Monday, May 23, 2016

stew pod

I think the ideal semi slick has yet to be made. Maxxis has got the casing, weigh and size, but the profile is fucked- makes leaning in vague and sketchy. Slaughter needs to shave weight. Rock Razor is too big and thin feeling. Riddler is right size and has a great profile, but the casing is thin and flimsy, yet heavy, somehow.

What an idiot.

The nature of a semi- with real side knobs will ALWAYS have "leaning in" problems because of the massive disparity in knob height.

If you bothered to ever ride your bicycle quickly and make your turns affirmatively and decisively instead of in wishy-washy, "think I'll just gently ease into this corner, that's EXACTLY why I wanted a tire with big side knobs!" then maybe you wouldn't have a "leaning in" problem.

You seem to want a MotoGP tire and surface interaction, same tire horizon around the radius.

How can you possibly think that will work as a semi-?

Do you even have a brain up there in your Canadian Toque Display?


This moron quoted above is trying to show he's got refined skills in distinguishing among tires.

What he actually has is enough of a vocabulary to use different (albeit almost marginally) descriptors for different tires, which descriptions are supposed to tell us that he's a genius of tire discernment and bicycle handling.

When he's neither.

-- Harold Caidagh, who is amused by the way his neighbors to the north have come to celebrate Hexagon Day every day.

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