Friday, May 20, 2016

nested russian dolls

This is some of your most powerful fiction yet, Mr. Greer.

Acolyte MZQ, in yesterday's Archie Comix.


Well, it's a deep shame and an awful pity that "his" fiction was taken from here.


Mikhail, Mickey, Michael, J. Michael, Michael J., Miguel, and Michel, new costumes but same game.

The russian doll is in the name of the CEO of the Monsanto analog, who happens also to blog under that name as well as "_______ J. Smith" and other Michaels of note, including Archie.


I find it amusing** that someone who spent about 8 years trying to "correct" me at Simulated Beavers can't admit he was wrong, and instead uses my writing to fund his own click farming as Archie, Who is Not Yeats and Not Yates Either.

This is how you "teach" others?  Steal without credit?

This is how an economist works?

As a software developer who pretends to be 4 or 5 other things now that he's made his millions?

Why should we treat you any differently than Racist Rolledsmug?

I guess you didn't pay attention to this:

The longer they accrue, the bigger the whack.

-- Harold Caidagh, who would encourage you to enable or create further accrual in order to increase his own piece of the whack, and who reminds you of what you did as "kapshow" and "owen paine" and how that adds octanitrocubane to the balloony piƱata for a more explosive whack.


** Amusing, as in "for me, but very likely not for you."


Harold Caidagh said...

Glenn Greenwald couldn't correct Karl or Chuck, so he deleted them.

Chris Floyd tried to correct several of the roster, but failed and now has disappeared.

Jay Smith O'Wenpaine, Tarzie, Chalupa, Charlie Davis: all tried to correct the roster's members, and when they realized it was they who needed rectifying, they began to unleash plagiarist's urge.

"You made me feel stupid, so I got angry. My illogic and emotional reactivity insisted that my only path was plagiarism, preferably before, during and after denouncing you as ______________________ (choose one: rapist, reactionary, misogynist, homophobe, teatard, corporate)."

The wise man appreciates correction, the fool uses it to fuel revenge fantasies and IP theft.

"We're anarcho-syndicalist-Chomsky-Zinnite, dude. We don't respect intellectual property. Property is theft."

I smell pie baking.

Paul Behrer said...

Wouldn't it be great if all of this was from Michael "Uncle" Albert of ParEcon fame?

The bitterness, the covert Marxism, the greed, the attacking of "religion" where only Xtianity fits that word's meaning... why it's almost a co-inky-dink.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

In addition to being depantsed in front of the Nerd Girls while pretending to be Professor Poutine attacking anarchism from the POV of the Marxist

our friend Jay Smith O'Wenpaine and his clique of Transgender Scouts got really pissed when finally this blog made it extra clear that the first 4 years of operation were a long-term hammer-drop on the Marxist-Leninists who hide behind "progressive" and "liberal" and "social justice" and "Green" and "Democrat" costumes --

Truly, a shame of epic proportions descended upon the Scouts on that day.

Harold Caidagh said...

Just like with Kevin "kidwoo" Bazar getting humbled online, the tribal response reveals itself again:

steal from the goyim!

pass it off as your own!


Harold Caidagh said...

How about Gary Shteyngart? What are his assets? But more significantly, how does he imagine he's hid them well enough to continue stealing from here?

The Russian Jew "Americans" are about to get their dues. That's exactly why Mark Tushnet was bold enough to make that stupid, nearly suicidal statement recently.

L'Chaim, putzes. L'Chaim.

Go on, put on your "radical Muslim" clothes, dance in the streets. Your bad-breath, stumpy stature, Michelin Man/Charles Atlas/RoboCop/Superman self-image hiding pipsqueek persona, it's not hidden when you give your kids Irish first names and Anglicize that ugly, venom-spitting Russian Jew surname.

Oh, wait. Does this all sound "anti-Semitic"?

Then how do you think your bullshit about "whacko fundamental Christians" sounds to people who don't reflexively hate Xtians because, y'know, these other people ARE NOT JEWS AND DO NOT SHARE THE JEWISH PSYCHOSIS?

Chet Redweld said...

This is the kind of thing that resulted in that GRH lawsuit, Hal.

I'm just talking about defense costs. You wouldn't lose a repeat suit from a topically or nominally different plaintiff entity, but it would still cost you.

I could use the extra work, so I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just telling you what's likely to result if you keep on this road at this speed.