Thursday, June 9, 2016

last gasps

paren-paren-paren TEXT paren-paren-paren


According to the paranoiacs whose spines have been replaced with a slurry of homogenized stem cells and opposite-gender hormones, the above format is evidence of Clear, Obvious and Conclusively Established Anti-Semitism.


What we are seeing here, along with the insanity of Mark Tushnet's recent public offerings, is the obvious sign of a cornered rodent, who resembles more than anything else the character Rat from the comic Pearls Before Swine.

Always remember:  when people start to point out your misdoings and the evil effects of your behavior, the only reason someone might do such pointing-out is bigotry.  It has nothing to do with how big a prick you are, how narcissistically you act, nor how blind you are to the negative ripples moving ever outward from your self-centered behavior. 

This is true, this abject and total innocence, because you are Chosen, and Yahweh has ordered you to be the flea, rather than the dog. 

Suck the dog's blood, flea.  That's why you were put on Earth.

-- Harold Caidagh, who's had it about UP TO HERE! with this crap from Team Hexagon, and if unleashed will turn his barks into bites.

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