Friday, May 20, 2016

there's that savage Canadian wit again!

I feel like I was just forced to attend a Barenaked Ladies concert in the front row.  Shrieks of joy and singalong verses from everyone within a 400-foot radius.

"Should I be encouraging more Helicopter Parent attitudes in my gift-buying decisions?," asks an intrepid member of the Ennis Emby Dining Club and Smoking Lounge.


Nobody I knew as a kid wore knee pads to ride a bike.

The trails now are much tamer.

But go ahead, encourage worry-wart perspectives, make the child afraid of the slightest scrape, and remember that any other view is just the hot sun of reactionary thinking melting your Precious Snowflake's unique genius and turning it into mere water.

--Paul Behrer, who knows from extensive experience that you need to get bruised, battered and bloodied in your recreation, and if you don't, you become a passive-aggressive asshole who is afraid of life and blames life's dangerous-unless-progressed nature for your pathetic insecurities.

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Paul Behrer said...

Steal it, Dave Tolnai. I'm just your cattle.