Monday, May 23, 2016

normally, a chalupa is a cooked dish, not one served cold

Here is why I am not pro-Bernie Sanders. He is me. Angrier that he's not taken more seriously than what he barks he is angry about. He is not demanding a new paradigm, he is demanding more status in the existing paradigm. Me - and fuck me - too.

We have already told you Jeff Popovich lies regularly, most often to himself, but also to others.

And backpedals with "it's a gag, you don't get it, I'm more meta- than you!"

Which is another lie.



can you imagine being his daughter, trying to explain the psychoses your father suffers online at his 4,862 blogs and twitter outlets?

Can you imagine trying to explain why your father and Daniel Parziale have gay sex at every opportunity, while your father remains married to your mother, who is a woman?

You weren't born thinking ambisexuality was natural or good, but your father keeps telling you, we're more Bonobo than human, little Clare.


Jeff, you LOVE Bernie Sanders because you LOVE that a Jew is up there and you LOVE that his Jewishness pisses people off and you LOVE that his Socialist confession (of lies) pisses people off.

You also LOVE Bernie Sanders because you have a brand-new-since-two-oh-one-two hatred for the Mainstream Donkeys who used to be your heroes. By hating Hillary directly and in-, you show the zeal of the new convert and once again, pretend you always have been against the Ds and always, always, always have seen the kayfabe.

Except when you didn't.

For the majority of your adult life.

Including, ironically, the present.


Jeff, if you really believe Bernie Sanders doesn't want to go far enough, what would be "far enough"?

The First International?

Heads in the basket, guillotine oiled with blood?

You don't really know, do you?

You only know the Marxist pap that gulled your idiot mind, Mr Crowbar.

You are a walking laughingstock, and embarrass yourself so regularly that you ought to consider the wholesale revolution needed is WITHIN YOURSELF.

But you won't.

Because you're Chalupa the Wonder Dog, Pipsqueek Chihuahua Possessed of the Most Refined Artiste Sensitivities.

Who, unsurprisingly, is getting arse-plugged by a French bulldog wearing a yarmulke, named Binny.

--Harold Caidagh, who is amused when a dupe thinks he's the con artist.


Chet Redweld said...

As editor, I should help with putting Hal's entry into perspective here. Especially given the conversation Hy and I just had.

Hal's fabrication of extracurricular carnal play originates in something that "Chalupa" (as Hal prefers to label the blogger) once said in grave, serious tones about "rednecks" supposedly heard threatening violence against Enlightened Progressives Who Should Be Respected When They Force Their Views Upon Others.

Supposedly this "angry violent redneck" incident happened at Hank Dietle's.

Now, if we believe his marketing pitch, the "Chalupa" blogger was "satirizing" progressives' reaction to hearing a "reactionary" speak his or her mind. But if you have read the "Chalupa" blogger for 5+ years, you know that there's a long history of hating everything not sanctioned by Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin, and in some if not many cases, by Leon Trotsky.

We've emphatically resisted all attempts to categorize the "Chalupa" blog as satire, or any other branch of comedy.

As editor here, I would heartily endorse categorizing the "Chalupa" blog as pretentiously full of ornate writing, both done directly and through linkage to his approved Ornate Writers.

I don't tend to be as corrosively inclined where this "Chalupa" blog or its writer are concerned, but I do understand the antipathy held by most of this blog's roster where that "Chalupa" blog is concerned. I think I'd tend to encourage the poor fellow writing that blog to turn more of that vitriol against his own narrow-mindedness, and use that bossy impulse he has to gain control over his own solipsistic mutterings and scribblings, at least in the social struggle, economic, political, or other non-poetics areas of contemplation and communication.

Harold Caidagh said...

Okay, Chet -- have I hit the target with this?

Executive Summary:

Don't be the dog, be the flea.

Chet Redweld said...

Might be how I'd have phrased it if feeling my joker oats, Hal. But I tend to leave that feedbag for offline activity.

Paul Behrer said...

Chet, I've seen you sowing comic oats on occasion.

It gets tougher to see where & when, though, because the court ordered you to assume control over the blog shortly after that GRL lawsuit was filed.

For example: here's a post that I made when I was yielding the writer's chair. If you click on it now it looks like you wrote it, because of that change in control ordered by the court, which worked retroactively.

