Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sammy Autics

There seems to be a little symbolism going on here.

Is that derby'd fellow a tax collector?

An emissary from the National Government making sure the locals are kept in line?

If this were America, might he be from the Department of Education, ensuring that No Child is Left Behind?

Or from the Department of Homeland security, making the rounds for possible domestic terrorists?

Perhaps he's the chap from the TSA, ready to give pat-downs to ensure nobody's bringing a shampoo bomb or shoelace incendiary or tampon explosive to any function of any kind.

Could be he's from Department of Justice, making sure everyone's home computer complies with necessary user tracking requirements under its authority for investigation, indictment, prosecution and conviction-based enforcement of all federal domestic security laws and regulations.


Look at how they seem to be making the village look good for the derby'd fellow's necessary approval.

But then... a wicker man?

What is this trying to say?

Who's the derby'd fellow at the end?  Was this a Rip van Winkle dream?  Or is that rain falling, and the rain extinguished the wicker man fire?

Do you know the UK mythology around Wicker Men?  I don't.

-- H.M. Lohmann, somewhat stymied by the things in the video.

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Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Here's one point for you, Hy.

Notice the JOBE'S markings on the apple crates & cider production.

Yorke probably is telling you that something sold as "green" and "eco-conscious" is a gilt frame job appealing to your vanity while destroying your soil and your body.

Just try goo gulling JOBE'S and see what you find.

Here's another:

The painter seems to be painting the door in a fresh coat of red, but through some (((coincidence))) when the occupant looks at the painter, the painter has just finished putting a red X on the door. Try looking up literature and folk tale references for such symbols painted on doors.