Friday, June 24, 2016

sickly, pale, weak, insecure, childish and pathetic

Do you know Nancy Isenberg?

Nancy is a "famous" history distorter and fiction writer.

She resembles Elizabeth McGovern, but hasn't got McGovern's self-assurance, composure, magnetism or maturity.


To prove to Seis Puntas, Shiny Betty and the Mossy Add that she deserves an honorary Israeli citizenship, Nancy "researched" and then wrote a fictional narrative called

White Trash: the 400-year-old untold history of class in America

and it's not the sort of black humor you'd expect from someone like Lenny Bruce.


It's a compendium of condescending recollections by people with pitiful sieve-like errant memories and an embarrassing need to feel superior.


What motivates a pseudo-scholar to do such a thing as write this kind of false history?

Could it be that her mind was warped from kindergarten through award of PhD by Frankfurt School softly peddled Marxist thought, and from that we can discern a distinct hatred toward los pobrecitos, which thereby shows one of the real aims of Marxism?

In case you were wondering, that real aim would be this:

Through hagiography, eliminate the lowly blue collar worker by disparaging him or her when caucasian but not a practitioner of Judaism.

(the word "hagiography" is very pretentious, but as a matter of economic saving of letters typed, it fits best here)

(feel free to replace it with this:  utter bullshit masquerading as accurate historical accounts)


I know this isn't common, and perhaps happens so rarely as to be struck from everyone's "records", but what about the poor blue collar Jew in America?

I knew a few of them in high school.

They were distinguished by their failure to pretend at a superiority found among those from the same race and religion but slightly higher socioeconomic standing.

They didn't act like they were better than the blue collar situation they found themselves in.  They didn't pretend they deserved to be Kings but struggled to live as serfs.

Is it permissible in politically correct hagiography to name the blue-collar Jew as being a member of White Trash?

I don't mean anything by it.  I'm just sayin'.

-- Harold Caidagh, who has been afflicted with a white rash his entire life, and who grew up among people who didn't even own a necktie or "sport jacket" let alone suit.  He assumes this makes him a member of the awful White Trash sector in America, but he doesn't feel the shame that Nancy "sociopathic liar" Isenberg wants him to feel.  Rather, he feels what he has for many years called Redneck Pride, and would enjoy introducing this concept and perspective to "doctor" Isenberg whenever she'd like to entertain his presence.


Paul Behrer said...

Nancy's mustache almost is invisible in that photo.

Wonder if she was born as Nathan Isenberg.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Jeff Popovich probably agrees with this book's bullshit arguments and pseudo-evidence.


Harold Caidagh said...

Y'all ever heard of the JAP who isn't of Japanese descent?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Yeah yeah yeah, she looks like E McG but it ends at superficial similarity prompted by airbrushing of the upper lip hair and surgical reconstruction of the nez. Might even wear fake-color contact lenses as well.

Seated side by side at a dinner table across from you, it would not be tough to discern the McGovern from the Isenberg.

Like Zark Muckerberg, Incy Nasenberg is jealous of the Christian white people, and therefore has to imagine an income vehicle which puts them down. Zark put them under his own thumb, Incy put them under her tome's weight.

Probably not a lot different from what's recounted here:

Maybe some day, a darkly enlightened Jew with objectivity and self-awareness can explain the Jewish propensity to complain about how non-Jewish regions around the world don't automatically reflect an Urbane Fancy Jew perspective, and why, as a follow-up, the Jew tries desperately to convert that region into a Fancy Jew Region.

It's not enough that there's grotesque material display in Tel Aviv or West Orange?