Wednesday, June 15, 2016

it's a record of goo. a goo journal, maybe a goo log.

Mr Solzhenitsyn spoke the truth, but you don't want to hear it because you were "educated" by people who were trained in Frankfurt School soft-peddling of Marxist-Leninist collectivism.  You are governed by what "feels fair" rather than what IS fair.  Or maybe fairness is of no concern to you, because you are Chosen.

The main problem with this emotional pull toward "fairness" and "equality" is that you can't beat what exists naturally -- humans vary from person to person in talent, ability, intellect, compassion, humility.  There is no "level playing field" in humanity.  There's just a field on which we all get a chance to do our thing(s), whatever it(they) may be.

The humane solution to inequality is a humane, individual response.

We see how such humanity plays out in Israel, as regards the natives of Palestine.

There is no compassion.

There is no humanity.

There is no empathy.


This little piggy ran all the way home.

To avoid the butcher.

To stay kosher.


-- Harold Caidagh, who once again reminds you that he doesn't care what religion/worldview you want to follow, as long as you do not insist everyone else follow the same.


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Once again I'm pointing at the Amerika blog for what you need to understand, Chalupas of the world:

It's more than a happy co-inky-dink that Chuck used to run a blog called "cancer logic" and talked about these things there. You don't remember because you determined Chuck is a misogynist rapist homophobe bigot reactionary. You did this because you mistakenly believed Chuck is on your team because he enjoys strange fringe music, but you didn't realize that Chuck likes that music for what it is rather than because "liking" that music makes him part of a tribe of Kool Kids.

Like Chet, Chuck doesn't get involved in "liking" something just so it will make him more "popular" with a given crowd of humans.

That's also like me, and like Pablo, and like Hal. And apparently, from her quick drive-by recently, also like Anne.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Wait a minute. If Chet's a lawyer and in that role he worked to further a client's interests, doesn't that mean he would rhetorically "like" something just because his client did it or wanted it done?

Chet Redweld said...

Hy never practiced law.

Hy, you should go re-read my mildly fictionalized "mental health counseling" session.