Monday, June 20, 2016


It's everyone else's fault that I experience angst, envy and jealousy, and it's their fault I'm not popular.

For example:  the USA should be Socialist, but isn't due to RIGHTWING ASSHOLE CRACKERS!

I want Socialism because I want everything handed to me, especially POPULARITY.

My shrink told me I should have given up on that teenage goal some time around age 21.

HOLYFUCK is that shrink an IDIOT, probably a Christer-Cracker RIGHTWING asshole too.

I've never really examined Socialism, but I know it's what all the Kool Kids endorse.

And I've known since 7th grade that the Kool Kids know EVERYTHING!

The Kool Kids told me I should listen to Arvo Part and Morton Feldman.

I listened to both.  Didn't like either one, but I really really want to be a Kool Kid.

Then I realized:  Part & Feldman are Kool because their art is shitty, and shitty art pisses off CRACKERS!

Around the same time, I started playing with poetry, and focused on really shitty poetry.

I chose poetry because the greatest number of gay dudes were into poetry, more than painting even.

I told myself I was progressive for befriending gay dudes and courting their attention with shitty poetry.

If my grandparents hadn't been CRACKERS I might've realized I was rationalizing my own desire to suck cock.

Because Grams & Paps were CRACKERS I could not be open with my desire for COCK-o-RAMA.

Instead of being comfortable with being a faggot, I chose to get married and have a kid.

I had to do this because of RIGHTWING Cracker Christer asshole bigot patriarchy promoters.

Fucking RIGHTWING makes me lack self-confidence.  HOLYFUCK!

If we were a Socialist nation, I would be married to Sergio with 12 cats 4 parakeets and a pair of gerbils.

Instead I'm married to a vagina-bearer and have a vagina-bearer as my offspring.  HOLYFUCK.


-- Harold Caidagh, who finds Jeff Popovich's galaxy of blindspots and universe of hypocrisies the easiest truckload of joke fodder to transport.

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