Monday, June 20, 2016

whose vision is clearest?

Looks to me like Chet Redweld sees clearest of all.

Analog to GRH vs UNSF/Caidagh.

Why is Seis Puntas trying to tell the RC Church how to do its business? 


-- Harold Caidagh, expecting Israel to declare war on the Vatican in 3...2...1....


Paul Behrer said...

I dunno, Hal. Archie seems to think he's satirizing Chet with "latheChuck," so I'd listen to Archie the solipsistic narcissist, since solipsistic narcissism is the mode of the present era and the style of the era's "thought leaders."

Fake proto-druid sockpuppets tell tumbleweeds that Archie is the True Seer, despite Archie taking directly from this blog whatever half-solid insights he offers.

This week's homework assignment: read a know-nothing nobody's analysis of Sumerian symbology in the Abyssinian lexicon! Tune in next week, where we shall continue this elucidation with tremendous perspicacity!

unknown said...

(Deborah Knauer)

Last week we felled 34 trees with a 100-foot ball of twine and two butter knives from some cutlery we found at a thrift shop. This week we are turning the trees into lumber for our cabin, and our mill uses random chunks of slate and granite as the sawblade analog. We expect to have functional timber in under 48 hours, if my hourglass and sundial calculations are accurate.

Despite the fact that we are living in an area where temperatures average 15-22 deg F as a winter daytime high, our cabin will be entirely geothermally heated. Using straws we've stolen from the evil McDonald's at the nearest highway exit, we have drilled down to the magma layer and will plumb the magma into the floor and walls of our cabin. To prevent the timber from burning, we have extracted asbestos from an abandoned quarry, using teaspoons for mining and 7-11 Big Gulp cups for transportation of mined ore.

To run our computers, we created solar panels made from scraps of foil stolen from that same McDonald's, but by diving in their dumpster and recovering foil. The foil often is greasy, but our goats lick it clean. We've trained them to not eat the foil, just lick it. They're happy goats!

The rest of the solar panels construction elements are found by flying to Silicon Valley and dumpster diving at the various neotech startup factories. It's amazing what they throw away. We've found 10 panels of 4'x10' size, all nearly entirely intact, missing only foil reflector material. When you become a Green Wizard, this sort of serendipity just falls into your lap.

For homework, I'm reading Paragonistic Epigones of the Manichaean Ambulators, by Hermiston Panterwood IV.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

I agree with Pablo.

Archie's feeling the heat. Sensitive to his own duplicity, and fearing that lying tendency's exposure, he does a Team Hexagon and redirects attention toward "lawyers" as a class of people.

It's exactly like "owen paine" and "Michael J. Smith" used to do whenever Chuck or I exposed another stupidity of Marxist-Leninist-Communist-levelplayingfield thought.

Trustafarians do this too. Watch on TGR as Kevin "kidwoo" Bazar can't handle being pinged in the same way he pings others. He overcompensates for his midget stature by exploding as if a mini-Jewnuke designed to destroy the goyim who prevent him from attaining his rightful Global Emperor status.

Insecurity is the strongest sign of a person overestimating his/her own intellectual chops.

If you knew your shit in the arenas where you comment, you'd have no reason to explode when someone challenges you. Instead, you'd calmly say, "sorry, but that's not correct." And you'd offer proof of the error.

The insecure, self-impressed doltish trustafarian, however, cannot manage this. He or she has built an Online Expert Mythology, and many whose S-B is in the double-digits fall for the Myths, being too unclever and, to put it plainly, stupid to see the Myth is but a fable sold by a person plagued by feelings of inadequacy, smallness, and eternal victimhood.

Thus, in the case of Mr Bazar, we see tagalongs like stuckathuntermtn, powdork, Joetron, Marsha LOL-SON! hopping onto a TGR forum and praising the genius insights of The kidwoo Mythology Standard-Bearer, a/k/a Kevin Bazar the Midget.

