Friday, June 3, 2016

good job Louis

Nice to see Louis Dawson falling for the dumbass "e-bikes get people weaned off gasoline dependence" sales pitch offered by MARKETERS.

Even nicer to see that his passive-aggressive defense operations are helmed by his wife, so that if anyone complains, Louis can be the kind of Protector of Females people such as Hugo Schwyzer have embodied during the past decade of pah-wittikuhl-koh-wekt-niss.

It's amazing what people like Louis (and thinkalikes Stan Goff, Jeremy Scahill, Charlie Davis, Medea Benjamin) will do as projection of their own guilt onto others.  In Louis's case, he's so guilty over having been raised the way he was, encountering Xtianity along the way, and then rejecting Xtianity in favor of Conspicuous Consumerism (a/k/a Marxist-Leninist rejection of the Opiate of the Masses).

Guilt over that sort of shift must be overwhelming. 

This snow is so wild it's able to excuse anything!

-- Paul Behrer, who wonders how Mr Dawson can figure out which leg to put into his pants first if there's no SWPL/QEFTSG guidance on the subject.  Maybe he's angling for a job at the Silent T?

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