Sunday, June 19, 2016

yo, Mr-Ms-Zs-Xs Treble Parentheses!

How's about you stop projecting your FUCKING PARANOIA onto every non-Jew you encounter?

1) Your claims that Christians "are taking over US Govt" or "have always run US Govt" are your way of hiding the GREEDY JEW takeover of that Govt as well as state and local ones.  PROJECTION to hide evil intent.  No wonder you keep getting kicked out of nations around the world.

2) To those of you who munch carpet or suck pole, your insecurity about being Gay or Lesbian causes you to assume everyone ELSE definitely HATES you for your same-sex sex-having.  Again, you're wrong and PROJECTING.  No wonder you keep getting kicked out of nations around the world.

3) Your desire to bring Multi-Culti to everyone everywhere is a big glaring problem showing your solipsistic psychopathic destructiveness.  Let's look at your Theocratic Homeland:  ISRAEL.  In ISRAEL, non-Jews are 2d class citizens if not on-the-spot deportation or extermination candidates.  ISRAEL is not practicing Multi-Culti AT ALL.  It's doing the diametric opposite.  Say one thing, do the opposite?  No wonder you keep getting kicked out of nations around the world.

4) Your desire to "progress" every new locale you move to is yet another glaring ethno-religious flaw you harbor.  You make NO ATTEMPT at integrating, always staying separate, telling your children they can't date, kiss, or fuck a goyim.  Certainly they can't marry one.  Your agenda is to convert every place you live into a Jew-dominated landscape.  No wonder you keep getting kicked out of nations around the world.


It's your misanthropic, anti-social, narcissistic practice AS A GROUP which causes antipathy toward you.

You want to believe in Yahweh, in Chosen-ness, in Star of David?  Fine.  Please do that.

You want to try to convert me, or my town's local government, or the character of my town?  Get ready to experience my fist crashing into your face.  Get ready to feel my foot exploding your testicles.  Get ready to lose to Chet Redweld in litigation.  Get ready to have your pathetic metrosexually oriented, gender-indeterminate MiniJews harassed, beaten up, etc by their peers since most humans who aren't MiniJews don't like arrogant selfish fucktards.

Get ready for your comeuppance, in other words.  The world is once again turning against your globalizing narcissistic plans.  Another Hitler isn't needed.

We're gonna start by taking down Mark Tushnet and your little bad-breath bulldog Binny Net&Yahoo better buy some life insurance.

-- Harold Caidagh, who fears no Jew.


Chet Redweld said...

Hal, this is a SMBIVA-like inversion, is it not?

You have heard these kinds of sentiments from Jewish persons, accusing Christians and/or Muslims and/or Mormons of similar things?

And let's be clear: you personally are not threatening anyone, despite taking artistic license with the concept of verbal "assault" (quotation marks intended to show euphemism rather than legal categorization), correct?

What do you think makes these various Jewish people you've encountered behave in this strangely accusatory fashion toward non-Jewish people? Any thoughts?

Harold Caidagh said...

I'm not threatening anyone, Chet.

I'm relating what I've heard from Jewish people I know and/or read, and/or have seen or heard in news-ish media.

It's more about how Jews seem comfortable accusing everyone else, while being unable to hear any parallel accusations toward themselves -- these, they counter with instant YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE! charge.

I'm just interested in seeing people play even-handedly. If you're religious, don't pretend that YOUR religion is excused and the lone source of truth, while asserting that other religions are IDIOTIC and/or their followers are MORONS.

I'm also remembering a young woman I tried to date in high school, she was Jewish, her parents would not allow her to go on a date with me. I had no problem with the young lady being Jewish nor with her parents being Jewish, but they had large problems with me being NOT Jewish.

Also, there's that 800-lb gorilla in the tiny little room: how much money does the USA give to Israel each year?

As an Irishman, I want to know why that money doesn't go to Ireland.

Harold Caidagh said...

Might be my request for even-handedness is rooted in things like this:

If you can't be honest about something, just rewrite history!

Hey, isn't there an old saying that says, "history is written by the winners"?

So this Elderly Liar was imagining he'd win if the lie was repeated often enough?

He's just one guy, but similar myths are everywhere, offered and repeated by many.