These idiots are too stupid to realize that Kevin has been stealing from this blog and its predecessors for over 10 years, and if left to his own "insights" and comical attempts, he'd still be dragging knuckles and offering 8th grader "humor" in the form of such brilliant messages as "you're an IDIOT" and "I know you are but what am I?" and "IMMA ROOST YO FAISSSSSSSSS!"

Kevin (((kidwoo))) Bazar said...

Listen, if I gave YOU credit for what I offer as my own comic imaginings, people would realize I have no insights of my own in any dimension except Mountain Midget Mythology, and even there the Myths are built entirely from things I've stolen from you and others who, like you, are much more imaginative and intelligent than I am.

In the UberJew colony where I was raised in Florida, we all agreed that OUR view of success is simply to follow this formula:

1) Find a goyim whose intellect and humor make an UberJew like me feel smaller than my self-hating insecurities already have caused.

2) Steal the verbal indicia of that goyim intellect and humor and present it as my own.

3) Wait for sub-normal IQ but supra-normal narcissism people to come along and see my thefts, and assume that the thefts aren't thefts but products of my own brain/mind.

4) Buy these me-too tagalongs various gifts, to ensure they consider me a generous genius.

5) Gloat from my Flying Carpet perch.

6) Get pinged by someone smarter and more insightful than I am.

7) Over-react with accusations of paedophilia, which ought to shut down the goyim who actually possesses the genius I do not.

8) Get surprised when filthy goyim doesn't shut up about my lies and myths.

9) Deflect onto a new target of tepid insult and juvenile put-down, while handing out more gifts to ensure my Kingly status remains intact.

10) Revel in the tagalongs' praising of my Eternal Genius, which deep down my my Jewboy Heart I know is a fraudulent theft of the work of goyim whose talents I cannot match let alone best.

Harold Caidagh said...

Poor Jews. Everything has to be mythologized. Lies must be sold to fellow humans as "well that's just how humans are: liars!" and thereby, the Jew excuses his/her own lying inclinations by alleging it's a human trait, rather than a Jewish one.

Who started the idea of a separation between Business and Personal? As in, "nothing personal, it's just business"? Do you know?

Yes, you guess correctly: the Jew. Once again, covering own unethical behavior by making it seem like everyone else is responsible for the problem.

Oi vey, duplicity is truth, and integrity is for fools!

This is the command of Yahweh: be the flea, suck the blood, mock the dogs and tell everyone to be a cat if not a flea, because dogs are "stupid".

Is there any clearer demonstration of misanthropy, sociopathy or psychopathy than the practice of Judaism?

H.M. Lohmann said...

I'm still curious as to how The Michael made enough money to not need income presently.

Who is John Michael Greer and how did he get his trust fund/annuity infused with cash?

We can tell these Qs cut through the fat-laden Archie body and strike close to the bone, because Archie's sock puppets have begun criticizing lawyers from out of nowhere.

Looks like Archie's jealous of Chet's brainpower, sorta like (((kidwoo))) is.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Or like David (((rontele))) Rontal is, eh Hy?

Chet Redweld said...

Careful, lads. This sort of entertainment is likely to get the ADL and other entities on the warpath and eager to label this blog as anti-Semitic.

As I always say, I'll happily defend the blog again as I did in the GRH matter, but it's going to cost you -- and you'd probably do better spending that money elsewhere.

Mind your Papas and Quebecs.

Harold Caidagh said...

I'll mind my Ps and Qs after I ask the tumbleweeds to open their own minds to the following picture's portrayals. Please notice how Islam and Muslims become puppets and kicked-cans, thereby demonizing two (((kryptonite))) groups -- Christians and Muslims -- for the price of one. L'chaim, and a mitzvah! Also, advancement of der Juedenvolk. SUCHADEEEEEEEEL!

Also I'm ready to start taking apart Libby Warren and Mark Tushnet whenever the other scribblers here are motivated on that little task.