Monday, May 23, 2016

you ARE my cattle, you WILL let me steal from you, you WILL take it laying down

The Ennis Emby Dining Club's maitre d'hotel, Pete Roggeman Chambers Gordon A. Boot LLB, tries on a new UNSF-uber-lyte version of writing and, typically, does not admit how he managed his change in "style."

He happily laps up the praise for "great writing," enjoying the grift and con, still not admitting where he got the change in style or the courage to change style in the first place.

Apparently he thinks that because he's not willing to actually be provocative, he's innocent of plagiarism.

Also, apparently he thinks that if he gets income ($$, bike stuff, or public acclaim) through mechanisms not of his own making, he owes nobody because, look, he didn't acknowledge from whom or what he stole his ideas on a change in style.

I think Pablo was correct in the thread-of-the-week:  today must be Canadian Hexagon Day.

--Harold Caidagh, who knows Pete Roggeman, Cam McRae, Dave Tolnai & Co. are Canadian and therefore interested in Have-a-Nice-Day culture, but wonders why they are so brittle-ego'd as to not acknowledge their sources.

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Chet Redweld said...

Say, Hal, you might want to look twice at the original publication date of that NSMB entry. They're so original that they run the same post a year later as if it's fresh today.