Tuesday, May 3, 2016

not really

It's true that in the past, this blog observed that Dmitry Orlov is a smart guy -- which, as steward of the blog's contents, I'd say should be qualified with an update, and perhaps even clarified as to what makes someone "smart."


· CITIZENS UNITED IS ACTUALLY CORPORATIONS DELIGHTED – Here is a quick review of the state of American electoral politics. We have a status quo in which only rich people can even run for office. Predictably, they will not represent the interests of The Little Guy, but of the mega-wealthy people who got them elected. Thoroughly enjoying all of the perks that come with high office, these supposed representatives of the people spend an enormous percentage of their time in office raising money for their next election campaign.

This block is lifted from The Voting Delusion, posted this AM.


The qualifier "smart" reflects an appraisal of the writings offered under the name Dmitry Orlov at Club Orlov. It is not based upon meeting a man who presents himself as "Dmitry Orlov" and has proof that such is his legal name, along with proof of the background suggested as his, also found at Club Orlov.

As a part of earning that qualifier, this blog's past writers have observed and emphasized (among themselves, at least) the dark comedy seen within much of Orlov's writing.

I just wanted to get that set down here, in e-print, before moving to the next phase.


Unless there's a sliver of dark comedy lurking in the block quote above, and I'm unable to detect that little slice, then I have to conclude that "smart" now is degraded to add the following: "...but unwilling to admit where he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Citizens United does not really matter, because of Buckley v Valeo.

I'm not rehashing that for this blog's 4th or 5th time, so if you want to know why I say it doesn't matter, just go to the search box in the upper left, and enter "buckley v valeo" and see what you find in past posts here.

What I wouldn't recommend is checking progressive/leftist/Democrat/liberal outlets for an appraisal of the importance of Citizens United.  Those outlets without exception pretend that it all started with Citizens United rather than Buckley.


The takeaway message:  every holistically brilliant person you encounter/are impressed with, he/she/ze will have blind spots and often, will pretend such areas of cluelessness don't even exist.

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