Monday, May 23, 2016

sous pisces

Perhaps it's an actual move toward generosity of human spirit-drive-benevolence.

Or perhaps it's that sort of latent signal received only by a small % of those encountering it, suggesting what certain people on the planet intend to do to maintain control as they presently know it.

Maybe it's another triumph of marketing?  Like George Clooney's wife, the "international human rights attorney"? 


There's no such field in Law as "international rights" or "human rights".  You can't specialize in them. 

Unless you're independently rich and don't mind that out of a 40 hours time block set aside in your week, issues in "human rights" and/or "international rights" present themselves maybe for 10 minutes in those 40 hours.

It's even narrower than Constitutional Law, and we know how Glenn Greenwald lied when he sold himself as a Constitutional Law Expert.  He has no experience in the subject, no academic or practice oriented reputation as a well-regarded thinker.  But he labelled himself as such, and most repeated the labelling because of how it was sold and/or by whom.

Chet has done more Constitutional Law work than Glenn Greenwald, and he would not call himself a Constitutional Lawyer.FN


If someone offers a business proposition in which they will "promote human rights" in exchange for your cash, property, or other item of value in your little world, you are dealing with a marketer. 

Not a lawyer.

Not a global fund.

Not a safe harbor of any kind.


Congratulations.  Now you know what it feels like to be fleeced by a Joey Weil.

-- Harold Caidagh, celebrating Canadian Hexagon Day


FN - I checked with Chuck, who investigated Chet's work history and educational background.  Chuck also investigated Glenn Greenwald's work history and educational background, as well as that of  "Tarzie," Jeff Popovich, "Michael J. Smith," "John Michael Greer," "Arthur Silber," "Dmitry Orlov," and "Chris Floyd."  And probably a few others I haven't listed.  


Kali tragus said...

Yeah, but who's ever heard of any of these people, and where are their White Pages listings?

Charles F. Oxtrot
Karl Franz Ochstradt
Paul Behrer
Hyman Mittleman Lohmann
Harold Caidagh
Chester B. Redweld, Esq.

The tumbleweeds may want to know.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Oh someone's snoopin' 'round these parts, Kali.

A curious post from a number of years ago, containing a comment thereafter by someone who used a person's first name in a manner resembling a pebble that has worked its way under a person's foot, inside the shoe, between foot and insole.

Such people should not think themselves so clever, simply by their parchments on their office or study/den wall.

Nor by the title on their v-card, or the manner of presentation at their Official Employment Situation Website.

Not even if they work for a big company now, or have in the past.

Or even if they represent a foreign government.

You can't be both things, Smart Guy/Clever Gal.

You're not Minnesota Fats, Fast Eddie Felson, or Joey Weil.

Paul Behrer said...

But he/she may be Larry Flynt, so to speak.

Chet Redweld said...

Perhaps a redaction is in order, Karl.

You can't trust anyone to understand satire circa 2016. Everything's a HATE CRIME indicating bigotry against a nationality, a religion, a fornication partner gender choice, or a social caste.

Some people are allowed to be hypocritical, to preach certain values while doing the contrary, and they hide behind accusations toward innocents, blaming them of doing the contrary.

They do this because they have no values themselves, and instead believe values to be a reactionary, antiquated concept. "Value" to such people boils down to profit in a transaction, and "profit" in such cases can include not the obvious monetary gain, but also social standing/inclusion, self-image-buffing, and long-term grift grooming.

Harold Caidagh said...

So there's profit in being a flea?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Ask the people who drank the Flavr-Ade of Yimmy Yones concoction.

And when you take that little detour, be sure not to spend any money at the Tourist Trap, where they'll tell you Yimmy's plan shows that religion is wrong and atheism/agnosticism are the true value in existential comfort.

The Tourist Trap is operated by followers of a different religion, one which they'd like to see gain supremacy. Their outward appearances are not constrained by uniform, nor by simple frock or cassock or habit. Their practice allows them to preach the opposite of what they believe, while not being guilty of spiritual, existential, faith-based or other social power construction transgressions.

Paul Behrer said...

Yo, Foster Brooks!

Yo, Gene Vincent!

Drunks and hillbillies, that's all we find whenever we stray outside the Compound!