Monday, May 16, 2016

my CD is pitted & scratched, gets stuck during playback

This blog's past entries have used sports metaphors to suggest that squabbles within a team, or extra-curricular squabbles with the opposing team, are counter-productive.

Given this blog's redneck, rural slant and take on life, perhaps a non-sports metaphor will apply better to make the same point:

I don't have any idea who Mr Harrison is, and haven't read his NervousBirds timeline to "frame" his comment according to Accepted 2016 Infotainment Dictates (political backbiting subset, tribal affiliation division), so don't read this block quote as an endorsement of any sentiment but the one directly quoted verbatim above.


Wildland firefighters use fire to combat fire spread all the time. All the time.

If you don't believe me, and hold that stance because you read Harrison's NervousBirds timeline and sussed (in your mind, at least) his "prejudices," then maybe you should go ask a wildland firefighter.  You have lots of them in your area, don't you urban metrosexual hipster progressive?


Back to game strategy.

Let's roll over and play nice. That's what Accepted 2016 Infotainment Dictates (political backbiting subset, tribal affiliation division) want you to do, when they don't want you to simply divide, divide, divide and fail to see that there is any commonality at all.

One may as well have a poorly behaved child and, instead of working with the child and one's own historical parental failures, simply write off the child as a sociopath whose origins must be biochemical -- but not inherited directly from either or both parents.

If we encountered the problem child situation and possible solutions while visiting the masters of refraction at, perhaps we'd hear a different solution. Genetic modification, or a biosynthetic neural transplant or implant.


It's not about behavior, ever.

It's about progress. As a concept.

And feelings.  Feeling that we're progressing, more specifically.  And whether urged or mandated social changes are actually improving society for everyone, let's ignore that.  "Everyone" means "progressives" (or leftists, liberals, socialists, communists) and whomever isn't on board with this narrow interpretation of "progress" should be silenced.  Or treated like a Nazi.

--Harold Caidagh, who rejects your solipsism, arrogance, and pretense at having earned the right to practice dictatorship over all with whom you might disagree


Harold Caidagh said...

I guess Mark Tushnet just outpaced Glenn Greenwald for The Next Alan Dershowitz category win.

Chet, is Tushnet a respectable legal thinker? Has he ever written anything that law professors unaffiliated with Harvard, and not unduly impressed by the heft of Crimson affiliation, would consider essential to a solid background in legal thinking/analysis?

Chet Redweld said...

Tushnet? I think his last name tells us why he's a law professor.

I've never read anything by him that I found honest, or impressive otherwise. He's invisible.

Harold Caidagh said...

So, in need of a profile boost with sentiments that betray his true drives/goals?

Chet Redweld said...

He's gambling on being the Anti-Trump and for/through that role played, excused for his Godwin's Law faux pas and other rewriting of history for private agenda purposes.

Can you identify any Top Prestige Law School where a profiled professor has gone on record talking about how Jews are insane and want to use the guillotine on everyone who disagrees with them?

No, me neither.

H.M. Lohmann said...

A lot of the behavior of the Israelis, Zionists and willfully partisan pro-Jewish/anti-Christian speakers and writers reminds me of exactly why I gave up my youthful belief in Judaism as a soul-grounding force or socially improving movement.

So much hubris and hatred of others.

It's never us, it's always them.

What insanity.

I'm happier in my post-Judaism outlook, but I'm sure Tushnet would call me a "self-hating Jew" for saying as much.

Ibrahim Fucks-Men said...

Oi vey, this goyim is trying to out-anti-Semite the Goerings, Goebbelses and Hitlers of our noble world's history. You want I should let this one pass, cattle? --

Tushnet? I think his last name tells us why he's a law professor.

A clearer expression of anti-Semitism I've never seen. You'll be receiving a visit from one of my friends, you schlub-who's-not-going-to-live-much-longer.

Chet Redweld said...

Mister F-M,

I was saying he's a law professor to net himself some tush. Tush-net. Tushnet.

Whatever you imagined I was saying, that is your problem, Sir. Not mine.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

It's great to see that in the 3 years since this blog took a short hiatus because of disgust with progressive, tolerance-preaching leftists and their sick misanthropic manipulative night-terror driven lies --

people like Mark Tushnet have taken the interim 3 year period to make things WORSE.

Good job, Mark. If you can't be a legal education essential, at least be an obnoxious liar about supposedly psychotic Christians.