Sunday, May 15, 2016


If Curt Is Yar Vin has retired, does that make Scott Alexander the most pretentious "deep thinker" / pocket dictator on the internet?  More than either MICHAEL incarnation?  More than Jacques Krogh-Barr III?

Chris Ballas was powerfully self-impressed, and Scoots Alexpolyandry might have him, the MICHAEL, Sprytel J Chimchim, the Crowtard, and even Noam Chomsky beaten for empty verbosity that gulls the innaleckshul wannabe.

--Karl Franz Ochstradt, who isn't impressed when you need 2500 words to convey what he can say clearly in 5.


J. A. Rrettbroth said...

I'm definitely not "Scott Alexander," even though I'm surnamed Roth and used to work for Shire, and have a LinkedIn picture that shows a doughy white knight who'd use his white knightiness to get porcine, naive & horny female humans to remove their white nighties.

J. A. Rrettbroth said...

I didn't make an entire fantasy world revolving around my white knightiness and corporal biochemical imbalance revealing 245% normal estrogen, 0.023% testosterone while still holding an XY complement and no fragementary klinefelter's.

J. A. Rrettbroth said...

Please take my Slate Star Codex blog as seriously as the MICHAEL demands all proto-druids encounter the Archieblog.

Paul Behrer said...

It's almost like Raymond Doot calling himself a legal expert, or Wahn Baiwee calling himself a science expert.

It's all about the presentation, and it's never been about content. If you find the content senseless while chock full of rare, must-look-it-up words, then the author is a genius and we all should supplicate immediately in his presence.

21st Century Media Success Formula:

* pretentious writing
* devoid of content
* loaded with triggers of the (woo!woo!) variety rather than the (MANSPLAINRAPE!) kind
* extensive comment section
* commenters either largely from 3-5 minds (sock puppet extravaganza) or are actual from real people but just posting unseriously because "we're being ironic, bro"

summed up, here is how the outlet is judged:

* how many clicks did you get?

in no instance will the outlet ever be judged by actual content quality/veracity.

It's all so meta, Henrietta, and far too much so for Loretta who wields a Beretta unless spraying Aqua-Net...uh... at a match.

Harold Caidagh said...

Paul, did you ever make a low-energy flamethrower with hairspray and a lighter/match?

Didn't James Bond use that trick in one of the 70s Bondfests? Live & Let Die, maybe?

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

If Bill Gates and John McAfee can be thought as geniuses simply because they wrote a program and bullied its ubiquity, then clearly any MICHAEL or CURTIS who was involved in software extortion too should be thought a genius.

It's amazing what people will use to impress themselves, but confounding what they will do to tell themselves they are entitled to tell others what, whom, where, why and how to do/be.