Sunday, June 12, 2016

but how do I look in the mirror?

Novice tumbleweeds, just released from topsoil and rolling around aimlessly, sometimes come to rest at this blog. For their assistance, I'm providing this little primer.


When you read this blog, think not about the apparent anger percolating throughout the messages here. Think instead about why someone would talk that way, write in that manner, knowing that people have high sensitivities around their pet issues of psychological brittleness or self-respect shakiness.


The lads whose work I oversee frequently encounter others in the world, others who seem to take special pride in their ability to remark negatively on certain people and ideas moving about in American society.

In the case of the lads taking what seems to be a gleeful approach in deriding Judaism, Jews or Israel, you may want to ask the lads what they have seen and heard from Jewish people and supporters of Israel where non-Jewish Americans are concerned, or where critics of Israel are concerned. Perhaps ask whether you've heard people accuse Christians of holding too much power, or trying to gain more power -- and then examine whether there is a core Fundamentalist Christian power base in American government, business and politics.


Personally speaking, I've traveled in some of those upper tiers of govt-bus-pol and found it very difficult to see or hear or find anyone who actually sincerely follows a Fundamentalist, Four-Square Pentecostal Christian outlook. Whenever such views are raised or offered, the most attention paid to them is usually a dismissive chuckle.


About 10 years ago, a common theme on internet discussion fora was "pot-kettle-black," a shorthand for hypocrisy in a post/comment.  "That's like the pot calling the kettle black," as it were.

Not everything once seemingly past as a dead trend deserves or deserved such death.

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