Wednesday, June 15, 2016

hear it, get it, get after it!

Smart analysis, but her lack of a graduate parchment and faculty appointment will cause cries of BULLSHIT SELF-HATING MISOGYNIST.

-- Paul Behrer, admirer of smart, courageous and outspoken women everywhere.


Paul Behrer said...

She has nice grouping on the shots fired around the 6 minute mark.

Can't even begin to count the number of times I've talked to people into any kind of non-mainstream pop/rock who think exactly like angry femmes of the type more recently personified by Hugo Schwyzer, PZ Meyers, Choo-Choo-Charlie Davis, Jeff Popovich and Jacques Krogh-Barr III.

"If you listen to alt-rock, you have to be a Marxist Feminist!"

Kiss my arse, you pretentious artsy-fartsy aesthete.

And at 10 minutes, she explains Chalupa's self-hatred.

Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...

I became a fat bowling pin because I was led to believe competition and athletics were Dumb Meathead Jock Repthuglican Patriarchal Oppressor traits.

That's when Binny started plowing a furrow between my ass cheeks and he's still there, it's a commercial farming operation now.

I'm a planet, named after a b-52s' song said...

Thanks to my dad's spinelessness, I now have strange relationships with my boyfriends. I can't decide whether I want them to be self-reliant in ways opposite my father, or if I want them to be even more spineless than Dad, more feminized than he is, more ignorant while preening as a savant than dear old Pappy. So I vacillate between the 1%'er stable, mature young men and the 99%'er idiot metrosexuals and ultimately none of them makes me happy.

Thanks dad.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Maybe Chalupa needs to quit failing at elevated, subtle satire and get himself into The Black Pill outlook. It's the doorway to enlightenment, but it's a dark dark place.

Still, its darkness is that of a long tunnel crossing, the kind you get mid-crossing, there's faint light behind and increasingly brighter light ahead.

If being in the tunnel scares you, turn around and retreat. To the luminescence, or at least phosphorescence, that you know.

The real light is ahead. Go on and make your choice when the mid-tunnel darkness hits you.

Or you can stay where you are, imagining yourself a genius of insights while being shackled in every way to the false narrative sold by Team Hexagon, whose influence you discount because you're afraid of the anti-Semite label and because your vaunted public schools were modified by Team Hexagon's "scholars" and "administrators" to ensure your everlasting befuddlement.

Paul Behrer said...

This is what happens when your flea brain spends its energy on "art" while pretending that it needs no additional information on matters you've never studied, like politics, sociology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, law, jurisprudence, theories of government, criminal process/"justice", or religion.

The artfags will circle around you and hold your fleapeds to the fire, demanding you recant all former allegiance to competitive testosterone fueling in athletics or other combat analogs, and swear obedience to feminism (v1.0, v2.0, v3.0 it doesn't matter) and Judaism and Israel and multi-culti while ignoring the facts that (1) biologically men and women are entirely different in dimensions other than morphology, (2) athletics and war/combat simulation are the only healthy competitive outlets, (3) Judaism and Israel are encouraging multi-culti everywhere except Israel, and finally, (4) the confusing landscape we find before us is a direct result of (3) taking advantage of your ignorance on (1) and (2).

It's your choice, Jeff Popoviches of the world.

Be the flea, or

be the dog.

Being a cat is not an option.

Chalupa, Lord Garth of the internet's Elba II said...

But I read and I still admire Pynchon, Gass, Elkin.

Street cred on twitter doesn't work here?

Harold Caidagh said...

Gass tells you it's your fragile ego and complicity. At best, half the battle/story.

Pynchon tells you it's all absurd, for reasons of incompetence in an unintended conspiracy. At best, one-third the battle/story.

Elkin is like Gass but from a nervous Jew perspective. At best, one-quarter the battle/story. Faster to read Heller or Roth.

None of these will wake you up to what's going on now, Chalupa. They are nothing more than artfag badges, buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, or bacefook likes.

Anne O'Dyan said...

It's fuckin' hilarious that Chalupa works at a Roman Catholic university and is afraid of The Jooze.

The Jooze are all talk, no action Chalupa. ALL TALK. Abe Foxman can't force Hoyaville Yoonie to fire you.

Grow a fucking spine already, you god-damned stuffed miniature chihuaha that wishes it were a midsized cuddly feral cat.

(this is the only comment I'll make all summer, but the topic was worth my appearance headaches)