Tuesday, June 21, 2016

stupid, cocky, and unable to weather criticism

You want BREAKING NEWS of a kind you can't get from the BlogTrust, the Frilly Blouse Brigade, the Transgender Scouting Troop, or (((Glenn Greenwald)))?

Here it is.

During Janet Yellen's testimony earlier today before the Senate Banking Committee, she asserted that the Fed has the legal grounding for negative interest rates.

Though she couched the certitude about legal authority in skeptical language, the real core message is that the Fed thinks it's perfectly legal and acceptable to use (-) interest rates.

And if the Fed thinks that, then the Fed will act upon it. 

Seis Puntas uber alles!

Team Hexagon!

(((Janet Yellen)))

(((Federal Reserve Bank)))

CHRISTER-CRACKERS TAKING OVER US GOVT! says Jeff Popovich, idiotically ignorant of any grounding in reality, but well-versed in ideological snark and self-assured fake wisdom.

-- Paul Behrer, who will gladly carry the casket of any member of Team Hexagon, since that means one fewer reactionary psychopath on the landscape.

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