But this is my work, written by me, posted by me, commented on by nobody. To prove to the tumbleweeds that it's my work, all a tumbleweed has to do is go back one post chronologically to see that I commented afterward and the hyperlink that should go to me, now goes to Chet. The hyperlink forced the control shift ordered by the court, but the original text shows me.

My parting shot:

The post prior to that one, showing me as the writer by virtue of the comment after the main entry:

Chet Redweld said...

Thanks, Pablo.

That post might help answer Hy's little puzzle, too.

Harold Caidagh said...

I noticed at some point over the past few days Chalupa was trying to GET REVENGE with another poetastery product. Apparently he thinks that Chet thinks he's Chalupa's shrink. As usual, Chalupa is wrong.

Chet's just clarifying how things are.

I'm the one making fun of Chalupa's strange twittyblog psychoses, which are either are something to take care of (if real, even if put on display for arty-farty kweddibiwitty) for personal efficacy reasons, or fix from a writer's perspective (if still thinking that's satire or parody or wit he's showing).

He complains about being invisible.

Well, Chalupa: here's how to improve that.

Stop being that god-damned flea. 40 years of practice is enough. A wizened old flea you are now. Time to be the dog.

Paul Behrer said...

He keeps tossing that Chernobyl Ant but all he's catching are sub-adult fish of around 6", not the wily big brown of 7 years in-stream and 25" snout to tail.

Fly fishing guides call those little trout "twinks."

They were calling them by that name long before Chalupa began chasing young-young gay men with his PFLAG blog and tweets.

The wily old brown takes only the best presented flies on 2 feet of 8x tippet tied to a 12 foot leader, and it has to be thrown just right, with the proper puddle cast and a quick upstream mend of the line.

But go on and break out the Zebco, tie that thick monofilament to the Chernobyl Ant with a couple of BB shot for good casting measure, and have at it, Chalupa.

Those little fish love to get their first hook-bruise on the jawline.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

But...but...but...the Simulated Beavers spent $5,000 at the Manhattan Orvis store and they sure do look the part when they pull up to the stream in their Range Rover.

Paul Behrer said...

Sounds like TGR there, Karl. Or blister.

On TGR, you're a great lawyer if you went to a Name Brand Law School (American Top 25), but not if you actually know anything.

On blister, you're a great fisherman if you have the Orvis Look down pat.

Remember, it's always about what you spent, and what prestige that $$ spent got you.

Not what you learned, or what you can do.

How much you can spend.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Can't forget those old favorites, Schwarz & Perrin. We're correct because of where we went to school and/or what famous people we've known. We're insightful because we have PROFILE.

Paul Behrer said...

Steven Pinker?
Noam Chomsky?
Michael Lerner?
Sam Kriss?
Richard Dawkins?
Naomi Klein?
Daniel Dennett?
Glenn Greenwald?
Edward Snowden?

What do these people have in common?


Massive, Mt Rushmore styled PROFILE.

But if you handed them a mill bastard, they wouldn't file like a pro.


No sir.

Not a chance.

Harold Caidagh said...

On TGR, you're a great lawyer if you went to a Name Brand Law School (American Top 25), but not if you actually know anything.

Isn't there some clown on TGR who actually is a former Big News Name in DC, now tugging his turkey at some StinkTank, who thinks that spending a few years reading a tele-promp-ter means he knows everything about DC's federal political machinations, even more than someone who grew up inside the system Clowny Media Jagoff was merely a silly pawn of?

Yeah, there is.

Paul Behrer said...

Sam Kriss: Phil Rockstroh for people with MFA pretensions.

Harold Caidagh said...

watch me chase my tail watch me chase my tail see me chasing my tail now I'm really chasing my tail JUMPIN JEHOSAPHAT! I almost caught my tail but now I'm gonna have to chase it even harder and faster some day I'm gonna catch that tail soon soon any moment now that tail is mine!

Paul Behrer said...

That Caidagh character is onto something there. Sounds like a winning strategy for metanoetics in prosaic methodological constructs. Maybe he should work up a TED lecture?

Harold Caidagh said...

Also known as

Being the Flea,

but the 43-cent word version.

Notice it pretends to be the dog.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

The Simluated Beavers tried to be the dog today.

They succeeded only in being a cartoon dog: Scrappy-Doo.

Fritz Freleng they're not. Don Messick they might be.