more important than depth of knowledge.
  • You are an expert on everything and always ready to give your opinion even when you aren’t sure—then again a Gamma is always sure of his knowledge so you probably give your opinion on most everything all of the time.
  • If someone says they aren’t interested in your opinion you take it as a personal slight, they aren’t interested in you, and probably hate you as well.
  • If someone tells a story you immediately have to follow up that story with one of your own, which may or may not be related to the topic, and of course is more interesting, more important and longer. If you don’t have a good story you’ll say something snarky afterwards to diminish the other story.
I can't imagine a better explanation of Kevin Bazar's legend of kidwoo bullshit.

Like Fonzie on Happy Days, little Kevvie can't admit he was wrr-....wrrrrr-....wrrrrrrrrrr-.

So naturally he's a hero and not a liar, and naturally he doesn't think creaky fossil's going to make his life miserable through entirely legal, above-board mechanisms.

How great it must be to have such an immense smugness, so large that it obscures the impacts of your smug displays everywhere, and so gargantuan that it prevents you from even for a moment contemplating that your "humor" isn't humor at all, but pathetic provocation which sometimes results in a negative end for you.

-- Paul Behrer, 1st Recon sniper for Cinco Puntas.


** This blog holds no collective opinion regarding --let alone approval of-- either of "Vox Day" or his collected writings.  At the same time, the entry here regarding gammas is fairly well explained, and it saved us from deconstructing Kevin Bazar's strange I'm Never Wrong behavior.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

marketing, introduction to: MKTG 001

You should read this blog because its overseer Chet Redweld just took, for fun, a vocabulary test and scored in the top 0.01%, which result earned this descriptor:

Your English vocabulary size is 30500

★★★ Top 0.01%

You are Shakespeare! You can even create new words that will expand the English dictionary.

I'll be the first to say I don't ever mistake Chet for Willie Spear-Shaker, but he does have a slightly better than Much Better than Average handle on the English language and its use to superior effect and advantage -- especially in rhetoric, debate, litigation and persuasion.

But don't take my word for it.  Ask Hal, ask the plaintiffs in the GRH lawsuit, ask the lawyers of the Butz, Cox & Dynia law firm that represented the GRH plaintiffs.  Ask anyone who ever has hired or consulted Chet.

You'll see.  You'll learn. 

Will it be soon enough?

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, unofficial biographer of Chet Redweld.

Monday, July 11, 2016

random wisdom, the rare utilitarian tweet

-- Paul Behrer, using his 20 mins/day allotment for checking on why people follow twitter, wondering why people say it's so vital, and usually finding 98% refuse 1% blah-blah 1% might repeat that one.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

the truth you can't handle, Section 1.0

Reader named Sarah N. DePetti left the blog a message which contained but a simple link to a photograph.  Here is the photograph she linked:

Say, would you have any idea who used the Irish as slaves?

Hang on.  I think Nicholson knows.


Remember, all religions are dipshittery except Judaism, and theocracies are terrible misanthropic regimes unless they're Israel.

Who baits, provokes, cajoles, cons, swindles, cheats, lies, harasses, bullies, shoots, launches rockets and mortars, drives tanks over innocents and then claims victim status, alleging the world is "anti-Semitic" even though the Semitic people are Palestinian and not Jewish or Israeli?


The light makes the cockroaches and vampires scatter.

-- Harold Caidagh, whose ancestors were treated like shyte by Volkihar Clan members.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Jack Nicholson's quotable lines

You know them, don't you?

Here's Johnny!

Get out of my way son, you're usin' my oxygen.

I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.


Well, this one falls under that last category:

Perhaps you can see now why Karl, myself, Paul and Hal made such a big deal about mocking Gay Snark over the past 6-7 years.

Good job, progressives.

You've alienated exactly the people you pretend to want to help.

You reveal your Servitude.

Whom or what do you Serve? 

The Volkihar Clan.

Their leader?

Lord Harkon.  

And don't be fooled by the TES "Nord" characteristic.  Those TES story writers have more up their sleeves, you just spent too much time mocking them to see their literal magicks.   That right there, Buster, is true irony for you.

Here is Lord Harkon in meatspace:

Metaphorically speaking, that is.  Mr N is just a front man for a whole ideology -- Domination of Planet Earth.

Why does Mother's Brother Samuel give so much money to the Volkihar Clan?

To disinterested, un-ally-ed eyes the Volkihar Clan looks quite capable of maintaining its own economy and defense.

What does the Volkihar Clan do for MoBroSam that causes Sam-well to be so profligate in his money-based, Youza dom/for policy-based, foreign-investment-based largesse toward the Volkihar Clan?

It's a question I'd ask, if I were the member of a household where Home Steward continually gave money to someone in some far-off locale, whose uses of that money seem to benefit me none at all, and maybe even in the negative direction.  Nothing given the far-off beneficiary is helping me within the household overseen by Home Steward.  Why would I want HS to constantly ship $$ or other household resources to far-off beneficiary? 

Because I can Virtue Signal by turning a blind eye toward the malfeasances, misdeeds, murders, tortures, oppression, displacement, maiming, and psychologically destroying neighboring people?


What if I pretend to discern this bias toward the Volkihar Clan, even occasionally moving me toward uttering a tweet that suggests maybe the Clan sometimes behaves in an untoward fashion where the Clan's immediate neighbors are concerned?

What if all of my life's value choices have supported the Volkihar Clan's agenda, yet I believe myself a fiercely independent artiste who is savvy about political grappling, akido, judo, jiu-jitsu, etc.?

What if the highly respectable Public Education System did not teach me how to think, but instead required me to think a certain way, making certain assumptions, and leaving a great many things unquestioned?

What if every Acknowledged Expert for my chosen Team actually is serving Volkihar Clan agenda points, while presenting them in a way that fairly well obscures that agenda's existence, and even might obscure the Clan's role in things, generally speaking?

What if the way an Expert gets Acknowledged is by a stringent vetting process established by Clan members in positions of authority, to such an extent that the Experts are mere conduits rather than independent analysts?

What if you think you're well-informed and deeply/broadly educated, only to discover that you've been mostly programmed and groomed, in the subtlest ways possible, subtleties practiced by grifters and confidence men for millennia, in lands all across planet Earth?

If any of the above applies to you, and you offer yourself as a wise, informed person whose opinions have heft and motive force, it's probably because


-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who recognizes Jack Nicholson's fine acting talents, in no matter what kind of role he's played.